Garnier Organics Lavandin Night Cream

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Garnier Organics Lavandin Night Cream is an anti-ageing night cream enriched with certified organic argan and jojoba oils for night time nourishment. It is certified organic according to COSMOS standard and is a vegan formula.


Garnier Organics Lavandin Night Cream


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This is a nice thick, rich consistency, and it's great for my dry skin. My skin is sensitive but it hasn't irritated it. I like that this contains a lot of natural ingredients. It contains Lavandin which helps with skin regeneration, I have never heard of this ingredient before and think it's a close relative of lavender, the scent is like lavender and is quite mild, but a nice touch for a night cream. I really enjoy using this night cream, I only need a small amount and my skin looks fresh and hydrated in the morning, I recommend this for someone looking for a cream suited to mature skin.
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Thick night cream with relaxing lavender scent

I love this product! Its my new fave night cream! WHY? Big fan of it being vegan, it reassures me that its good for my skin. The best factor for me in the lavender scent, applying this just before bed gives my skin the hydration it has been craxing at the end of the day and the lavender smells calms and destresses me before i sleep. The texture is thick and creamy but once applied still feels breathable. I feel like this product is like a trip to the spa but its every night. big fan and will continue to use and highly recommend.
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I loved the smell of this night cream and my skin felt super soft the next morning as well . I felt like I slept better than night and that it was due to the lavender scent which helped relax me
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Nice but heavy

This product was a bit thick and heavy for my skin. Good if you are feeling dehydrated, but a little too much for every night.
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Good budget but

This product is a really good budget buy. It has a light and creamy formula. It has a nice light scent and felt great on my skin. Very good for the price.
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Great night cream from Garnier Organics!

This was a lovely night cream to try from the new Garnier Organics range. I have sensitive combination skin and it did not react negatively even with the amount of natural ingredients which can sometimes be too strong for my skin, particularly the fragrances. It is light yet nourishing and soaks in well and immediately- it didn't leave me a greasy, oily feeling that I experience with many other night creams. My skin felt soft and supple the next day sans the beginnings of a break out. It has a light and pleasant botanical scent (like Lavender) and is not overpowering. The cream itself is a light purple which is very visually appealing and derives it's natural colour from the ingredient Lavindin. I really liked this cream and found it really helped my skin with moisture. I would have liked to see more actives included in it, however.
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Vegan friendly night cream

The product was very easy to use. Once per night. I found that the product was hydrating for my skin. I was glad to see that a product with no harsh chemicals was so hydrating for my skin. I used the night cream once every night, before bed. Smell was lovely and very simple to use, no rinse off required. I would recommend this to product.
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Great beauty cream

I feel this night cream quite heavy and greasy on my skin at first, but after rubbing it was easily absorb in to my skin. This creams great to lock in moisture when you apply on damp skin.This has a beautiful light lavender scent. When I applied the cram I could feel the hydration straight away. My skin is plumper, firmer and looks so much better in the morning. I would definitely buy this product and will recommend it to all my friends, it’s a great night cream with natural ingredients.
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Beautiful smell

After having to wear masks all day at work and then outside of work as well, I am now experiencing irritation on my skin and raised red rash. My skin is not happy with the current situation and I am trying all sorts of things to try and relieve it. After cleansing I used the Lavandin night cream on my face and neck, it has a thick consistency and took a little bit to rub in. It also has a lovely smell. I didn't experience any sensitivity even with my angry skin. I woke up the next morning and my skin felt great. the red rash has gone down and my skin was hydrated. I will definitely be purchasing this cream again.
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Ok for once in a while

This is a reasonable sleeping cream/night cream.To notice any real visible benefits i would need to keep on using religiously for a few months. I do love stronger products though like Retinol as i feel for anti ageing & fine lines a organic lavender cream just won't cut it.
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Soothing night cream

This Garnier Organics Anti Age Lavandin Sleeping Cream is a lovely rich night cream. It absorbs quickly and makes your skin feel soft and smooth. The beautiful smell is nice and relaxing. The Lavandin in it is really soothing which is perfect for bedtime. It’s a vegan formula which is fantastic and it’s suitable even for sensitive skin.
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Nice Scent, but average

