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Glow Lab Gel Cleanser

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Glow Lab Gel Cleanser is a gentle gel face cleanser that works to remove dirt, oil, product build-up and pollution without drying out skin. The cleanser contains antibacterial fruit acids and vitamin C to deeply clean and rebalance skin.


Glow Lab Gel Cleanser


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I love this gentle natural cleanser. I use it every morning and every night as my second cleanse. It is lightly foaming and non-drying. It removes every trace of makeup and impurities without stripping my skin. It has a delightful scent and is very affordable. I haven't nothing negative to say about this cleanser. It is my new favourite!
Recently this is my new favourite facial wash.I bought a new one i love it not super drying after i used  it. I loved the smell too . Feel so good lathering it on skin smooth and leaving my skin super smooth. I don’t have any break out which is good
I have been using this Glow Lab gel cleanser daily, it’s really good and suitable for my combination dry skin.  I use it in the morning with warm water and it cleans without feeling dry. It has vit c as well so it’s good for my skin. At night I use it as the 2nd cleanse to removes the oil residue from my make up cleanser.  My skin feels light and clean after.  I love the ingredients and everything made with natural product like this.