Garnier Organics Lemongrass Gel Wash

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Garnier Organics Lemongrass Gel Wash is a gel wash enriched with organic lemongrass essential oil which offers a deep, yet gentle cleanse. The lemongrass essential oil is known for its purifying properties to cleanse away dirt, oil and pollution while gently exfoliating and refining skin’s texture.

Use together with the Garnier Organics Konjac Sponge for a deeper and refresh clean. This duo is gentle enough for daily use.

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Garnier Organics Lemongrass Gel Wash


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Removes grime while smelling fresh

I really loved this gel cleanser. It smells beautiful, love the lemongrass scent, it’s very invigorating. It cleans skin beautifully without leaving it feeling dry or tight, it’s quite hydrating. It’s easy to use, a nice light gel which doesn’t foam but removes all traces of dirt, oil, makeup and the day’s grime. It comes at a great price and as I don’t need to use a lot it’s great value for money. I simply moisturise after use for clean, clear, smooth, fresh skin
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Love love love!

I love this face wash! The smell is incredibly fresh and addictive! It makes my skin feel amazing, and used in conjunction with the konjac sponge it cleanses so we’ll! Definitely a product I’d continue using.
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Garnier review

Not hugely into fragranced products, but the lemon in this was invigorating and refreshing. It gave a good clean and my skin looked revitalised afterwards.
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Nice product, not my favourite scent

I'm not a huge fan of lemongrass and found the scent strong but not to be too overpowering. The product itself was nice though and felt as though it cleansed well. I found my skin felt clean and not tight after using. I'd recommend if you enjoy or don't mind lemongrass scented products. If this came in a different fragrance I would definitely want to try.
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Best drug store cleanser I have tried

I received a sample of this cleanser to try from BeautyCrew and it is my actual favourite drug store cleanser I have tried! Me and my boyfriend now both use this as our daily cleanser morning and night and I would definitely repurchase. The smell is beautiful and refreshing and helps me wake up in the morning. Definitely a very fresh lemongrass scent. The cleanser has a great texture as it is a gel wash and does not foam at all which I love. I have been using this for weeks and loving how it leaves my skin feeling. I have not had any irritations at all while using this. Must try!
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Love this wash! Smelt amazing! Just like I was at a day spa, wasn’t heavy and wasn’t drying at all. Removed a lot of make up and everyday dirt build up. Would definitely purchase this again!
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I really enjoyed using this product. My skin felt cleansed and refreshed after use. I particularly liked the lemon grass scent as I found it quite unique and zesty. I paired this product with the sponge and will definitely continue using that way as I found they make the perfect pair without the use of an excessive amount of extra products, I noticed a visible difference in the way my skin looked and felt after this combo. I highly recommend this product for something refreshing and cleansing, even more bonus points for being a vegan formula.
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Great, no fuss cleanser, non-drying

This cleanser smells great, and I really enjoyed the ingredient breakdown on the back of the product, it was super interesting to see the origins of all the ingredients. I didn't find it drying, and it left my skin feeling cleansed and fresh. It was really nice to use with the Konjac sponge as well.
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Affordable and vegan friendly!

I found that this was a good alternative to my current wash for the price, vegan friendly alternative and the lovely smell. In contrast to my current wash, I find that I don't get as deep a clean with this product, and the soft feeling I receive from my current products. So whilst I won't be switching to this product from my current one, I do find that it is a good option for those who want decent skin wash on a budget.
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Love this cleanser!

I have combo/oily skin and I used this every night as part of my nighttime skincare and I loved it! My skin didn't feel like it was stripped of oils but it did feel clean, especially when used with the Konjac sponge. Also usually when I swtich up routine it usually causes an imbalance and I sometimes get pimples, but it didn't happen with this one, so super impressed! Pros: lightweight, gel consistency, doesn't strip the skin, source list for ingredients Cons: Fragrance present
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Brilliant affordable product

I really liked this cleanser! It was refreshing, luxurious, and really easy to use. I’ve used both as a second part of a double cleanse at night, to get my skin nice and clean and even before bed, to create a perfect face to use all of my night creams and treatments. I’ve also used this first thing in the morning, and found this was the best part of my routine as it was so refreshing it made it nice to wake up in the morning. It now lives almost permanently in my shower, so I can use it as my morning cleanse. I definitely found that it helped my skin feel cleansed and refreshed, but didn’t strip any moisture away, which I definitely appreciated as someone with dry/dehydrated skin. I would definitely repurchase this, it’s an excellent price for the product. I recommend this product to anyone wanting a simple yet luxurious cleanser at a really good price. I also really liked the packaging, the pump was really easy to use, and it travelled really well in an overnight bag.
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Lemongrass cleanser

Would definitely use again. This gel wash was perfect for cleansing stubborn make up leaving a clean face everytime without drying my skin out. Product texture was soft with refreshing lemongrass scent. Loved that this product like the rest of the range was more natural based. Good for sensitive skin.
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Invigorating lemongrass face wash

This stuff smells good and leaves your skin feeling fresh and clear. I doesn’t really break down make up like other cleansers with just using your hands but great when you use along with the Garnier sponge. It lathers well, smells great and is easy to use as a daily face wash.
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Loved it

Love Love love this product! I love the smell its very fresh and reminds me of day spa. its a gel pump dose a great job, you don't need much just one pump, it doesn't dry my skin out. Great value for money highly recommend
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Gentle cleanse

It smells like a beautiful blend of lemongrass and other florals. Its a gel cleanser which I use with a Konjac sponge. It foams up beautifully, cutting dirt and grime on my skin without drying it out. One of the better cleansers from an affordable brand.
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Great affordable cleanser

The Garnier Organics Lemongrass Gel Wash is a great affordable cleanser. It has a great scent, without being overpowering and leaves my face feeling fresh afterwards. Also, a little of this product goes a long way.
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Great all round cleanser!

Fantastic all-round cleanser/makeup remover. I found it removed every trace of makeup and wasn't stripping like most gel/foaming cleansers. My skin felt so soft after using this - will definitely be repurchasing!
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Morning cleanser

This has become my new morning cleanser. It doesn't smell too strong or foam too much. My skin feels clean and not stripped after use.
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So gentle on the skin

I'm very impressed with this gel wash. It's so gentle on the skin. It doesn't dry my skin afterwards. The smell offers that 'spa' feel which is lovely.
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Lovely fragrant and gentle product

I've been using this gel wash for about a month now and I really like it. I use it with the Garnier sponge and it leave my face feeling clean but also hydrated. I have combination skin and I find that it is the perfect balance as it doesn't make my face feel dry after it's washed or leave a heaviness on my skin. It's super refreshing and a quality product for the price range.