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Handsome Facial Moisturiser is a nourishing facial moisturiser with anti- ageing properties to keep the face hydrated and handsome. With organic cedarwood, bergamot and aloe vera it smoothes easily onto the face, absorbs rapidly and leaves the skin feeling hydrated for hours. Contains organic and natural ingredients with no nasties.

Winner of the Beautyheaven Glosscar Awards 2019- Best Moisturiser.


Handsome Facial Moisturiser


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A decent mosturiser

I recently gave this to a friend of mine to try out! He has sensitive skin that is prone to irritation and is very cautious when it comes to trying out new products, especially when they have natural ingredients or fragrance. For him, this moisturiser caused a slight reaction but not as prolonged as other products (once again, due to the natural ingredients) especially after applying after shaving. He found it mositurised and smoothed his skin and found the texture and the way it felt on his skin nice initially but said there was a slightly oily residue left on the face a few hours after application which he wasn't too fond of. He isn't one to mositurise regularly so did like the feeling on his skin and its improvement in texture. He thought it was a good moisturiser but with his extemely sensitive skin he's apprehensive about sticking with a new product.
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Masculine moisturiser

I gave this to my partner to try he said: He likes the smell and it feels good on his face and he would only use it at night after his shower. He likes the packaging and said "it's blokey", but he reckons the on the box the words "Men's Skincare" that's written under Handsome needs to be bigger so it's obvious that it's for men. He also thinks it smells like the pink musk lollies. My daughter also said the same of the smell and said it's a nice manly smell. Me: I like the packaging and it's basic and lists all the ingredients. I tried it on my arms and neck and it's nice. I love the smell, it's quite a woody smell which would be the cedarwood and sandalwood. It leaves my skin feeling hydrated and not greasy.
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Nice fragrance in a men's moisturiser

I gave this moisturiser to my husband who refuses to use skincare products but will use this moisturiser after shaving. I really like the fragrance on him and he does not have sensitive skin so it does not irritate him. It contains a lot of essential oils, patchouli, cedarwood and sandalwood along with bergamot and lavender. I like that it contains natural ingredients. He says it is "great" and that's about it (typical guy!). It's slightly thick but seems to spread well. The packaging is really nice and looks great in the bathroom.
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Leaves skin a little greasy

I gave this to a man who usually uses nothing on his face and has perfect skin. The day after his first application his forehead had broken out into bumps and his skin looked congested. I also tried it myself and found it left me slightly greasy throughout the day. The fragrance is lovely though and it might be well suited to those who have very dry skin as it is very moisturising.
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This is perfect product for hydrating men's skin.My husband used this moisturiser daily after cleansing his face. He absolutely love this product. It has light smell and happy with how it deeply moisturises his dry skin, without feeling very heavy or oily. Also it is quite light, right consistency and fast absorbing.This brand has natural ingredients which means there is no harmful ingredients.Lovely Australian anti ageing skin care range for men.
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No Fuss Men's Facial Moisturiser

I received this to try for my partner. He likes no fuss skincare so this was an instant hit for him. He has combination-dry skin type and this just worked for him. He said that it really helped to soothe redness and hydrated his dry skin. He enjoyed using it and still uses it in both his morning and night skincare routines.
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Mens moisturiser

While this moisturiser is marketed towards men I believe that it can also be used for women! I had given this product to my brother to try out as he liked to use a moisturiser after he has shaved to hydrate and soften his skin. The product comes in a black bottle that looks quite stylish and minimal. The moisturiser is great for all skin types and contains a plethora of great ingredients including jojoba oil, lavender oil and shea butter. The moisturiser has a woody scent to it but it's not too strong or overwhelming. It contains natural ingredients and it helps to hydrate the skin without leaving it looking and feeling oily. You only need a small amount for your whole face and it will keep your face hydrated throughout the day.

Good if you don't mind essential oils

This product has the perfect minimalist design for men and comes in a box. The moisturiser. contains lots of nourishing ingredients like aloe vera, sesame oil, glycerin, cocoa butter, avocado oil, rosehip oil, shea butter, jojoba oil, wheatgerm oil etc. It has beautiful scent from the essential oils, but is also potentially irritating for those with sensitive skin. The scent is not particularly male so females can use it without issues. The texture is light and absorbs well on my combination skin. I didn't see any visible improvement but it is a nice basic moisturiser nonetheless.

Hydrating, light and economical

This is a great budget friendly moisturiser. I purchased this from a sale table in David Jones simply because it was a great price. I really loved it, it has a fluid, light, silky consistency that glides on easily and sinks straight in. It smells so pretty and leaves skin soft and smooth and really hydrated. It makes a great smooth base for makeup and is light and comfortable to wear. Love this and will buy it again