Garnier Skin Active BB Cream Nude

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Garnier Skin Active BB Cream Nude is a BB cream that functions as a moisturiser, colour corrector, lightweight foundation and sunscreen. The formula has been developed with micro-pigments to match your skin tone upon application, leaving imperfections covered and skin luminous.


Garnier Skin Active BB Cream Nude


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Oily finish and stinging eyes

I find the colour match OK and application easy with my fingers, however within a few hours my face is super oily and by the end of the day you eyes sting. When I remove this I have to be really careful not to wipe near my eyes too much as the stinging is horrible. I have normal/dry skin. I tried this product with a banana powder of the top which made a big difference with the oily ness but I can get over the stinging. There are other BB creams on the market, at a similar price point, that wear much better, without the stinging feeling.
Very orange...didn’t even look like a natural skin colour. I was very disappointed. it comes out white and when you rub it it turns orange and when you try and blend it into your skin you look like an oompa lumpa. I had to return it because I looked ridiculous
I'm not sure if mine just had some sort of issue or not but whenever I use mine it's slightly grainy and is more orange than my actual skin colour. Mine didn't blend too well so I tried to blend it with a beauty blender but that just covered the blender in the same weird grainy material :/
I like the look of this BB Cream. It feels very light-weight when applied, and adjusts to your skin tone when first tested. I have oily skin, and the product looked very nice and left my face feeling fresh for the first few hours, but began to look patchy afterwards, so would have to reapply throughout the day. It was a very moisturising cream, and for basic daily wear, this product is a must!
This product is great, and although you can barely feel it on your skin, it honestly transforms my makeup looks. I especially love wearing this in summer, because it is sun safe, as well as giving me the added glow which I associate with summer. I love how it doesn't make my skin look oily and I found that the coverage was increased within minutes! I love the smell of this product and how it's compact so that I can bring it with me in the day to do touch-ups.  I would definitely recommend this product and I will be buying it again!
I absolutely love love this product! Feels as if you have nothing on your skin. Just perfect for summer which is why I purchased this nude BB cream. Gives a lovely sheen without feeling greasy. I must add I do have dry skin. My complexion is fair to medium and I had no issue with the colour at all as it blended very well with my natural skin tone. Gives me a slight colour (like a light tan) which is perfect for summer. Some commenters have mentioned they're not happy with the coverage however this is a BB cream which is intended to just even out your skin tone so having realistic expectations is key. Interesting note, I found that the coverage actually improved after roughly 5-10 mins from application so I would suggest waiting to see if you're happy with the first application before applying another (if needed at all). Love the fragrance too. Will most definitely be buying this again.
This is my absolute favourite BB cream. It really does adjust to the colour of your skin, and does not become darker or oxidise through the day. While it does not have full coverage, it really is only a light coverage product, it creates a lovely dewy and natural look.
Love this stuff! I have pale/fair skin and it's matches better than anything else I've tried over the years. Will definitely buy again. I've spent hundreds of dollars on make up and this is way better than Nude by Nature or any other expensive's a great price and  may not use it everyday so a tube lasts a few months.
love this product! easy to use and glides on nicely, would happily use this on those days that i can't be bothered with a full face of make up!
The BB cream was fun to use and I loved how the cream came out white and as you rubbed it in, it changed color and matched in to my skin tone, it was a little fun to apply it each time. I even told friends and family about it and the loved the BB cream, this is definitely a new product that will be added to my makeup bag..
I was excited to try this BB Cream from Garnier.  Not only did it match my skin tone really well, it was super easy to apply. Love that it has an SPF and the price point is great also making it a staple for my beauty cupboard.
I liked using this BB cream as it was perfect for a light and smooth coverage. I don't like wearing too much foundation everyday so this is a perfect replacement and is super easy to apply especially when I am in a rusg.
I love the consistency of this BB cream, it has a really silky texture when applied to the skin. I also like that it doesn't take forever to sink into the skin and settle. It wears well through the day and gives just enough coverage without making you feel bare faced. I'm quite fair so I definitely needed a little bit of bronzer to highlight my features, but as an every day wear, this is a must have.
This product is great for when I want a light coverage, but still want my skin to look great. If i need a bit of extra coverage I use a bit of concealer where needed, but for an everyday base it's just what  i need.
This product is great when I'm looking for something to give me a tiny bit of coverage but still be super moisturising! There isn't a great deal of coverage so if that's what you're looking for this product isn't for you, but I was very happy. I didn't have a problem with the shade, it is such a light coverage that I don't think this would be an issue. I would definitely repurchase!
I love this product... I've been a long time user of the original Garnier BB Cream and recently switched to this one. I was surprised at the way it came out and it's 'pearlecent' colour. As soon as I applied the cream it matched my pigment immediately.  I didn't expect it to cover up blemishes or any pigmentation on my face because it's a BB cream, not a foundation, however I found this product a perfect daily product to use when I didn't want to suffocate my face with a thick foundation.  I will be 100% buying this again - love it!
For the reasonably cheap price tag I would love to say that this suited my skin but unfortunately it just didn't.  Whilst I like the affect of the cream coming out white then apparently adjusting to suit your skin colouring, Im pretty sure it just changes colour and doesn't really blend in with everyones skin colour.  I didn't like the smell - slightly sun cream like smell and didn't feel that great on.  I couldn't go more than a few days of trying this (just to make sure) before palming it off to my daughter to try.  Much better products on the market.
This is quite a nice product. The packaging is nice enough and the price point is great for a product of this size. I love the light smell of the product, it's lovely to use in the mornings. It goes on well and smooths out easily without patchiness. It doesn't provide much coverage, even when built however so if that's what you're after you would need to apply a second product on top however for me that's just what I want. It is moisturising enough for my normal skin but I did try it over moisturiser and it balled up. This isn't surprising as many BB products do this on my skin. I'm unsure if you would get the same result if you have dry skin but you would likely need to use another moisturiser as it is only lightly moisturising. This product isn't matte but isn't shiny either so it leaves skin feeling and looking nice and natural. As to the claim that it is a colour matching product, I have doubts. Most products of this type fail to match skintone so I'd be surprised if this is any different. It is a little yellow in colour on my skin, however I'm naturally yellow-toned to smoothing it down my neck makes the transition to my natural colour smooth. I'd be interested to see how pink-toned and very pale people find this product. In short, with my skin type and tone and my preference for very very light coverage, this product is perfect for me. At such a low price-point it's also extremely affordable. With all this in mind, I'd be more than happy to purchase this again. I would however be cautious about recommending it to others with different skin type/tones and coverage requirements.
This is a lovely light BB cream for under your foundation or by itself. It feels great going on your skin and gives a nice glow. I did try it both ways and do prefer it underneath my foundation as a primer, it seems to set the skin nicely and provides a good base. For me, the colour was a little orange to apply by itself (i'm quite pale with freckles) so i did need to bronze my neck a little but it still had a great finish for the no makeup look. I would definitely recommend this product to ladies wanting only a slight coverage or to use as a base for a fuller coverage.
The garnier bb cream is great value for money!  It perfectly blended into my skin with enough coverage you'd expect from a bb cream. I was expecting the colour to be a bit yellow but it blended into my pale skin fairly easily. I like that it has spa 15! Would recommend this product.