Garnier Skin Naturals BB Cream Anti-Ageing

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Garnier Skin Naturals BB Cream Anti-Ageing is a multi-purpose tinted daily face moisturiser for mature skin. It helps smooth, firm, hydrate, protect and illuminate the skin. The cream contains anti-ageing pro-xylane to stimulate collagen production while mineral pigments help cover up imperfections.

Available in two shades.


Garnier Skin Naturals BB Cream Anti-Ageing


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This squeeze tube cream came as quite a surprise to me! I do not have deep wrinkles as such, but fine lines and my skin texture could be better. It is quite a thick cream, which I was happy with. It spreads well and has good coverage for a small amount. Didn't need too much to cover my face and neck. coverage was sparse, but this is what I expected. I still used my concealer and highlighter. It didn't really have a Strong fragrance . It was really easy to apply to my face and neck. The light has a bit of pigment in it, but I was happy with the match to my skin. I like how this has anti-ageing ingredients and has SPF. Would buy again - good price and quantity.
Garnier was the first brand of BB Creams I used and I migrated to the Skin Naturals BB Cream Anti-Ageing when it came out many years ago.    I started using a BB cream because I could use just one product without layering different products but I soon realised that my BB cream sat better if I actually used a serum, moisturiser and primer.  This might not suit everyone but it suits my mature skin.      I love that the Garnier BB cream is so easy to apply and lasts the whole day. It’s perfect for me during the warmer months because I can’t stand my skin feeling clogged and it is much lighter than a foundation.  The BB cream gives my skin a light coverage, a real glow and the right amount of colour I need.  Adding a blush makes my skin look healthy and bright.    Although I liked the BB Cream Anti-Ageing I just couldn’t find the perfect shade.  I tried other brands of BB creams but always went back to Garnier hoping that the shade would change.  I accidentally came across the Garnier BB Cream + Blur in the Light shade and was amazed at how perfectly it matched my skin tone, and I’ve been using it ever since.    While I was using the Garnier Skin Naturals BB Cream Anti-Ageing I found it helped my complexion in that it smoothed and firmed my skin and kept it well hydrated. It was just the colour match that wasn’t perfect.    This is a product for anyone who wants to look fresh and bright and who doesn't like heavy makeup.  
I have replaced my day to day foundation with this BB cream. I love the thick consistency that provides enough coverage but feels light on my skin. I have been getting compliments on how good my skin has been looking, a great bonus! I have layered it up or used as a base for other foundations for a night out and it looks great and has lasted all day/night.
This came in a flip top squeeze tube and the product itself was very very thick in texture. I didn't notice any obvious scent so was fragrance free for me. It was really easy to apply to my face and neck. I think the colour is probably a little too dark for me (I purchased Light) but it did give a nice colour to my pale skin. I found I still needed to use concealer on my problem spots so it wasn't a very thick coverage despite it being a very thick cream. It is very easy to blend in and was even easier when i applied it over SPF moisturiser. I like how this has anti-ageing ingredients and has SPF. I don't think using this alone would give enough SPF protection hence I apply it over SPF moisturiser now and it makes application and blending just that bit more easier. Time will tell whether the anti-ageing ingredients have any effect.
Love. Love. LOVE this product.  As I roll into middle age, gracefully, I needed to replace all my skincare and makeup. I'd tried several 'anti aging' BB creams and light coverage foundations only to be disappointed.  I was becoming quite annoyed over all the false claims and was not expecting much when I purchased Garnier Skin Naturals BB Cream Anti Aging. Boy, was I surprised! It gives great natural coverage, doesn't settle in my fine lines, blends well and doesn't cake during the day.  I'm an oily skin gal and this doesn't make me look like a Gulf oil spill. I love it so much I made my bestie buy it too. And she also loves it! 
One of the best BB creams that I have tried, this is a can't live without product. Combining the benefits of anti-ageing skincare with a tinted moisturiser, this product imparts a youthful glow to the skin for a beautiful natural complexion. It doesn't emphasise fine lines, smooths and hydrates which is what makes it such a magnificent multi-tasker. Highly recommended, particularly for dry or mature skin types, you'll be glad that you gave it a go!
I love BB cream and this is one of many I have tried and used....I love how it gives my pale skin some colour without accentuating fine lines like foundation does. It doesn't dry out skin like foundation, but moisturises. I love it and recommend highly.
Absolutely in love with this skin feels beautiful.  The dark shade fits my complexion perfectly. I've been told that I have such a healthy glow since I started using this cream. Can't get enough of it!!