Garnier Skin Active BB Cream Naturals

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Garnier Skin Active BB Cream Natural is a BB cream that gives the complexion a natural-looking and light coverage. It contains natural-origin green tea, which works to enhance and even the skin tone for a healthier, more luminous complexion.


Garnier Skin Active BB Cream Naturals


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I hate the look of foundation on my skin. Sure guys these days can wear makeup and get away with it, but at 50 i think that look is WAY past its used by date with someone like me. When i first tried the Garnier BB cream. I was impressed. It gave me a nice light coverage to just cover the redness in my skin. It also offered me some sun protection which i really need all the time. I loved it so much i kept using it till it was gone so had to go and buy it again! It is also so good that my husband steals some now and again for his ow face and he is DEAD against makeup. Great product for men or for women who want just a light coverage. It is more for good skin that may just want a more even tone of skin. Great for redness!
I really loved this product. My friend actually gave me her bottle, which was light,  because it was too light for her. It applies beautifully to my skin (I have combination skin that is prone to small breakouts at times). It really evened out my skin tone while making my complexion look brighter, natural (which i love) and refreshed.  Perfect for a mum who gets no sleep. The only draw back is it's lasting power. I found if i wore it for a day it kind of loses it's pizazz by the days end. I would highly recommend this for anyone looking for a short term complexion boost for the day.
I found this very hard to rub it as it separated and was very patchy on my skin. The more I tried to rub it in, the more the cream dried and formed clumps. Had to throw the product away in the end. The original version is much better and rubs in well.
Garnier skin active BB Cream naturals, it was a while ago now that I searched high and low at my local pharmacy for a new foundation because I was just no longer satisfied. A shop assistant recommended the Gardiner BB Cream, as a cost effective and efficient product within the newly popular BB ranges. She used the product herself and could not contain her excitement when explaining all the positives associated with her experience. I already loved Gardiner deodorants and a couple of other products. So I gave it a go and have not strayed since. It has a light natural looking coverage which bends well and matches my skin colour perfectly and unlike other products it keeps my skin hydrated and looking healthy. I feel as if it still gets to breathe without caking it on. The additional benefits are: UV protection, vitamin C and mineral pigments, offering long-lasting hydration.
This BB cream is a light and easy wearing BB cream that is perfect for daily wear. It goes on light and spreads evenly on my skin and gives my face a more natural even skin tone. It is non greasy and only a little bit is needed. It also does not clog my pores or irritate my skin. It feels very light and helps cover dark blemishes and uneven skintone. It also did not transfer and kept my face shine free for most of the day. It removes easily with a cleanser or a make up remover wipes. Pros: Easy to apply with fingers Low priced Doesn't irritate skin Provides good light coverage and evens skin tones Cons: If you use to much, can make skin look cakey, so use less Recommendation: This BB cream would suit anyone who wants an everyday use BB cream that gives their face a nice smooth finish without being heavy. 
I have tried many light foundation alternatives over the years both expensive and reasonable priced  but this is my go to product.  It is light on the skin but gives excellent depth and coverage.  I don't find it oily at all its a really balanced product. I use the light shade in winter and the medium in summer. I even have a spare in my office drawer for touch ups. The pricing is less than half of the luxury brands but still presenting as a quality product.
I found the BB cream to be a bit yellow toned for my skin, being pale I find it really difficult to find the perfect BB cream for my skin, it was hella creamy and felt good on the skin I just don’t feel I would try this again due to the yellow undertone.
I have both the light and medium tone. The light seemed to suit my colour. I loved this product easy to use and feels fresh and light on the Skin. Not really one to use new products on my face but this product I did not have a reaction to. Very light coverage as I do not like anything that sits too heavy on my face. Would highly recommend anyone to try this they would love it as much as I do
I’ve been using this B.B. cream for a couple of years now as it’s great for me as I get dry skin from being in air con and heating all the day. I find it’s great as it’s got good coverage. It’s quick and easy to apply.
