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Glow Lab Age Renew Soothing Day Cream

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Glow Lab Age Renew Soothing Day Cream is a day cream with a powerful blend of active anti-ageing ingredients that protects, smooths and calms skin. Natural botanical extracts multiex rosanic and symrelief 100 strengthen skin's natural barrier and reduce irritation and redness, while urban ethic protects against the damaging effects of environmental pollution.  Matrixyl synthe 6 accelerates skin renewal and reduces the appearance of wrinkles. Natural botanicals sunflower seed oil, coconut oil, shea butter and plant extract betaine, provides long-lasting hydration.


Glow Lab Age Renew Soothing Day Cream


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Great hydrating day cream.

I do love that this cream is a blend of active anti-ageing ingredients along with super-hydrating botanicals.This day cream is a lightly textured cream that absorbs in beautifully, whilst leaving a feeling of softness that lasts whole day.It has a luxurious feel when I applied it to my skin and feels very moisturizing and nourishing.It has a nice floral calming scent which i really like.I absolutely love to recommend this for any one who wants good hydration and soothing day cream.

Nourishing, hydrating, anti ageing

This is a really beautiful day cream. I was given this as a gift and really love it. It’s packaged beautifully so makes a lovely gift, I love the heavy glass jar and it makes it easy to use just the right amount of product you need. It has a nice light fragrance and I love that it didn’t irritate my sensitive skin. It sinks straight into skin and glides over skin with ease. It feels light to wear, not at all heavy and does tho greasy. I hate oily moisturisers and this one is a winner. It leaves my skin soft and smooth and it’s full of goodies to nourish skin, including anti ageing properties to help with fine lines and protecting from free radicals. It’s also cruelty free which is important. Overall a great day cream I would highly recommend
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Good all-round face cream with lovely ingredients

This soft, rich cream goes on smoothly and absorbs fast, with no greasy feel. Glow Lab is a New Zealand company, and their products tick all of my boxes: all female company (!), recycled and recyclable packaging, ethical supply chain, and all natural ingredients that are scientifically tested (on people and not animals!). The soothing day cream is gentle on skin and leaves it soft and moisturised, with a very light, fresh scent. There are lots of really nice sounding ingredients like Ginko, rosehip and shea butter (and some trademarked fancy sounding scientific ones too that I had to look up - they sound impressive though!). The dark, re-useable glass jar is thick and will keep product fresh and looks very attractive and substantial with its rose gold lid - something I feel happy to display in my bathroom, though I am not super keen on the application process, which requires fingers into the pot - not so hygienic. I always wash my hands first before applying and lift up product from the plastic inner lid, which will hopefully help keep out bacteria. All in all though this is a very nice feeling product that has a lot of skin benefits and feels very light and nice as a day cream. Those with oilier or combination skin could also use it for night as it doesn't contain sunscreen.
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Creamy, luxurious but not for me

I really liked everything about this soothing day cream, except the scent. I just couldn't tolerate it and I tried hard a few times. I love certain scents, but some scents can give me headaches and/or nausea and this one gave me nausea. On the plus side, I love the simple, but lovely packaging. Plenty of information on the box, a list of what it doesn't contain on one side and a list of ingredients on the back. I tried on my neck, arm and back of my hands and the cream felt soft, creamy and silky. I didn't want to risk it on my face as I have sensitive skin and Rosacea and from past experience, know creams that are strongly fragranced or quite rich will cause a reaction. I showed my daughter and she took a sniff and loved it, so this will be going to her.
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Moisturising day cream with natural ingredients

I have oily skin and was a bit apprehensive to try this day cream out, as it is marketed as "Age Renew". However, I was pleasantly surprised as it is actually relatively light and absorbs well. The cream comes in a hefty glass jar. It's a cruelty free brand and although fragrance is noted in the ingredients list, it isn't overpowering. This day cream did not irritate my skin and left it feeling hydrated. It contains interesting ingredients such as sugar beet extract, centella asiatica extract, licorice root extract, artemisia montana leaf extract, blueberry fruit extract, ginko biloba leaf extract and rosehip fruit oil.
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Super hydrating/nourishing

My skin type for everyone is sensitive/dry and I am fair skin. The packaging is luxe and is glass, which I really appreciate. My only critique when it's a jar is I always worry about outside contaminants like the air / hands etc (I do use a little spatula) so I do my best to not contaminate. I find with day creams one of the issues is when I feel very greasy/sweaty by the end of the day caused by the cream, but I didn't find that happened with this one, which was such a pleasant surprise. Overall, I am super pleased with the itema nd will definitely be continuing using it after this trial.
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Great for sensitive skin

The cream comes in a lovely looking glass jar and and has a creamy consistency with a fragrance I can live with. I am very wary of day creams as they often make me too oily and I can’t get through the day without washing it off my face, but I’m pleased to say this one absorbed well and didn’t create any greasiness. My skin was left feeling soft and smooth. I have very sensitive skin and I feel that this did actually do what the name suggests and was soothing. I will be continuing to use and can definitely recommend to people with sensitive skin.
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Soothing Day Cream!

The Glow Lab age renew soothing day cream is exactly as it claims to be--soothing. You can't go wrong with this daily moisturiser. It has a lovely creamy texture and sinks into skin nicely. Leaves a natural and healthy glow to my skin and keeps my skin nourished and hydrated all day. It helps to soothe and calm redness and irritated skin.
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Wonderful day cream

The glow lab age renew day cream is a cruelty free, vegan and natural moisturiser that can be used for all skin types. Even though it's a cream it does not feel heavy on my face and provides it with moisture without leaving any residue behind. I like to use it on my face and neck and I like that it keeps my skin hydrated all day. The product does not contain any sulphates, parabens, SLS/SES, mineral oil or silicones. The product can also be recycled. While I cannot comment on the anti ageing benefits I did find that my skin looked hydrated and more refreshed after using it. It's called a day cream but it can be used day or night and layered with other products including serums.