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Head & Shoulders Supreme 0% Purify & Volume Conditioner is a super gentle conditioner that is kind to the scalp and hair. It delivers both scalp rejuvenation thanks to its highly efficacious anti-dandruff formulation, and hair rejuvenation from the amazing ingredient blend of nourishing argan oil and hydrating coconut oil, moisturising avocado oil and antioxidant rich aloe vera. Sufferers of the dreaded flake and itch no longer need to compromise. It’s now possible to have both a healthy, flake-free scalp and beautiful hair. 0% parabens, phosphates and paraffins. When used together, the shampoo and conditioner deliver 2x dandruff fighting power, as they contain anti-dandruff actives.

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Head & Shoulders Supreme 0% Purify & Volume Conditioner


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Cleanses but doesn't detangle.

This Head & Shoulders conditioner promises to purify and volumize hair. I am happy to report that the promises were true! The new packaging for the conditioner is so much better than the last one. Softer plastic makes it easy to get the conditioner out. After opening the lid, I was greeted by a nice and refreshing scent. Conditioner itself has a thicker consistency and it stays on my hair without sliding off. Instead of applying it only to the end of my hair, I also got my scalp covered (as per the instructions). I left it on for 5 minutes and then rinsed my hair. As a result, I got baby soft and super clean hair. I was also hoping that it would help me detangle the knots, but that didn´t happen. I definitely have more positive emotions regarding this conditioner than negative and would buy it again. I wouldn't recommend it to people who are struggling with getting knots out though, this conditioner is not for you.

I’m so glad I found this product !

I have found most anti-dandruff/ scalp shampoos or conditioners leave my hair dry even after conditioning. When using this not only does it have a pleasant fresh fragrance it allows me to style my hair afterwards without making my hair too dry. I have been using it alongside the shampoo for over a month now. Both products together work very well. It also has a great price point for the size of the bottle. My scalp is definitely feeling great. I have little to no flakes and hardly any itching. As I am getting older and hormones are changing I found my scalp as becoming dry/red and itchy. This product has calmed all symptoms down. Great product!
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Winter making your head itchy? Well no more

The smell on this is great, you’ll love washing your hair just for the fragrance. The bottle is sleek and great in the shower especially towards the end of the bottle you’re not squeezing for half an hour waiting for it to get the the top. The feel in the hair was nice but did make my hair feel a little gritty, although it did work on my dry and itchy scalp. The cooler months make my scalp dry and itchy so I will definitely be keeping this in my régime to keep that itch away. It washes out after a while of rinsing which I found a little annoying but it is easy to style afterwards.
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Necessary, long lasting & effective

Nice & effective. The conditioner is a must use along with the shampoo. Else the hair tends to tangle. With the conditioner which is pleasant smelling, nice texture & fragrance, the hair is soft & voluminous. It’s my go to shampoo & conditioner combo now. Glad to have found it. Not too crazy about the packaging. Was used to the classy old white & blue versus the all blue now. Antidandruff is a plus as well. I’ve been using the combo a month & am happy to continue with it. Flaky scalp has been kept at bay.
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Soft scented every day conditioner

This is a good everyday conditioner that pairs well with the shampoo. The shampoo alone left my hair feeling a bit dry, but now after trying it in combination with the conditioner, my hair feels a lot smoother and more hydrated. The conditioner has a nice, light scent and makes for a good every day conditioner. The shampoo and conditioner combination leave my hair feeling smooth and clean. This product didn't leave my hair feeling exceptionally shiny or out of the ordinary, so I would use for normal use but maybe not perfectly suited for my hair type. Perhaps good for oilier hair that doesn't need as much hydration and shine.
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Feeling fresh

BEAUTYcrew Staff Review: BC’s Issy R When used in conjunction with the shampoo, my hair was left feeling soft and clean. Having a dry and often itchy scalp, I am loving the new formula from head & shoulders that’s 0% parabens, phosphates and paraffins. I really notice a difference as my scalp doesn’t react. I love how creamy and moisturising this conditioner is. It’s super easy to apply to the mid to ends of my hair. Formulated with argan oil it helps to really nourish and strengthen my hair. I love the scent of this range and my partner has even commented on how great my hair smells after washing. Overall my scalp feels clean and rejuvenated. This range is gentle enough that it’s doesn’t strip the oils or leave my scalp feeling worse off. If anything my scalp has improved since using the range. Highly recommend!
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Highly recommended conditioner

