Garnier Skin Naturals Pure Active Intensive Blackhead Clearing Scrub

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Garnier Skin Naturals Pure Active Intensive Blackhead Clearing Scrub is a face exfoliant for acne-prone skin. Enriched with two per cent salicylic acid and herbarepair plant actives, the creamy formula features microbeads that help remove blackheads, fight pimple-causing bacteria and work to resurface the skin and clear breakouts and marks.


Garnier Skin Naturals Pure Active Intensive Blackhead Clearing Scrub


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What do you do when you have an oily T-Zone and blackheads on your nose, well the answer is, you need to use Garnier Skin Naturals Pure Active Intensive Blackhead Clearing Scrub.  I found this product and use it two to three times a week. l use in it mainly on my nose area as that is where the blackheads seem to congregate and scrub the rest of my face very lightly.  It is quite effective removing the blackheads which is very pleasing and that is because of the microbeads found within the scrub.  I use it in the morning while having a shower, the warmth of the water and steam opens the pores which make the removal of the blackheads easy.  My nose feels really smooth and glows after using Garnier Skin Naturals Pure Active Intensive Blackhead Clearing Scrub.  You only need to use the smallest amount on your face to rejuvenates the skin.  The cost os this product is more than reasonable. It could be used by the whole family.
When I first used this product, I used it on my whole T zone found it too harsh on my forehead - it completely dries out my skin after I use it. So now I just use it on my nose area only.   For best results, I would steam my face to make sure my pores have opened up.  I limit myself to only use this scrub once a week because it can dry out my skin.
The Garnier Skin Naturals Pure Active Intensive Blackhead Clearing Scrub is a great choice for anyone looking for a cost-effective scrub that will help clear up blackheads and pimples.  I use this product around 2-3 times per week as part of my evening skincare routine, and I have noticed a big change in my skin's health - I have a lot less congestion, breakouts and pimples.  The grit in the scrub is not too course, and the product has a light, fresh fragrance. Also, it contains 2% salicylic acid which is great! I would definitely recommend this product!
I buy this for my husband his prone to blackheads and oily skin. His skin always looks so much better and his always telling me how much of a difference it makes! I have tried it but have found it too harsh for my normal skin, would recommend for problem skin.
This product if perfect, coming from a teenager who struggles with blackheads especially around the T zone. It is very affordable and can get lots of uses out of it, had it for a couple of months now, only needs the tiniest bit. It clears within days and helps with pimples and breakouts. Definitely recommend!
I purchased this product for my son who has the occasional acne flare up and he really loved it. The microbe ads lather up well to reveal clear clean skin. This product really clears pores and removes excess oil and grime. I love the price point, at $10.95, so affordable. A huge bonus for me was that I borrowed this with great results, it left my skin clear, smooth and soft and diminished the size of my pores visible, so I would probably use this maybe once a fortnight just to reduce the appearance of pores and for a deep clean. I love garner products, they always deliver great results and are always well priced. This scrub lathers up well and rinses away with ease, it has just a light pleasant fragrance and is super easy to use and is surprisingly gentle. Great for removing blackheads and and bacteria to help eliminate pimples this product works really well, I would recommend it to help keep skin clear and clean, a great product that is great value for money
I like using this scrub once or twice a week to keep my skin feeling soft and free of any blackheads. It doesn't dry out my skin and only a small amount is needed. I simply squeeze out a small amount and gently massage in circular motion on my face and concentrate on problem blackhead areas like my nose and chin. Then I rinse my face off under the shower and pat my skin dry. My skin feels smoother and looks clean and feels soft to the touch. The tiny microbeads work their magic to keep gently exfoliate my skin and make it look fresh and utterly renewed. I also like using this scrub in my neck to keep it feeling soft and smooth.  The 2% salicylic acid is intense enough to scrub away the dirt and clean my pores, yet very gentle on my skin. The scent is mild and fresh and smells nice when I'm using it without being overwhelming. Pros: Affordable  Works well Cons: None Tip: Don't use daily, use once or twice a week for gentle effective cleansing  Recommendation: This low priced facial scrub would suit anyone who wants to gently clean their skin and keep blackheads away. 
The design is very unisex which is good as I was looking for a product for my teenager who was suffering severe blackheads in his T-zone and I wanted to find something he would actually use. He was quite receptive to it and happy enough to have it sitting on his shelf in the bathroom, so that's a win. At around $10 it's a budget product and you only need to use a small amount - about a pea size at a time. It's pretty low fuss too, just massage into damp skin (you can do it in the shower if you want) in your problem areas and then rinse off. My son used it daily for a week and there was a noticeable improvement in his skin and a reduction in the size of his pores. He continued to use it after that every couple of days just to keep on top of the problem.  I would recommend this product to people suffering from issues with blackheads, as it really did a good job of clearing my son's skin which was pretty bad. Especially good for those on a budget, or who are perhaps new to using products of this nature.
No matter how well I take care of my skin I still get the dreaded blackheads on my nose. It makes my pores look larger and that's not a good look. Its well known that bha/salicylic acid helps clear up pores plugged by sebum so I wanted to give this scrub a try. It has 2% salicylic acid which is quite a high amount.  I use the scrub 2-3 times a week or when I feel my skin acting up. I always cleanse my skin first before taking a 5 cent size amount of the creamy scrub and massage it gently in a circular motion on damp skin. The micro beads in this scrub slough off dead skin cells while the salicylic gives my skin a deep cleanse.  Post scrub my skin feels smooth and has a radiance. The scrub has a slightly minty scent and it makes my skin feel cool and refreshed. Since using this scrub a few times a weak I have seen a reduction in congestion on my nose and a decrease in dull, flaky skin. I love how affordable and accessible this product is for anyone on a budget. Overall I'm happy with this scrub and will continue to use it.  Pro Affordable  2% salicylic acid  Reduction in congestion Refreshing scent