ghd unplugged heat protect spray

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ghd unplugged heat protect spray is a lightweight spray that protects while you style. Suitable for all hair types, the formula contains heat protection polymers to provide protection from direct contact with heat styling, heat protection conditioning agents to protect against rapid moisture loss and heat protection enzymes to provide protection from UV induced free radicals. Conditioning agents in the formula improve the hair structure. Designed to maximise the effects of heat styling without compromise, hair is left looking and feeling smoother, with added gloss and shine. Apply up to six sprays to towel dried hair and comb through, or lightly apply to dry hair before using a ghd styler.


ghd unplugged heat protect spray


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I have also loved GHD products and their hair stylers, so I thought I would try this product when I bought my last straightening iron. I always use a heat protectant before any iron or blow dry styling to ensure I protect my hair. It is hard with these types of products as it is hard to determine if they do protect against the heat unless your hair becomes damaged whilst using it. I didn't find any damage to my hair. It also was light enough for my fine hair and I didn't notice my hair feeling sticky, heavy or have any residue on it. Whilst I like this product there are many products that are similar and are a lot cheaper than this one and that is the only reason I probably would not purchase this one again.

Not sticky or hardening like others

This ghd unplugged heat protectant spray is really good. I spray 6-8 sprays from my roots down to the ends of my hair then I comb it through to make sure it's evenly distributed before straightening my hair. Some heat protectants leave the hair stick or a bit hard like there is hair spray in your hair but I do not have that problem with my ghd heat protectant. It smells lovely and does last me a while which I excellent. I would recommend you try this if you have had problems with cheaper ones. This one does not disappoint.