Garnier Skin Naturals Moisture Match Start Afresh Makeup Remover Wipes

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Garnier Skin Naturals Moisture Match Start Afresh Makeup Remover Wipes are makeup removing wipes for normal skin types. They cleanse skin and remove make-up and impurities quickly and conveniently. The wipes are infused with blue lotus flower extract and ultra-light oils to leave skin nourished and re-balanced.


Garnier Skin Naturals Moisture Match Start Afresh Makeup Remover Wipes


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I have to start by saying this....i am no big fan of cleansing wipes.I never feel that they do the job that a proper cleanser and water provide...they are only really there to take of a light application of mascara or lipstick,never to take off an entire days face (not that i am an entire face of makeup type of girl....i look after my skin,maintain good health and my skin does the rest,no real coverage needed...except for when i feel like it) or the grime that goes with that.But i had hope that perhaps Garnier could sway me,ever so slightly, to give them another go. These thick towelettes contain two doses of cleansing milk for extra soothing....but not enough to leave me feeling that i had really done a satisfactory job at cleansing my skin,although,they did take off my eye makeup pretty impressively (see my tip at the end for a trick you may well find helpful in regard to this), and my matte lipstick...all without rubbing as if my face was a lantern and i expected a genie to appear at any moment (haha),plus i did feel fresher when i just massaged my skin with this on my no makeup days for a quick perk up (and the subtle fragrance gave me a bit of a lift as well. Afterwards,there was a slight residue noted (nothing horrific,just not what i like at all) and i really did feel the need to wash my face with my much loved foams and water. So there you have it....yes, dirt and make-up are removed (visibly,but to me,not deeply), without vigorous rubbing.The wipes are enriched with detoxifying grape extract and vitamin E (so moisture loss is not an issue), but i still felt left with an awkward stickiness that was not my cup of tea at all. TIP:These are a great standby for travel and quick,light makeup removal.....but where i did find them a great asset was when i was doing my eye makeup.Use these to clean up fallout from shadows ( just don't try this if you have applied your base) and to precisely assist in making your winged eyeliner razor sharp ( fold wipe,run edge of it along the wing to give amazing definition).This also works for your lips as well (colour bleed is no match for these when run along the lipline to give a defined pout) .