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Giorgio Armani Lip Magnet

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Giorgio Armani Lip Magnet is a long-lasting liquid lipstick with a matte finish. The lip colour has an extremely fine, featherweight texture for comfortable wear. The formula utilises gradual evaporation technology for intense colour payoff that lasts up to eight hours. 

Available in 18 shades.


Giorgio Armani Lip Magnet


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Giorgio Armani products are amazing. Expensive, but well worth it! This lipstick is no exception.The Armani Lip Magnets are matte liquid lipsticks, with a formula that is water-in-oil emulsion that gradually evaporates after the lipstick has been applied. I love that this lipstick has intense colour pay off with a matte finish. It is lightweight, pigmented, smells nice with beautiful packaging. This lipstick comes with a super precise applicator that actually helps with applying the lipstick! Overall, amazing product and highly recommend!
I absolutely love Giorgio Armani beauty products and own several. This lip magnet liquid lipstick has a beautiful matte finish that does not dry lips like some matte lipsticks do and it’s super long lasting, even after eating and drinking. The packaging is beautiful and the product feels really luxe, which I would expect from Armani. This lipstick feels super light and comfortable to wear, the texture is beautiful and the pigment is top quality. It comes in 18 gorgeous shades and I feel it’s good value for money as it is such a long lasting lipstick, no need to reapply. This is a great product for those with dry lips, a must for any makeup bag, I adore it, no downsides for me and I highly recommend it.
I have very dry lips especially during winter so finding a matte finish lip product was a challenge for me. When Armani release Lip Magnet I tried it at a counter and it looks good on my so I bought one home.  The liquid lipstick came with an applicator that was super easy to use and I was so surprised that the lipstick didn't dry out my lips. The colour did last for 6 to 8 hours and it feels extremely lightweight on lips. Highly recommend to others.