Garnier Organics Lavandin Smooth & Glow Facial Oil

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Garnier Organics Lavandin Smooth & Glow Facial Oil is a facial oil enriched with organic argan oil and anti-oxidant vitamin E to instantly nourishes and softens skin. The organic lavandin essential oil is extracted using steam distillation to retain all its natural goodness and is known for its regenerating properties.

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Garnier Organics Lavandin Smooth & Glow Facial Oil


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A bedtime treat for the senses and skin

I only recently bought this,but so far i adore it. As someone with an exceptionally stressful job and life,i need all the help i can get to unwind and relax after a hard day,and this helps with that something wonderful. The Garnier Organics Lavandin Smooth & Glow Facial Oil is a light (but still very nourishing) contains such oils as organic argan oil,vitamin E and organic lavandin essential oil to calm both the skin and the mind,whilst giving a huge moisture boost to winter weary skin.The stunning glass bottle it comes in is lovely in it's feel,and the dropper makes application easy....just a few drops will turn your skin into a silky oasis of calm.I don't know if oilier skins will love this,but for my more "mature",dry type skin...i love it (and that lavender scent,whilst not overpowering,does help you settle in for a restful night's sleep). But does this compare to higher end products ? Well,for under $20,it is a great product,it does help smooth skin and hydrate it,it does help soothe jangled nerves and it mixes with a cream if you want a lighter texture,so i would say "yes".
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Takes a long time to soak in

I didn’t mind this oil, but like the day cream in this range it takes a very long time to soak into your skin and so is not ideal for use during the day. Once it soaks in it feels really good and moisturises very well. I would definitely say it created a glow.
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Face oil review

Luxurious face oil, great for night, wake up with hydrated, glowy skin.
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A bit too slippery for me

I personally like facial oils to be a little thicker. Not a thick oil but not so slippery as this one. It is a nice oil to use with a jade roller as it has a lot of slip to it and could be good to add a drop of this if you have an extremely thick moisturiser or mask. I don't personally see myself picking up another one in the future though.
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Lovely Lavender Facial Oil

Love the packing of this product - comes in a beautiful glass jar with a dropper inside so no mess in applying. I really appreciate the effort Garnier has gone to in ensuring that its products are recyclable and environmentally conscious. I have read that Lavandin is known for its regenerating properties so that is a great thing to start your morning routine with. The oil does of course smell like lavender but I found that really lovely in the mornings. I wouldn't usually use a facial oil in the mornings - but I did really enjoy this, especially I enjoyed it when I mixed it in with the day cream. Great product especially for the price point, I would recommend and will continue to use.
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It’s a no

This oil smelt nice but was too heavy on the skin by itself. Mixing with a day cream was good for night time use but I wouldn’t recommend during the day
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Noticeable difference

I’ve never really been one to try oils however I did really like using this and had now become part of my daily/nightly routine. A little bit goes a long was and I really only needed two drops max per application. I found this product to really help with my texture and my skin felt noticeably hydrated and softer after usage. I now use this product each night before bed and sometimes prior to applying makeup if I need a really quick moisturiser fix. I really liked the lavender scent which wasn’t too overpowering. I think this product is great for the price point.
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No absorption, no luck - smells great though

I'm a big fan of oils but had no luck with this one in particular. I found it sat on my skin and didn't absorb. It smelt great but just wouldn't sink into my skin. I also found the dropper a bit weird. I didn't want to waste the product, so I've actually started to use the oil on my legs and arms - I think they're a lot drier than my skin, so it's been absorbing into them no problems!
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Unique serum for beginners

Different experience as never used a serum before, felt a bit weird on the skin but the smell was nice, not too overwhelming, felt my skin was softer overall after using the product for a few weeks. Did find that it was too much using it every night, but by using once a week I saw a boost in my skin and a glow to my complexion. Perfect for those with dry skin, might need to limit use if you are acne prone or have oily skin!
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Not a fan of oils but this was nice