Great conditioner Light and non greasy Good consistency and fragrance. Adds a lot of volume to the hair I wish they had a Damaged, Frizzy, Wavy hair version of this as I have dry scalp but i also would like something more hydrating and deeper moisturising, Perhaps a hair mask would be good to help add some keratin, deep nourishing and conditioning to the dry tresses. If you have healthy, silky, limp hair, this is the best product for you. Would highly recommend. Hair feels fresher for a long time after washing throughout the week. Doesn’t create this greasy feeling that some conditioners leave.
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This product left my hair feeling clean, fresh and rejuvenated. The scent is beautiful and not overpowering and it done wonders for my usually dry scalp. The packaging was very appealing , with the gorgeous colour and print , it had a high quality look about it. Overall this shampoo had a very luxurious feel and I loved it. I will definitely continue to use this head and shoulders supreme shampoo in the future. I feel it really lives up to its name in all categories of feel, effectiveness, price and looks. What a beautiful product.
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HS never fails

There is a good reason that Heads and Shoulders is such a stalwart name in the hair care industry, particularly for dandruff concerns. This new release cements that reputation again. I like that this product deals with dandruff but still gives you volume, a combination that is rather rare to find. This is light formulae that was suitable for my fine but thick hair. I usually suffer from dandruff, oily scalp and dry ends. So I will continue to keep trying this to see if it can address all of those concerns. It is not easy for one product to deal with all, I must admit. Definitely will become a staple repurchase.
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Hair rejuvenated

I was amazed at how good this conditioner and didn’t need much of it to notice the effect. It is super gentle and kind to my scalp. The change is season usually triggers my dry scalp and I’ve always found it hard to find the right conditioner that doesn’t cause dryness to my scalp and hair. I only needed a small amount each time and it goes along way. The anti-dandruff formulation is very effective in delivering scalp rejuvenation and hair rejuvenation from a blend of nourishing argan oil, hydrating coconut oil and moisturising avocado oil. My scalp felt clean and my hair smooth and soft easy to brush.
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Many improvements needed

As a retired hairdresser, I'm hesitant to use any products that suppress symptoms of underlying problems. Hair and scalp treatments for things like itchy and flaky scalps, dermatitis, etc should be treated with a personalized routine by a medical professional. However, as a "go-to" shampoo and conditioner, H&S's voluminous product does the job. The smell could be improved upon but heavy metals are hard to cover. A colour safe volumizing duo would also be great as I am a consumer that colours her hair. There's very little build up but it does tend to leave longer hair getting quite dry. This is a product for those with short, untreated hair. Would recommend.
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Great shapoon for shiny healthy hair

I really enjoyed using head and shoulders supreme 0% purify and volume conditioner. It had a nice texture and smell, and was easily washed out in the shower. This was used with the same style shampoo and I found my hair clean, shiny and voluminous. It did however not remove the dandruff on my scalp even after using it exclusively for two weeks. The packaging is appealing with its mix of gold and teal and the different shaped bottle made it easy to tell apart from the shampoo. The bottle itself was easy to use. I would recommend and would definitely use it again.
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Fabulous Conditioner

Head & Shoulders supreme 0% Purify & volume Condition is a fabulous luxurious product. It immediately smooths and soothes the hair shaft and is easy to comb through your hair. Only a small quantity of product is required to get the desired effect which means it will last longer than other products. It leaves your hair feeling super soft and shiny, and full of volume. The scent is quite heavenly too. My husband really likes using this product too as it made his thinning hair look much fuller. Big tick of approval from me! Will definitely be buying this one again.
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Actual volume!

