Garnier Hydra Bomb Eye Tissue Mask Orange Extract and Hyaluronic Acid

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Garnier Hydra Bomb Eye Tissue Mask Orange Extract and Hyaluronic Acid is an anti-fatigue and brightening tissue eye mask that contains hyaluronic acid, vitamins A and C and minerals to brighten and hydrate the under-eye area. The eye mask helps revitilise and plump tired and dull skin around the eye area and minimise the appearance of fine lines. The mask can be kept in fridge for an extra-cooling sensation that helps de-puff the eye area.


Garnier Hydra Bomb Eye Tissue Mask Orange Extract and Hyaluronic Acid


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This is my favourite sheet mask. They are so inexpensive, and often on sale! so you can pick them up for $2! Bargain! My eyes feel so plump afterwards and I don't have dark circles. I also like the size of them. Although they are for you eyes, I find they also cover alot of my cheek. Sheet makes are soft hard to fit to my face, so i feel like a robot who cant move when they are on. These are easy. You can pop them on and continue with your day (although I wouldn't recommend them for use outside the home. that would be odd).
I picked these up on a whim. I'm not a massive fan of eye masks, as I never really notice any significant difference, but for a couple of dollars I thought I'd treat myself - I generally enjoy citrusy scents. The masks were a little hard to open, but were a nice shape and easy to position once I got them opened out. I find them much easier to use than full face masks, for this reason. They applied well and were easy to remove. In regards to visible results, I didn't notice any, so I wouldn't purchase again. The cooling sensation was nice, but this can easily be achieved through other means or a DIY mask.
I bought this under-eye mask because I am sold on anything that has an orange scent, and I always love the effect of moisturising hyaluronic acid on my skin. Although the effect of chilling the mask first sounds wonderful, I did not do this because - winter. I used the mask while relaxing in a warm bath and did find it a little fiddly to apply as they had quite a lot of product on them, like other Hydra Bomb masks, so a little hard to open out.  Once this was done the masks were a good shape to position under my eye and were quite soothing. It does not have a particularly noticeable orange scent. The delicate skin in the eye area was nice and soft after, so I guess the hyaluronic acid was doing it's work, and I liked the way the excess can be gently patted into the skin but I didn't notice any difference in my dark circles. I am fortunate not to suffer from bags or puffiness so didn't see any effect there. I love a sheet mask so would have used this product again - except I noticed that it is made in China, and I really try to avoid cosmetics made there as cosmetics sold in China have to, by law, be tested on animals, (although the rest of the world seems to find this unnecessary). This was disappointing, and my fault for not checking first. I can't be certain that it was not ophthalmologically tested on an animal's eyes so unfortunately I don't feel comfortable about buying this eye mask again.