I used this on my neck at night time, I enjoyed the hydration it gave my skin but that's about it. Love that you can see where some of the ingredients are from and also a simplified breakdown to help the customer know what they are. Pros: Absorbs better than any oil I've ever used on my face, would probably use as part of my double cleansing routine in the future Cons: The presence of 4 fragrance ingredients
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Lovely versatile oil

I liked this facial oil a lot! I did find, like other reviewers, the consistency to be a little bit runny. However, I found I could overcome this by the mixing a couple drops in with my night cream, or by putting on my face and massaging in with a warm flannel - if you never tried this before, you’re really missing out (it’s the easiest and quickest way to feel like you’re having a facial at home!). I struggled with the lavendin day cream that paired with this, which resulted in a couple of reaction and breakouts, but I found that the oil doesn’t give me the same reaction (which is bit of a mystery). I use all the time as part of my routine, which I’m really happy about. I would recommend this product to anyone looking for a luxurious oil at an affordable price. It really is versatile, and you can use it on its own, or you can use it to mix in with another the product to boost it. I also highly recommend using oils like this as a hair treatment when needed, or just to rub into the ends of your hair to give him a bit of a treatment.
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Relaxing facial oil

Highly recommend this natural ingredient oil. Was the perfect addition to a nighttime routine because of its relaxing lavender scent. Oil was very light weight and worked well with the rest of the range. Left not residue and make up easily glided over.
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Soft and smooth glowing skin

I love using Garnier Organics Lavalin smooth and glow as a daily serum! It does exactly as the label says! You only need to use a small amount and is best coupled with the Garnier Organics Lavalin daily moisturiser giving you a nice even glow. I tend to find its does make your foundation more glossy, so it best works with a nice matte finish foundation and or powder. I have also used the serum at night and it left my skin feeling soft and smooth the next day.
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It was OK but nothing to rave about.

The packaging was lovely it felt like a day spa pamper product. I found it easy to use with the dropper and used just one full droppers worth, at first i was just applying straight to my face after cleansing but later just mixed it in with the day cream and found i preferred doing it that way . I found the sent was very strong and felt like something my Nan would have used. Not sure if it really did anything for my skin as i didn't really feel any change to it. I would recommend this product if someone was looking for something to try but i wouldn't rave about it.
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The dropper bottle is typical of facial oils. I like the glass bottle as it's environmentally friendly. The oil is lightweight and smells of lavender. I mix 2-3 drops of the oil with my day cream and it helps to hydrate and soften my skin. I like to mix it with my foundation as well to give my skin a bit of a glow.
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Love it!

I recently trialed the Garnier Organics Lavandin Smooth & Glow Facial Oil and I love it. It contains great ingredients, smells amazing and feels amazing on the skin. The packaging is great as well, and looks quite luxurious. I found a little of this product goes a long way, especially when mixed in with the cream.
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Not a match for oily skin!

The packaging is great and looks so luxurious on my counter. This unfortunately didn't work well with my oily skin. It felt quite heavy, didn't absorb easily and made me feel quite greasy. This would be more suited for dryer skins I think!
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Prefect for facial massage.

This oil had a very strong smell which usually isn't for me but it didn't seem to break me out. I used it with my facial massage roller and found my skin to be plump and glowy after.
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This is one of the better oil that I've come across. It smells nice and feels 'therapeutic' and relaxing. I also use it at mid-day when my skin feels a bit dry and tight. Skin definitely feels softer.
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For those 30 Something year olds!

Trying Garnier Organics Lavandin Smooth & Glow Facial Oil with the Garnier Organics Lavandin anti-age day cream was fitting since turning 30 recently. Apparently anti-ageing is a MUST! I teamed it up with a drop or two of the Garnier Organics Smooth & Glow Facial Oil for an extra boost. I'm not big on oil, wait for a bit and then moisturiser after a face wash. Mixing the two products worked a treat! The facial oil really did add that little something something.