This is a good B.B cream wish they had something for yellow skin tones though. It’s too light and pink tone for me. However I love the light coverage this gives me. And I only have to use a very little to cover my whole face. Works a treat for my dry skin.
I find this BB cream to be very oily and only works well with people who have a dry skin type however, it does have a light weight feel to it which makes it easy to apply and just a dab of this goes a long way. Its quite full coverage which is surprising for a BB cream as well but like i said before, a small amount of this does do a good job which was a plus! The color i found was abit darker to my complexion and i found that with the lighter colors, they were way too light to match my complexion so there wasn't an in between option. This BBR cream is really good for a day time, natural, makeup/no makeup look and for those girls who dont like to wear foundation on day-to-day basis!
I was super excited to try the new Garnier BB Cream, as I love the idea of “no make-up Make-up looks”. Unfortunately, I feel that this Garnier product didn’t quite meet my level of excitement.  The cream goes on smoothly and easily, although too much gives you a patchy, oily sheen. The coverage was very light, although, noticeable, especially as I wasn’t able to really match my skin tone The cream only comes in three shades, so I mixed a couple for the right colour match.  I did love the light feel to the cream and it wasn’t heavily fragranced, which was great. Overall, I probably wouldn’t use it often. I prefer a little more coverage and a product I can easily blend with my other makeup. But, it would probably make an epic addition to my beach bag or to keep with me to dab on throughout the day. 
I love a good BB cream as sometimes I dont want the heavy coverage of a foundation, this garnier BB cream is nice and light and feels lovely on the skin. It gives just the right amount of coverage and looks really natural. Its really easy to use, I just blend with my fingers for even coverage and a great result. Its really hydrating and leaves my skin quite dewey, I then apply just a little bronzer and Im good to go. I would wear a proper foundation at night but this is perfect for daytime. For just $17.00 it does just a good a job as a more expensive brand, the packaging is great, theres no mess involved and I see no negatives, nice coverage, nice glow, whats not to love
This was nice just as a quick pat on the face out the door to drop the kids off for school without looking too done. I couldnt wear it for longer than a couple of hours and when i set it, it looked cakey. But I love that little boost it gives me in the morning. I love the ingredients and the colour light was ok for my pale skin.
Not sure about this product at all. I did not like how it applied and as many others, it got very patchy and did not give a good coverage at all.  The only good thing about this product was that the medium shade matched beautifully with my skin. I give 3 stars for the shade, otherwise it would be just 2.  
I found this product a bit inconsistent for my skin type (combination). Some days it was fine with a light coverage, others it was a bit blotchy with orange streaks in random spots. It felt more like a cleanser upon application however it smells great! I won't be rushing back to buy this product as I need something with a little more coverage thats a bit more reliable with a flawless finish.
Thank you BeautyCrew for giving me the opportunities to try and review these products. I received 2 of them. One in light and another one in medium. Although the medium is quiet orange for me so I use the light one now. Beautiful texture, easy to apply and greentea scented. I am also surprised that it is a 50mL BB cream. My first ever Garnier makeup products. Thanks BeautyCrew.
The product was very easy to apply and gave great coverage for wrinkles and redness. The only thing I didn't like was it made my skin sweat quite significantly. However in saying that it was light to wear and definitely didn't feel as heavy as my foundation and I would still recommend to others. its great to have foundation and skincare all mixed into the one!
Loved this product, I have quite pale skin and this doesn't look remotely orangey. It's incredibly light and gives my skin a slight glow. It works best when combined with powder but I am perfectly happy with it on its own. It does wear down a bit over the course of the day but not dramatically and it's really easy to apply some more if you really need to. This is definitely my go to beauty product!
This is a great product if you are looking for a light weight BB cream to wear for a couple of hours. I found that it applied best when using fingers. The formula has a pleasant smell to it and provides a decent coverage on blemish-free skin.  This product is getting a 3/5 as the light shade was too dark for me and so it did not look natural.