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Giorgio Armani Face Brush

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Giorgio Armani Face Brush is a makeup brush for applying powder to the face. It features tapered bristles that work to achieve an airbrushed makeup look by depositing appropriate amounts of powder to the contours of the face.


Giorgio Armani Face Brush


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Love love love this gorgeous brush. I received this Giorgio Armani face brush as a gift. Best present ever, I cannot speak highly enough of this brush. The bristles in this brush are extremely high quality and super soft, so gentle on skin. It picks up product beautifully and distributes it evenly and with ease on my face for a truly professional finish. I use this with my face powders, highlighters and illuminating powder for amazing results, it's so easy to use and is so luxe it's a real treat. I know this brush is expensive but if you can afford it it's well worth the money. A gorgeous brush that delivers gorgeous results. I highly recommend it.
Giorgio Armani face brush... OMG this is THE softest brush I’ve EVER owned I love it so much that I give this brush as a present to all my family and friends! This brush is so essential in my face brush kit and I definitely recommend this to EVERYONE!
This is the softest powder brush I've ever owned! I've had it for three years now and it's never let me down! It is so nice to use, applies product evenly and smoothly and because the bristles are so soft, it doesn't scratch away at your presses powders wasting more product than needed.