Garnier Organics Konjac Sponge

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Garnier Organics Konjac Sponge is made from konjac root, a natural material with effective cleansing and exfoliating properties. This konjac sponge will cleanse, soften, and renew the look of skin. Use alone or with Garnier Organics Lemongrass Gel Wash for an invigorating clean. It is suitable for both face and body.

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Garnier Organics Konjac Sponge


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Gentle effective cleansing

Love this funny little sponge. I must admit I had never heard of a konjac sponge until a friend gave me one along with a lemongrass gel wash as a gift. She swore it was fabulous for cleansing. I must agree, it works to effectively clean skin of makeup and grime and leaves skin smooth, fresh and clear. It takes a while to totally soak the sponge in water to soften it, but when this is done it’s awesome to simply apply a gel cleanser and clean skin, great for pores and there’s no irritation so it’s great for sensitive skin. The attached string is a brilliant idea to hang the sponge after cleansing to dry so it’s hygienic. It’s economical and a great way to cleanse and I would absolutely recommend it
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Loved using this sponge!

I had never used a konjac sponge before but I will definitely continue using one! It’s cleanses so well without being abrasive to the skin. Used in conjunction with the lemongrass face wash I think the sponge performed really well.
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Garnier Review

I liked the clean this gave, but I found it ate up quite a bit of product - maybe I was using incorrectly. All round a good tool, but avoid applying product directly to sponge to avoid waste.
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Cute Sponge, Good Clean

I used the Konjac sponge with Garnier's Lemongrass gel wash and my skin had a good clean feeling. I haven't tried the sponge with other gel washes/cleansers so I can't comment how well it cleans with them. With the gel wash my skin looked well polished and I found my following skincare and makeup applied well. I'd recommend to anyone looking to add such a tool to their beauty kit.
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Such a cool tool

I have never heard or or used a Konjac sponge before - but what a cool little product it is. The first time I used this it took quite a while to get soft enough to use, but the times after that it was really quite easy. You just submerge in water and when its softer you can use it to gently cleanse your face. I loved this and I found that it wasn't abrasive on the skin at all. This sponge with the lemon grass cleanser also from this range was actually amazing. The sponge is supposed to soften and renew the look of skin. I probably haven't noticed results like that yet but I can see how this would help to achieve those results. The little sponge also had a string attached which made it super easy to hang up and dry after each use. Definitely recommend giving this a go - so affordable too!
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What a weird little sponge! Took awhile to soften Initially under warm water but once it was “activated” felt lovely combined with the garnier face wash. I used this daily and gave my skin a very mild exfoliation whilst giving it a deep clean
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Gentle Exfoliator

This was my first time using a Konjac sponge and I was quite impressed. It was super gentle, and felt really pleasant. I found my skin felt nice and smooth afterwards, and I really enjoyed the ritual aspect of using it, it was quite relaxing. Only 4 stars as I didn't notice any huge changes in my skin, but I have been enjoying incorporating this as a facial massage into my routine.
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Not too harsh and not too gentle either

I like the idea of this sponge. But I can live without it. Pros: cleans your face without being a harsh exfoliant, natural Cons: The absorptive properties makes me concerned about a buildup/growth of bacteria
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Easy to use and effective!

The konjac cansing sponge was easy to use and allowed me to use less of my standard gel cleanser with generally better coverage. Skin had an immediate touch difference,softer and felt smooth. Overall a fantastic product! I will continue to use this long after the review period.
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Great introduction

I’m sorry to say, but this was definitely not meant for me! I like the idea of this, but I found the texture in reality was a bit slimy, and I didn’t like it. I was also a bit freaked out worrying that it was trapping bacteria and other grubby things inside the surface. I can see that it would be really great introduction into cleansing sponges and brushes for someone who never used them before, as it’s a nice little price and easy to use product. I will totally concede that I am a Clarisonic devotee, so for me, this didn’t do much other than developing a nice foam on the product. It did pair nicely with all the cleaners I tried with it, and it’s definitely easier to pack an overnight bag for travel than a full on Clarisonic kit. I would consider buying this as a gift for friends and family, who were looking for something to get into physical cleansing. But I definitely wouldn’t repurchased myself.
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Loved using this sponge. Although once wet the sponge was soft it offered enough body to feel like a massage everytime I used. Worked so well cleansing my face when used in combination with the gel cleanser in this range. Would recommend as an alternative to face cloths.
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So fresh and clean

This is a great little vegan sponge that goes great with a pump of Garnier lemongrass gel wash your able to gently exfoliate your face daily using this unique Konjac sponge while keeping your face fresh and clean.
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Loved it

It's a lovely and gentle on my skin, the texture is very stiff when dry but soak it in some water and it becomes very soft sponge. I it very easy to keep clean and its held up very well i use it twice a day and hasn't fallen apart after 6 weeks. I would like it to have a bit more exfoliation that would be my only con for the product other wise i would highly recommend and i will keep on using it.
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Gentle exfoliation

The konjac sponge is hard when dry but softens up when wet. We were meant to use it with the lemongrass cleanser for a bit of exfoliation while cleansing. It sloughed off dead skin cells gently. I found the sponge a bit awkward to work with at first but got used it after a couple of uses.
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Game Changer

I’d never actually heard of a product like this but I found it interesting to use. I really liked how gently it exfoliated my skin and made a noticeable difference. I paired this with the face wash and I really enjoyed using it. I don’t think I will go back to using a regular exfoliant after using this as I found it did the job without being so harsh on my skin. I definitely recommend and I will be repurchasing.
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Not bad but not for me

I recently trialed the Garnier Organics Konjac Sponge and I really wanted to love it. However, I found that it was just too gentle for my skin. I have a bit of dry skin across my nose and I found that this sponge made no difference to that. Using daily with the gel cleanser however, did feel as though it cleared away daily debris . I definitely didn't hate this sponge but just think that it would be better suited to a different skin type.
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Great for daily use!

I was sceptical at first as it seemed a bit gimmicky but was quickly proven wrong! The sponge made my skin feel more cleansed and smooth. I did find that I had to use a bit more product that usual as the sponge would suck most of it up.
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Cool sponge

I'm amazed at how much this softens after you wet it. I really enjoyed the sponge but I'm not the biggest fan of devices (aside from a face washer). Didn't break me out but I didn't find myself reaching for it.
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Soft and effective

One of the better konjac sponge that I've tried. It's soft and gentle on the skin. Yet it's solid and hasn't broken after a month use. I feel that my skin is cleaner and smooth afterwards.
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Pro: shiny polished skin, Con: hygienic?

I wasn't sure about this sponge as upon first inspection it felt like a hard piece of coral. After soaking it under warm water is became very soft. After first use, I noticed it was very gentle on my skin and left it looking shiny and polished straight away. I like this product but I wonder how hygienic it is... i don't usually use washers or sponges on my face for the simple reason to avoid unwanted breakouts but after a month of using the sponge every night I am yet to see any irritation or increase in break outs.