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Herbal Essences bio:renew Potent Aloe + Bamboo Shampoo

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Herbal Essences bio:renew Potent Aloe + Bamboo Shampoo is a shampoo that strengthens and moisturises your hair while revitalising your senses with its mesmerising fragrance. The shampoo smells Earthy fresh. Uncap the bottle, and you'll experience an outburst of freshness brought together with water flowers, sparkling citrus, cedarwood and tonka bean. Free from sulphate, parabens, colourants and silicone. pH-balanced and safe for colour-treated hair. Cruelty free and vegan. Bottle is recyclable.

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Herbal Essences bio:renew Potent Aloe + Bamboo Shampoo


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Clean, Nourishing & Fresh Shampoo

This shampoo smells lovely, it's super fresh and I love the herbal essence bottles they make it really easy to be able to get the perfect amount of Shampoo. The pump is perfect for giving you the perfect amount and not giving you too much of the shampoo spilling out everywhere. The consistency was really nice and a little goes a long way - the shampoo really lathered up nicely in the shower and it left my hair feeling clean & soft following a wash. It also smelt really nice and I am surprised at how little I have used over the past few weeks - it lasts a good while!

Cleansing, nourishing doesn’t dry hair out

This is a great budget friendly shampoo, loving that it’s free of sulphites, silicons and parabens so I don’t get nasty buildup on my hair. It smells beautiful, a bit like eucalyptus so the guys in my family love it too as it doesn’t have a floral girly scent. It lathers up beautifully and has a thick luxurious consistency. It cleans my hair really well leaving it soft shiny and easy to manage and I love that it’s quite nourishing and doesn’t dry my hair out. This is a great shampoo for anyone with coloured hair as it doesn’t strip colour and I found it great for my thick hair. I would buy this shampoo again
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Great product

Love this shampoo. The scent is amazing and it lathers up beautifully when I'm washing my hair in the shower. Love the Eucalyptus, and also excited to find a new reasonably priced sulfate-free shampoo. Amazing results in the first week. My hair is dry and this made them smooth and easy to manage. It helps to remove oil and residue on my scalp and not making my hair dry. I can also go longer between washes with this as it keeps the oil at bay. Can definitely be set side by side with the salon lines.
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Good soup

This has a nice fragrance that isn’t overwhelming and unisex. I found the shampoo lathered really well and seemed to clean my scalp well with a double wash. Paired with the conditioner it left my hair feeling smooth and detangled. I have dry hair however if you had oily hair it feels like it leaves behind a residue on the hair which might weigh it down and this could also cause issues for people that colour their hair but I haven’t looked at the ingredients so I would recommend to do you research. Overall a good buy for a basic shampoo
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Love this shampoo, fresh and clean!

Love this product! I have a really dry scalp and often struggle to find products that don’t irritate it, this shampoo not only felt great in the shower but it didn’t irritate my scalp once my hair dried. The shampoo was really light weight and felt great on my hair. Once it dried, it felt really fresh and clean for days and I absolutely love the smell. Would recommend for anyone with sensitive scalp and looking for something with natural products, 0% + added sulfates or silicones parabens. Great to pair with the Herbal Essences bio renew conditioner.
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Win for coloured thin hair.

I loved using this shampoo! I gave my hair and scalp a clean fresh feeling without overstepping the natural oils and leaving my scalp dry. It had a refreshing fresh scent and was not over powerful. I love that this shampoo did not have any parabens. It's great that it doesn't damage coloured hair. This is definitely something I would purchase again and use regularly. The packaging is a standard flip tip bottle and is pretty easy to use. I normally use shampoos from the eleven range but will be looking into this moving forward. It left my hair soft to touch and didn't get oily too early.
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New Staple Shampoo!

I love this shampoo and the massive bottle it comes in. It lathered really well and was a great first step with cleansing of my scalp and helping to remove all excess oils and dirt from my hair. I loved that it is free from sulphates and paraffins and cruelty free. I loved to learn that that it’s 90% natural, as I am conscious of what I am using and putting down the drain! I love the inclusion of aloe and bamboo and think that it is a great staple shampoo for the whole family! Thanks BC and Hebal Essences for the introduction to my new staple!
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Fantastic shampoo

This shampoo was quite thick but a nice consistency, so I didn’t need that much even with my super long hair. It made my hair so smooth. My hair gets very knotty, and this is the only shampoo that’s actually been able to get out the knots and not sit there for 10 min after brushing my hair so long. I would definitely recommend this shampoo especially for people with dyed hair or hair that’s been really dry throughout winter. I will definitely be buying this shampoo again and will also buy it for my daughters thick, long hair as well. A must buy! I’ve never really bought this brand before and usually thought of it as a cheaper brand, but this shampoo has exceeded my expectations. My hair is soft and isn’t breaking anymore!
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Refreshing Tangle Free Clean