I had mixed feelings with this night cream. Having sensitive skin and Rosacea I did a patch test with this cream because it feels and smells quite rich. I did a patch test on my forehead and did have a reaction in the form of redness and tiny pustules which is the Rosacea. Due to this I will not be putting this product on my face. It went well on my neck though and my skin feels lovely the next morning. Quite soft and hydrated. The cream is a medium shade of purple, medium to thick consistency and a bit oily. There is strong smell of lavender, but it's not overpowering and I found I really liked the scent. I think people with normal skin will like this product.
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Relaxing and hydrating with lavender scent.

The lavender scent of this product is delightfully relaxing, which I loved for a night cream. It’s comfortably thick and absorbs quickly. I noticed an immediate hydrated feel in my skin, especially smoothing over those forehead frown lines. Always looking for more natural products, but want ones that actually work, which I feel like this one did
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Soothing and hydrating

Garnier Lavandin night cream is a rich hydrating cream perfectly designed for dry dehydrated or damaged skin. The formula has a relaxing Lavender sent, which is a lovely way to end the day winding down the body and mind. I have combination skin which thanks to the colder Weather has patches of dry full skin, this night cream helped improve the texture and appearance of my skin.
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Beautiful posture

So pleased to see that Garnier is now creating sustainable, natural products, ethically sourced. This new night cream is a beautiful lavender colour and is rich and creamy, soaking into skin and doing its business through the night. It doesn't leave skin greasy at all, but it does moisturise beautifully. The scent is lovely - with a definitely lavender base, but with that potent nose-cleaning camphor edge as a top note. Lavandin is a hybrid of lavender and spike lavender, and is a little stronger smelling and more potent than lavender. Lavandin also has an antibacterial effect, which makes it great for sensitive skin prone to breakouts. However the richness makes this suitable for older skin too. The little glass jar is fancy and shows off the purple cream inside to good effect. The price is reasonable too - win!
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Rich cream with a lavender scent

I have oily, acne prone skin, so I found this cream a bit too heavy and rich for me, however I think this night cream would work well for those with drier skin. This anti-ageing cream contains organic argan and jojoba oils which are incredibly nourishing. It has a lovely light scent. I find it a calming fragrance which is great to use at night. It's relaxing and really ensures that you practice self care in the evenings. This is very moisturising and did not irritate my skin. This would be suitable for those with normal or dry skin. For me, I have oily skin so I found it a bit too thick, however it leaves your skin really plump and moisturised. It comes in jar packaging which I am personally not a fan of. I don't enjoy having to dig my fingers in, as I prefer tube packaging as I can measure out the product better.


I have been using this Garnier Organics Lavandin Night Cream every night and I am thoroughly happy with this product. It's so hydrating which is perfect as I have really dry skin, it also makes my face have a nice healthy glow. I also love that it is Vegan friendly so I feel especially good using it. I would highly recommend this night cream to anyone and everyone
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Lovely scent and very hydrating

I used this cream every night before bed for about a week and found it very hydrating and my skin feels so soft. I found the cream to be thick and feels fresh on the skin, it's easily absorbed and didn't put marks on my pillow. I scent is a lovely lavender scent and it's quite subtle. I did not see a change in my wrinkles but maybe I need to use the product for a bit longer, I was really happy with the hydration. Overall a great budget overnight night cream.
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Good overnight skin moisturiser

I liked this formula as it felt nourishing on my skin overnight. It has a calming fragrance, and soaks in well before bedtime. My skin felt reasonably moisturised by the morning, and I had no adverse skin reaction in my maturing skin. I like that it is an organic product.
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Nourishing, lovely scented organic product

I have been using this product every night for the past week and so far I love it! I love the fragrance of lavender and it’s relaxing properties, so this is a huge plus for me. I didn’t find the fragrance strong or over bearing at all. The product was creamy and nourishing and it dissolved easily and quickly into the skin and didn’t leave any sticky residue as some moisturises do. I love that this product contains jojoba oil, is vegan and organic. I am really loving this entire range and this product did not disappoint. I will keep using this product.