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Garnier Skin Naturals BB Cream Oil Free is a multi-purpose tinted daily face moistuirser with SPF 15. It helps smooth, firm, hydrate, protect and illuminate skin. The oil-free cream is suitable for normal to combination types and contains perlite to absorb excess sebum, while mineral pigments create a matte effect.

Available in two shades.


Garnier Skin Naturals BB Cream Oil Free


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This is perfect for both days when you want to. Go without makeup or for using underneath a powder for a more even finish It definitely gives a real 'glow' and holds up well in warmer weather My only reason for not giving five stars is that is doesn't cater to a very wide range of skin tones so those who are very light or a lot darker are unlikely to be able to enjoy it
LOVE. Oil-free so doesn't make me break out, and has full coverage. When you put it on your face, it feels so light and thin, however it still achieves a great coverage and you can build it if you want more. I have this in Light colour and Medium, depending on the season and also whether its daytime or nighttime makeup. Definitely will continue to purchase.
FAVOURITE SKINCARE PRODUCT EVER I have been using this product for so many years I have lost count! I love the colour, the coverage, the feel of it and the price. I love everything about it! I have tried and used the different type of BB Creams Garnier has to offer but I have always preferred the Oil Free BB Cream. I don't even have oily skin, but I found the oil free formula has more colour and coverage. It's also great to wear while going to the gym or doing any physical activity involving sweating as the BB cream mattifies all shine. Hint- Use it as a foundation! Great for everyday wear or for work, feels like your not wearing anything at all. Add some concealer, powder, mascara and lipstick and be ready for the day with a fresh face look. Best suited to Normal to Oily skin, I wouldn't recommend this product for someone who has dry skin as the formula is oil-free and may dry out their skin even more.
This is my favourite BB cream. It is the BB cream that I hold all other BB creams against. I have combo oily skin and this just lasts so well on my skin. It's easy to apply, either with my fingers or buffed in with a brush, I can get my makeup done in minutes. It provides a good coverage for a BB cream but I obviously still need to cover any blemishes with a concealer. Due to having oily skin, I always set with a setting powder or a mineral foundation powder, and it lasts quite well throughout the day. The formula has spf which is always appreciated, and it has never irritated or broke out my sensitive skin. The slim tube packaging makes it easy to dispense and is the perfect shape for stowing in my travel bag. The price point is amazing value, more-so because you can usually find it on sale in one of the many easily accessible locations it is sold. My biggest gripe with this BB cream, and the reason it didn't get 5 stars, is that the shade range is terrible. I am quite pale and the lightest shade is way, way to dark for me to use unless I have a fake tan. I can lighten it with white drops but I would love if they would expand the shade range. I would totally recommend this BB cream, and it,s my go to when someone asks for a recommendation. 
Such a light weight feel! Great coverage too! Great for the weekend when you want to use something lighter with great coverage instead of doing a full face of make up. It does have a scent however I like the scent! I also love that it was SPF so there is some sun protection
This BB cream is fantastic! It covers redness very well and goes on smoothly. It's light wear which is great but it is also buildable. I recommend wearing concealer also for a more full coverage look. While this product is fantastic, in winter, the longer it was worn, it did tend to stick to dry patches.
This is the BEST BB cream on the market!! Super easy to apply, coverage is exactly what you want - covers everything but with a thin layer. Feels like your skin can breathe wearing this. I always recommend this to my customers at work who want coverage but not a heavy foundation. Only downfall is the colour range isnt huge and is a bit of a hit and miss with colour matching.
I have been a long time fan of this product, and even though I have still ventured elsewhere from time to time, I keep coming back to this beauty. I first gave this a go because for a brief period of time my breakouts were minimal and I was looking for something to even out my skin tone, cover minor imperfections and despite my oily/ combination skin- keep my skin looking matte and fresh without having to rely on heavy makeup for my day to day beauty look.  I purchased this product in "light" because despite most considering my skin tone to be classed as medium, when I am full face of foundation or tinted moisturiser, lighter toned products just look more natural on me. I'll be honest, for a product that costs less than $15.00, I didn't expect much, and I think that's why I only thought to try it out when my skin was seeing "better" days- and yet it has proven to be one of my best beauty finds to date!  The consistency is of a light fluid, something similar to a lotion rather than a cream consistency. On application the product is easily applied with a beauty blender or finger tips, and I find that when worn over moisturiser or a primer the product is pushed a lot further, requiring less product to be used. It gives a very natural looking, matte finish and does an excellent job of covering pigmentation and other imperfections. This product feels so light and natural on, that it feels that I have nothing on at all. Even at the end of the day my oiliness is still at bay and I can still enjoy the matte finish, even in humid weather.  Pros: -Affordability.           - SPF 15 is an added bonus.           - Excellent coverage for such a lightweight formula.           - Long lasting and gives a beautiful, natural looking                 matte finish.          - Perfect for oily/ combination skin types, but I think              people of all skin types would enjoy using this                      product. Cons: There are only 2 shades available- light and medium, so not all people with differing skin tones could find one that would work perfectly for them. Recommendations: I would highly recommend this to people of all skin types and ages and believe it would be suitable for use in most skin concerns. This is perfectly suited for people wanting a lightweight, natural feel, that is going to hide most skin imperfections from skin discolouration to breakouts, whilst also providing an added bonus of SPF 15 so it can be worn any time of day, in or out of the office. The price definitely doesn't indicate the quality of the product as the Garner Skin Naturals BB Cream outshines many competitors that offer similar products but with a much higher price tag.
