Guerlain L’Or Radiance Primer

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Guerlain L’Or Radiance Primer is a hydrating and illuminating makeup primer with 24-carat gold flakes for use underneath foundation and concealer. The gold flakes reflect light, creating a lit-from-within glow, and the gel they are suspended in hydrates and smooths skin. The primer’s fragrance has top notes of peach and vegetal, heart notes of raspberry and jasmine and base notes of balsamic benzoin and white musk. 


Guerlain L’Or Radiance Primer


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I like it just because it looks boujee. When applied, it soaks into he skin so fast. My skin gets oily into the summer and I think this primer (more of a serum if you ask me) makes my skin easier to work with. I use Guerlain L'essentiel foundation over it and they are a good pairing. Find that layering skincare when wanting my foundation to look superb is a no no. So I just use my water based serum and this primer over it. Feels hydrating and a bit mattefying (weirdly). I do not know if it makes foundation last any longer, but I like the feel of my skin (non greasy and not shiny) after using this priming serum. Do not worry about gold flecks, they are there just to mentally justify the price of the product and make it look worth the price. Gold does nothing when applied to the skin topically. Nothing at all. Just looks cool in a clear product. DO you need it? no. Do you want it? perhaps....
Very expensive but lovely texture and makes a huge difference to makeup longevity and quality on the skin. I hadn't used this primer for a while and I used it again recently to re-discover how lovely it is. Guerlain makes some beautiful primers which are all fantastic. Highly recommend and originally saw it reviewed by Glamlife Guru Tati on YouTube.
I bought this primer after seeing lots of reviews on YouTube and I wasn’t disappointed. I've never had a better makeup day then when I wear this primer. I feel flawless and my foundation seems to stay in place all day! You only need a small amount as when you apply it, it smells and feels luxiourous- for the price it should!
I would normally never spend close to $100 for a primer, but Guerlain is obviously a very luxurious brand with beautiful and striking packaging. The L’Or Radiance Primer is a popular and classic product, that I have heard many great things about. This primer comes in a gorgeous pump bottle, but the mini gold flakes are not as concentrated as I thought they would be. I apply about one large pump of this to the back of my hand and spread it over my face, on top of my usual day cream. It has a light gel texture which can be a sticky when you first apply it. The thing I love the most about this primer is the lovely, lingering fragrance, which is quite strong though. The gold flakes really don't seem to do much for my complexion and I can hardly see them when I apply this product to my face. This primer helps create a smooth base for my makeup, but doesn't provide any of the other things I look for in a primer, such as colour correction, pore minimising or mattifying benefits. Because it has a fluid gel texture, it does seem to hydrate my skin, so my makeup doesn't crease. Overall I am a bit disappointed with this primer, although it sounds promising and looks beautiful, it doesn't really provide much of a golden glow and I'm not sure the gold flakes really do much to improve the look of my complexion?! I don't think I will repurchase this as I prefer primers that provide a bit more coverage and pore minimising benefits. I do think this product would suit normal to drier skin types who want extra hydration under their makeup.
This primer is expensive but it is totally worth every dollar. The gel texture makes it easy to appy and it makes my face hydrated and brighter immediately. This primer blends in well with all my foundations. I have dry skin so most long wear foundations are too dry for me but when I use this primer as a base, I can use long wear foundations all year round. Highly recommended and definitely will repurchase.