Garnier SkinActive Pure Charcoal Tissue Mask with Black Algae

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Garnier SkinActive Pure Charcoal Tissue Mask with Black Algae is a purifying tissue mask formulated with charcoal, black algae and hyaluronic acid to refine pores and skin texture, while leaving skin moisturised and soft.

Suitable for all skin types.


Garnier SkinActive Pure Charcoal Tissue Mask with Black Algae


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Amazing and Hydrating!

I love a good hydrating mask, and the Garnier SkinActive Pure Charcoal Tissue Mask with Black Algae did not disappoint. The instructions were easy to follow, and the serum was very hydrating. The scent was subtle and not too overpowering, and was actually quite refreshing. I have sensitive skin, and it did not irritate it or make my face breakout, which was amazing! The only reason it isn't receiving 5-stars is that unfortunately it was quite a messy mask, with the serum running absolutely everywhere, which made it difficult to handle. Overall, I definitely recommend purchasing this mask, especially when it is on sale (stock up!)
Reading the description and claims, I bought this mask with a great amount of expectations but was quite disappointed. While it's quite hydrating, doesn't do anything else and even the hydration effect doesn't last that long. Since it claims to have active pure Charcoal, I expected this mask to be very potent but looks like the charcoal part is probably used just to make the sheet look black. The clear fluid smelled amazingly fresh but didn't even seem to have a trace of charcoal. I used the mask before bed and kept it on for 20 minutes - that's 5 minutes longer than the recommended time and didn't wash off the residue as suggested in many reviews. It felt very rejuvenating for my dry skin but soon all the leftover serum. dried off and it started feel somewhat sticky. Anyway, this didn't bother me so much but when I woke up, all that hydrated feeling was long gone and didn't notice any particular difference in appearance of pores either - not that there was any pore magic happening right after the mask either. Overall - not a bad product if you're just looking to refresh your skin a little bit but not particularly effective in terms of brightening the appearance.
i picked this mask up when it was on sale at coles and i was so excited to give it a go, i really love all of the other garnier sheet masks so i was hopeful about this one  this mask was so hydrating and after leaving it on my skin for 15-20 minutes, my skin felt so plump, hydrated and i found that the serum absorbed into my skin a lot quicker than other sheet masks i’ve used.  it kept my skin feeling really hydrated for 2-3 days which surprised me! i’ve since repurchased this many times and will keep buying! love! 
I was excited to try this product as I have enjoyed the other Garnier Sheet Masks. The product was extremely enjoyable to use and it did not feel intense or irritating to my skin. The mask was easy to apply to the skin and felt cooling against my skin. I loved the moisture that my skin got from this mask. The mask feels really nice on and is simply to remove. I massaged the excess mask liquid into my skin once I removed the mask. The mask left my skin looking fresh and bright. The size of my pores were not reduced and I found the mask to bring breakouts to the surface. I would not recommend the day before an event or on the event as the mask brought the toxins and blemishes to the surface of my skin. My pores were not reduced in size however my skin was refreshed and hydrated. I would definitely buy this mask again but I would not use right before a big event.
This is an excellent mask to minimise pores and to prevent breakouts. Really economical it's great value for money for the results. The sheet mask is easy to apply and contains loads of serum to totally coat face, there's also plenty to do the neck area and even the back of my hands with the leftover. It absorbs quickly and was so easy to rinse off in the shower, no mess. After using this my skin feels super soft and hydrated and looks really fresh and nourished, more youthful and radiant, I lose any tired look in my skin. It feels really cooling and soothing to wear and there was no irritation to my sensitive skin. There are more expensive masks on the market that offer a much more amazing result but overall for the money this mask is great value and does a great job of purifying, hydrating and minimising pores. Love the charcoal and black algae for great results. I highly recommend this mask
As a girl who struggles with oily skin and larger pores I am always on the look out for products which include the words 'pore refining'. I tend to be skeptical of a lot of sheet masks as sometimes they can struggle to stay on the skin or only offer surface hydration which only lasts a mere couple of hours. I was super impressed by the feel and smell of this mask. Initial thoughts was the appearance of the mask, it was a thin sheet tissue saturated with the fluid which remained on the tissue, so very easy to apply. The scent was a light fresh botanical scent, very refreshing, it was so comfortable to wear I left it on for twice as long as the recommended time while watching TV. After removing the mask, the gel residue was left over on my skin, I gently massaged this and removed the rest and followed up with my normal skincare routine. My skin was left feeling hydrated and plump, I didn't see a massive change in the size of my pores they pretty much stayed the same, nevertheless my texture improved and overall radiance of the skin looked fresher. The whole process was very easy and effortless you could easily use this before a big event or when your skin needs a pick me up before makeup application. I will definitely repurchase just for the hydration and relaxing scent, seeing if I get different results next time!
I struggle with the appearance of mt pores coming through around my nose so i was excited to see the words ‘ pore refining ‘ and thats exactly what it did!! I was very impressed my pore looked to appear smaller in my provlem areas!  This was also an intrest to me because i have quiet dry skin so my skin is always looking for a drink! This mask left my skin full of life!! My face felt smooth, soft and hydrated. 