Up until about 6 months ago I had hair down to my waist and of course used quite a bit of conditioner and masks to keep my hair looking healthy. I got a bit tired of the mass of hair that I had and I had it lopped down to just above shoulder length. every single conditioner went out the window as it all just weighed my hair down. So basically I just ditched the conditioner! It was the only way I could keep any semblance of volume in my hair. I still continued to use my regular Head & Shoulders shampoo but I noticed that it wasn't powerful enough to keep the dandruff at bay, especially as the colder weather arrived. So this trial came at a perfect time. I'm always skeptical when it comes to big claims and I was skeptical about the 'volume' claims with this conditioner. Especially after having ditched conditioners all together for my fine hair. But it actually does what it promises! After the first wash with the shampoo and conditioner my hair actually have volume and oomph. Not to mention that with the pairing of the shampoo and conditioner it kept the dandruff at bay much better than with just a shampoo. I love the new packaging and as someone who really hates super scented products I was really pleased with the light fresh scent the conditioner has.
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a great conditioner

I love this conditioner for a great clean and damage repair. It contains aloe which leaves my hair really soft and silky. I wasn't able to see marked changes in my hair but it smelled amazing. It’s creamy in consistency with a pleasant scent and it lathers and cleanses really well. I recommend using the matching shampoo for best results. I love that this contains no parabens or sulphates so I don’t get product buildup and my hair is really shiny and manageable when I use this. It made a great wash experience and I would recommend this.
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Smooth glossy hair and no oily roots

I trialled this product as part of the Review Crew. I have a love hate relationship with shampoos and conditioners. Most of them leave my hair with oily roots and dry ends. I also have a problem with visible flakes. I was excited to try this product and was not disappointed. The shampoo was rich and creamy and a little went a long way. There was a gorgeous fragrance which made it a pleasure to use. The shampoo rinsed out cleanly and left my hair feeling soft and smooth. Most importantly, I did not struggle with oily roots and dry ends. I felt that my hair was smoother and glossier after use and was easier to comb and style. I loved this product! I would happily pay for it.
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A lovely conditioner

Hello lover. Never did I think I'd find a new conditioner that even my husband loves. This was the perfect 'after' to its shampoo twin. The packaging is attractive and generously sized. This lathers fast and rinses well without coating my hair unnaturally. The thing I love most is that it contains 0% parabens, phosphates and paraffins. Used with the shampoo is the perfect dandruff fighter. It actually leaves my hair feeling fresher and nourished without greasiness. It is a great day when you can buy a product that suits your hair and doesn't cost a fortune. Two thumbs up to a great pairing to the shampoo. I will be purchasing this for future use for the whole family. Love it.
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Great conditioner

Been using this along with the shampoo for about 2 weeks now and so far, I’m loving it! Lightweight and doesn’t feel like it’s weighing down my hair, which is a problem I have near the roots of my hair. My hair feels moisturized but not oily and the smell is a nice floral scent that isn’t too overpowering. Sometimes conditioners end up weighing down my hair and makes it look even more flat, but this product doesn’t seem to do that. Love it! Thank you Beauty Crew for sending me both the shampoo and the conditioner to try!
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Combat the frizz!

The bottles are aesthetically pleasing and give off a brighter vibe than other standard shampoos and conditioners. I have quite frizzy hair so I was excited to try this. They both smelt really nice which I love in a hair product. Both the shampoo and conditioner were a good consistency and not too thick or too thin. It was easy to apply throughout the hair and to the ends. It lathered up well so didn’t need to use a lot. It washed off well and it did leave my hair feeling smoother and not as frizzy (yay!). Overall I pleased with both the shampoo and conditioner and will continue to use as part of my weekly hair routine.
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Excellent product

I completely enjoyed the light, fragrant feel of this product, and how it left my hair feeling clean, light and fresh, with no residue left behind. A little goes a long way as this product easily cleans and treats your hair with plenty left for the whole family. I have long hair and it felt that reached fully from root to tip. The packaging was bright modern, crisp and very enticing to customers. It would be easy to find on shelf instore. This product helps hydrate and prevent dandruff and I can't believe that they haven't made it sooner, as it really fills a niche market. So I would definitely recommend this product to anyone who wants to take care of dandruff and thoroughly hydrate their hair and scalp at the same time. Gentle enough for the whole family, but it works really well.