Definitely a staple in my makeup stash, I reach for this BB cream when I want a no-fuss, natural finish that looks like my skin but better.I find the product works really well for my combination skin, it lasts well during the day (even during the hotter months) and helps to control shine on the T-zone area. The packaging in a sleek tube works very well, it is convenient for travel and is great value. You get a significant amount of product at a really good budget beauty price. Where this product really delivers is in the quality of the formulation. It applies effortlessly with finger tips and the texture feels light on the skin, and never heavy, greasy or cakey. I’m surprised at how good the skin looks with this BB cream! The coverage is a factor that really impressed me. It offers medium coverage, covering redness, uneven skin tone and pores, whilst still looking very natural and healthy. I love using this when I want a simple fuss-free makeup routine and it is particularly great when I’m travelling.   PROs - Perfect for oily/combination skin, love that the formulation is particularly tailored for this skin type, and am impressed with how it lasts throughout the day. - Quality of the product – one of the best BB creams on the market, the product really delivers in ease of application and delivers a beautiful, luminous skin finish. - Affordable price, for an excellent quality product. - It contains SPF15 sun protection!   CONs It is only available in 2 shades, light and medium, which may not suit everybody.
I love a medium coverage make-up look and find that this BB cream is the perfect base. The Garnier Oil Free BB cream has a creamy, easy to spread texture with a medium pigmented colour and doesn't clog my pores. I have oily skin but don't find I get greasy quickly and it doesn't transfer easily. I've used at least 3 bottles and won't stop using it, this BB cream never lets me down. I can't recommend this product more, I love it!
I absolutely love this product! It's the only BB cream I buy and have now for about 2 years. It is so easy to apply just blending with your fingertips. The product feels so light on the skin and gives a great coverage all over, including dark circles under the eyes. I find I don't need to use a lot so my tube lasts me months and I wear it every day. I love that it has an SPF 15 in it too as it cuts out that extra step in my morning routine.
I've had the same tube of this BB cream for 3 years now and it is my absolute favourite article of makeup (if you could even call it that. You don't even notice it's there!). Aside from the fact that only a little squeeze of it gives me even, full-face coverage, it's ridiculously light on the skin, doesn't clog my pores and doesn't break me out! Suffering from acne-prone skin, this BB cream saves me on the days when my face doesn't feel like cooperating, by covering those pesky blemishes, but also has the added bonus of not creating more acne for me to deal with (bless!). It offers enough coverage that I can use it as an everyday foundation, adding translucent powder over the top to leave a matte finish, and when I go out I just swap the translucent powder for a nude setting powder, just to make sure (those club cameras don't always do your pores justice). The best thing about this is that I don't need to spend a ridiculous amount of money on brushes to apply the BB cream because using your fingers is the best way to do it! I also love that it's got SPF 15 and moisturiser as well! Such important things for my poor skin. I honestly couldn't think of a more well-rounded product.
This BB cream is my all time favourite. I have tried so many other brands and none of them offer the coverage or finish of this one.  It covers majority of imperfections and stays for most of the day. My skin is quite oily and I have found the original BB cream does not apply very well on my skin but this one applies amazingly.  I have been using this for several years now and no longer feel the need to purchase/wear foundation. Its light on the skin but still has great coverage. Overall great value for money and amazing coverage for a BB cream.
I had tried the original formula of this,and whilst i did like it,i felt it a little"greasier" than i like (and left me looking a lot "dewier" than i should unless I've been for a run).Then along came this gem..and i adore it.A lighter version,but with all the skin benefits of the original,PLUS the sunscreen added,this is all you need on the go in the morning (no moisturiser / foundation / sunscreen steps) to get a glow for hours.It looked a lot more matte than the original,and seemed to feel more comfortable...but it still gave good coverage and kept me moist.A tiny bit goes a long way,and is a great base to start makeup with (it also smells pleasant,which is nice),and is a travel must have (1 tube Vs possible 3).Tiny flaw....not a huge colour range to choose from,but if you are like me,the fair is great.TIP:Apply with a brush / blender to get a perfect,streak free finish.
I used to use this in high school when I needed a little coverage despite the no makeup rule (a girl's gotta look and feel her best right?). It was great for my skin and the added SPF was a bonus - such an important step a lot of people miss! The coverage is a little too light for me now at work although I still use this when I'm on holidays and don't wear any makeup.