A relaxing mask and the serum left my skin refreshed and clean. I didnt notice however that my pores had reduced and were refined which is what the masks states its purpose is. Also charcoal products are designed for people with oily skin as they absorb excess oil so i was surprised to see this masks highlight it was for people with sensitive skin as this could cause a bad reaction and irritation.
I really needed this for moisture and hydratiion,I could feel it tightening my skin and left it very refreshed and hydrated.Smooth to touch and felt fresh and hydrated. Good ingredients for ,y acne prone skin also, thank you.I would recommend.I felt very rejuvenated.Will finish this and use again
Was a bit hesitant about this at first (who wants to put black algae on their face?) but was pleasantly surprised by how much I loved this! The mask was easy to use, unlike many other sheet masks that are slippery and hard to unfold. It wasn't messy at all and I didn't feel like the mask was going to slide off my face. It definitely left my skin feeling much smoother, softer, and incredibly moisturised.  The compact size also makes it perfect to take while traveling! Would highly recommend!
I have an oily tzone with enlarged pores so I was very excited to try this mask as it claims to hydrate and refine pores  This sheet mask comes in a flat packet which you tear open. Inside is a black mask that is folded twice. It is slimy as there is a lot of product. I found the pouch stop had some product so I applied that to my neck  The mask has holes for your eyes, nose and mouth. I applied this after cleansing my face. With most sheet masks, I find that I need to lay down so it doesn't fall off. But I found with this one that I could sit up right and it stayed on. I left it on for 20 minutes although the instructions says 15. After removing the mask, I massaged the product into my skin with my fingertips. My skin felt hydrated and refretested but my pores were not refined. It's too hard to say if this mask works because I only tried it once. On the back, it says to use three times a week to achieve the results.  At $5 each and need to use 3 times a week, I would rather just but a more effective mask for $15 and only need to use it once. If it came in packs of 12 (month worth), I would buy to see if it's worth it.
It was easy to use. The mask fits the shape of my face well. There was a lot of the serum product covering the mask that some of it was running down into my eyes. The product serum is a clear gel, and the mask is a black tissue mask. There is a very mild scent. It felt cool and refreshing on my skin with a slight tingling feeling. I lied down for about 15 minutes with it on and it felt nice the whole time. Once taken of i rinsed and dried my face. After i noticed my face felt cleaner, hydrated and smooth, but that is about where it ends for me. I didn't find that it reduced my pores at all and the next morning my skin felt and looked back to normal again. I wouldn't recommend this product for the price.
This was a good mask to use. It left my skin feeling hydrated. It did, however, have a funny smell to it once I had taken the mask off my face. This mask also fit my face well and better than the other masks by Garnier. The only thing I don't like about this product is that you only get one mask and can only use it once, so the price tag on it is a little expensive for what you receive.
Awesome product, great results! This mask has formed an integral part of my weekly regime. As the packaging promises, it rejuvenates my skin to reduce blemishes and improve the quality of my skin's texture. It is a pleasant fragrance and accompanies the range of garnier products available perfectly - a must buy!
I quite enjoyed this mask as I used it on the day of an event and it made my skin look quite fresh and my pores refined. It would have been nice to do a full week trial of the mask to fully test its capabilities but it was a good quick fix!
I have sensitive and fair skin with red and acne prone skin; This mask left my skin feeling very refreshed and clean. I feel like it did draw out any dirt and oils from my skin, and left my skin feeling very soft and smooth afterwards. I would purchase it again.
I enjoyed this mask really much. It didnt do too much that my skin was irritated (i have sensitive skin) but just enough to benefit from a good clean after noticing some congestion on my face. It wasnt too sticky after taking the mask of and the quality of the mask was great. I did notice that my pores were cleaner afterwards. I will be purchasing more!
I love this mask! It delivered on many levels being: easy to read and follow instructions, didn’t have any issues with the mask slipping off (is better to lay down and relax though), pleasant scent and not overly gooey. I found that my pores were more refined and my skin was soft and hydrated. I would definitely purchase again as it’s great value for money and an inexpensive pamper treat.
I really was thoroughly impressed with this mask. After trialing this product  I would definitely agree that it is a pore refining mask mine were less noticeable than prior to using this product. This mask was super hydrating and doesn't have a strong scent which some masks do have, which is something i look for in masks cause if i am leaving that on my face for 15-20 mins i don't want to be suffocating on the scent. i have sensitive skin which is also oily to combination and found that this mask didn't cause me any problems.... it didn't add to the oiliness of my skin which i have found other mask that hydrate but make my skin too oily. I recommend also using Garniers 3 in 1 clay face was,scrub, and mask (I have tried the white clay and the black clay, and they are amazing too and when i used them with this mask my skin started clearing up and looking better just after the first wash).  Overall i am very happy with this product and after trialing will be buying this in the future.
I really was impressed with this mask. It claims it is ultra hydrating & pore refining and I do agree with that . My pores weren't made invisible or anything but they did look better, which I could see right away. I found it definitely did also hydrate my face - again with noticeable results right away. For thes price I think this product is worth it. I didn' have any reactions or problems with this mask at all , nor did I find the scent overly strong or offensive. All in all a reasonably priced mask which does what it claims.