Garnier Organics Lavandin Anti-Age Eye Cream

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Garnier Organics Lavandin Anti-Age Eye Cream is an eye cream enriched with organic lavandin essential oil and vitamin E to replenish skin with moisture for the eye area to look renewed and appears smoother. It is certified organic according to COSMOS standard and is a vegan formula.


Garnier Organics Lavandin Anti-Age Eye Cream


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Fresh eye cream - great for travel

I think this is a great little product to add to your travel bag. I have been using it morning and night around the eyes its a good all rounder, feels good on the skin, smells rejuvinating and calming. The cream is light and a small amount spreads a long way. It soaks into the skin and feels fresh on the face. I didnt see any magical formula making me look any younger but all round very pleasant feel good eye cream.
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Just okay

The product smells and feels lovely on the skin but I didn’t really notice that much of a difference to my dark circles and I prefer more thicker creams
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This cream feels and smells lovely! Would recommend as a moisturizer which sits well in such a sensitive area.
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Good budget buy

I find a lot of eye creams give me irritations, however I find this one light and gentle on my delicate eye area. I can't say I noticed any dramatic results, but I think the area was more hydrated and had a more awake looking. A nice refresh in these times.
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A basic eye-cream

This eye cream is nice and hydrating but is not the best I've tried. The cream is a thicker consistency than other eye creams/gels I gravitate toward and a little goes a long way. It takes a bit of time to absorb as you are patting it in. It has a very light natural scent of Lavindin, which could be too off-putting to some people. It's brightening effects attribute to the micro reflecting fragments within the formula. Since using it the last few weeks I have noticed it has made my eye area a bit brighter and softer and has not caused any irritation. This is a nice eye cream that softens and brightens but for me personally, does not do much else. I personally seek out eye creams with more active ingredients to combat fine lines and firmness, I would just use a moisturiser otherwise.
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Anti age eye cream

This eye cream is simple to use, smells nice and leaves the skin feeling hydrated. I have noticed that the eye cream has helped the dark areas under my eyes. This product is so easy to use and makes a difference to my skin. I will continue to use this product due to the ingredients. Use the product each and every day to see best results. I'd recommend anyone with youthful skin looking to firm the under eye area to use this product.
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This eye cream is perfect for those with sensitive skin and want a cream that is quite light.This is a really gentle eye cream i tried so far which is perfect for my under eyes skin. It moisturises the delicate eye skin really well. Doesn't cause any irritation.Nice lightweight texture and very gentle.It has light herbal scent, very creamy and absorbs straight away deeply moisturise the under eyes skin. A little goes long way.This makes smoothness,softness and freshness in the skin surrounding the eye area. I would really recommend this gentle eye cream for everyone.
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I have only used this eye cream briefly but found the cream to be a nice mild cream with a nice light fragrance. It was easy to apply but slow to soak in. I have not noticed any differences in my skin around my eyes but will continue to use as it left my skin feeling nice and hydrated.
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Lavender eye cream

Organic sounds good but I don't think I'm ready to spend money on a anti ageing cream that is organic.In the short space of time I used this product I feel like I need more time to see the anti ageing benefits. Although I liked the smell,feel on my skin of the product & the design. I dont feel like it would be a product i would purchase in the future
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Great affordable eye cream

This Garnier Organics Anti Age Eye Cream is really gentle and nice to use. I usually get sensitive eyes when it comes to eye creams (or I get it in my eyes and they start watering which is probably more of an application issue) but I had no problems with this cream. It felt nice and light and absorbed very quickly. I really liked it. It has vitamin E and Lavandin oil. It smells nice and is organic.
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Really makes a difference

