GROW Brighter Blonder Conditioner

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The GROW Brighter Blonder Conditioner restores hair to its brightest and blondest with the help of intensive violet pigments. Formulated with oat proteins to strengthen your strands and hyaluronic acid to nourish the hair and scalp, preventing future breakage.


GROW Brighter Blonder Conditioner


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Use with Grow Shampoo to Match

Works super well with the matching shampoo by Grow as it sort of seals the colour while conditioning the hair. My hair was left with a subtle toning down of my brassy blonde bits. It washes out with the next shampoo and condition when I used a different shampoo the next time. So using this atleast a couple of times a week keeps brassiness in check (I wash my hair every day, but if you only wash a few times a week, then maybe only once or twice a weeks use of this Grow set needs to be used). If you are after a subtle toning effect then this could be the hair toing shampoo and conditioner set that you are after. This conditioner has a really lovely musky citrus scent to it - sounds weird but it is really nice. It is a pale purple in colour, so the shampoo seems to do all the toning of the brassiness and this conditioner compliments it's work by sealing it all in - until the next wash. I particularly love that it has hyaluronic acid in it to strengthen my hair which I feel that it did. I love that it had lots of other natural ingredients in it too. It has no sulphates or parabens. The tube is a large 250ml. I needed to leave this on my hair for a couple of minutes and then I gently combined out my knots from tips to roots. This conditioner is a fun toning treat for the hair when combined with the matching conditioner and is lovely and subtle. read less