This beautiful, all natural eye cream is bespoke for the eye area - very gentle and emollient but super fast to absorb. It won't interfere with makeup - in fact it's a great primer with a slightly matte finish. The Lavandin makes for a beautiful scent - like lavender but slightly more herby, and leaves the skin protected, moisturised and less liable to be impacted by environmental stressors like wind, heat and the drying air of a wood fire. I've been using this day and night now for weeks and I feel like my eyes are brighter with fine lines somewhat minimised. Garnier has really lifted its game and is now very sustainable, with the whole supply chain revamped, and I'm so pleased they've stopped animal testing. The price is also excellent. This is a winner.
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Light and creamy

I didn't mind this eye cream and like how it leaves the skin under my eyes soft and hydrated well into the next day. It is another Garnier vegan product and I think it's good value. There is plenty of information on the box that is easy to read, all ingredients listed and I like the pale green box which is FSC sourced. I didn't have any reactions to this cream and like that there is virtually no scent detected which is important in an eye cream. The cream is an off white collar and you only need a tiny amount to go underneath the eyes so the tube would last ages. I love the thin nozzle on the tube making it easy to get a small amount out so there is no wastage. Not greasy or oily either.
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Good for sensitive skin

Comfortable for sensitive skin, this product felt very comfortable around my eye area. Only a gently scent, not overpowering, I found this worked quite well to hydrate and smooth my crows feet. I thought it didn’t absorb very quickly, but then realised you really don’t need much- a little goes along way. Also Love that this utilises more natural products.
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Hydrating and soothing

The eye cream comes in a small tube, with a tapered tip for easy application. The cream is lightweight, with a lavender fragrance it absorbed into the area around my eyes. Although I didn't notice any anti aging affect or a reduction in fine lines. My skin a left soft and hydrated.


I have been using this Garnier Eye Cream every night and morning and I pretty pleased with it. The consistency is creamy and lightweight which is perfect for under the eyes. It absorbs rather quickly and I've definitely noticed a slight improvement with my overall skin, it looks so much more healthier. I definitely recommend this product to those who are after an affordable eye cream.
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Hydrating but takes a while to absorb

I used this for about a week, it's lightening and hydrating. I loved the subtle lavender scent. Although I did find the cream took a while to absorb and that made makeup application frustrating. But was fine to use in the evening and it felt very hydrating. Overall an ok eye cream, I didn't see a difference in my wrinkles but hydration was great. I also love that this product is vegan and made is organic ingredients
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Good natural product for the eye area

This was a good natural product to use around the delicate skin of my eyes overnight, and appeared to moisturise that area by the time I woke up the next morning. With continued use I think the skin around my eyes will have an improved appearance. It is priced favourably compared to other similar products.
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Lovely eye product

I have been using this product every morning for the past week. It is very gentle on the skin (no burning!) and is suitable for all skin types. The product dissolves well into the skin and wasn’t oily in any way. After one week it is too early to see any anti-aging results, however my under eyes felt more moistured, brightened and refreshed for the day so I will definitely keep using this. The smell is so divine and very subtle (I love lavender) and the packaging is cute. The product contains vitamin E, organic Lavandin essential oil from France, is vegan and is ethically sourced. I’m really liking this product and lavender range from Garnier and recommend this product.
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Nice Eye cream

Lovely eye cream, but I don't it caters for my type of skin needs. I received this eye cream to try and I liked the smoothness of the cream but I prefer eye creams that hydrate my eyes and work on the dark circles and puffiness. I gave this for my mum to use and happy to say she really liked it though.
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Nourishing eye cream with natural ingredients

The Garnier Organics range is targeted for those who want to use products which contain more "natural" ingredients. This is a vegan formula that contains regenerating lavandin, which is grown in France. The eye cream also contains Vitamin E and is suitable for sensitive skin. I really like the packaging. It is a long tube with a thin nozzle that dispenses the product really well. It ensures you don't use too much, and keeps the product fresh. The fragrance isn't overbearing. It's a lovely light lavender scent, and doesn't linger. The big plus with this product is that it is nourishing and would be great to use both morning and night, as it sits well under makeup and fills out those pesky fine lines under your eyes.