The Herbal Essences bio:renew Potent Aloe + Bamboo Shampoo is sulphate, parabens, colourants and silicone free. It is cruelty free, vegan, and comes in a recycle bottle. Like other Herbal Essences products, the fragrance was strong. It smells of aloe, which is really refreshing and pleasant. The shampoo lathers up really well, producing really thick and stable bubbles/foam. You do not need to use excessive amounts, less than a 20 cent piece size, for good results. It leaves a clean and luscious looking hair. My hair did not feel weighed down from the products. Follow through with the conditioner for softer, frizz and tangle free hair. Would definitely recommend this.
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Good shampoo

Great shampoo, thick gel type consistency and lathers well. My hair feels moisturised after using this shampoo but not weighed down. Hair lasts 3 days easily before getting greasy Works good on curly hair too and tamed my frizz making my hair smooth and shiny. Shampoo has a nice scent without being overpowering. Would recommend this product if looking to try a new shampoo. The bottle is easy to open when you have wet hands and seems like a good amount of product. My husband seems to like the shampoo too good unisex scent.
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I really loved useing this product in my hair it smelt so nice I love that it free from sulphate and parabens also love that it’s cruelty free. Made my hair feel super moisturise and strength grate lather easy to use. I loved that it felt super expensive while washing my hair. I love the packaging too super elegant and looks pretty expensive definitely will keep useing it may even buy it again as it smells amazing and makes my hair feel super healthy thanks again for letting me trial this product.
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Hair tangle troubles? Give this a try!

I was pleasantly surprised by this product. I haven't used herbal essences in ages so I was keen to check it out! The size of the shampoo and conditioner bottles are different which I thought was odd (conditioner is 50ml less then the shampoo). The fragrance was lovely at first but it reminded me later of self tanning lotion and I couldn't get that out of my head. Both products lathered up really well which meant I didn't have to use much at all. After using the products, it left my hair feeling smooth and definitely less tangles! I never brush my hair so controlling the tangles is the biggest bonus for me!! I use those jelly hair ties and always accidentally wear my hair in a bun and it's death to try and detangle my hair from the hair tie but honestly, after using this product, my hair slipped out like a dream. Based on that alone, I will be repurchasing! So if your hair gets tangled easily, I definitely recommend this!! Enjoy
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One of the best smelling shampoos I've ever used

I've always liked herbal essences products, and this was no exception. I loved that it is a natural shampoo and good for the environment., although my favourite thing about it is the smell! It has a fragrant scent that's not too overpowering. After using it, my hair feels very fresh, hydrated and clean. It does pair well with the matching conditioner. I do think using this regularly has made my hair feel stronger as well so I'd definitely recommend this shampoo to people who like to use more natural hair products. The only complaint I have would be that although I used a generous amount of shampoo, it didn't lather as well as other herbal essences ones do. I had to keep applying more to get a full lather, so you might go through it quite quickly if you have a thick head of hair.
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Incredible Smell & Foamy

This is my first time trying their "bio:renew" collection and I think I have found a product that I'll add to my holy grail list. Finding a shampoo that smells great, foamy, sulfate & paraben-free, and gives you that healthy hair look is really hard. But look no further bcs it's here! This shampoo smells incredible. It reminds me of a lemony, yakult kind of smell. Very refreshing and to my surprise, it's foamy, compared to Herbal Essences - Colour Me Happy and OGX Chery Blossom. I've used this shampoo twice and the result did not disappoint. Pair it with Herbal Essences bio:renew Potent Aloe + Bamboo Conditioner for a super healthy hair :) Absolutely will but this shampoo again when I run out of it, 100% would recommend.
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Great all rounder shampoo

I don’t think anyone can dispute that Herbal Essences products smell amazing! It’s such a lovely experience using this product, and this, combined with the conditioner, definitely leave a long lasting smell on the hair. I loved that the shampoo was sulphate free, however I did find that I needed a bit more shampoo than usual to get a good lather going. I will say though that I didn’t mind doing that given the great price point for a 400ml bottle. After shampooing my hair felt fresh and light, definitely not weighed down or stripped. I’ll continue to use this and in particular my husband really enjoys it, especially the fragrance that isn’t overly feminine.
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The shampoo made my hair feel squeaky clean! It smelled gorgeous and my hair didn’t get oily quick, like other supermarket shampoos. I would definitely recommend buying this as a drugstore option! It rinses out easily - definitely do 2 washes to ensure hair is super clean! My dead ends didn’t look ratty at all just super shiny and strong. I got lots of compliments regarding my hair and I felt super confident and beautiful.. this is a must try. The conditioner was just as beautiful and smelled just as incredible
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Smells like heaven!

I have used this product twice now and even after 1 use I loved it! Immediately the first thing I noticed was the incredible scent and even got complimented on it afterwards! I used it twice on my hair in the shower as I do with any other shampoo and I found my scalp did not get as oily as it does using certain shampoos, however it did not leave it dry either. I used about a 20 cent piece size for the first round of shampoo, rinsed and used a smaller amount for the second. I feel this did the perfect job to clean my hair but also helped my usually oily hair to look super fresh. My hair was super fresh and shiny after using it partnered with the conditioner. The first time I blow dried it and the second use I let it air dry. Both times it styled very nicely and kept for about 2-3 days before I found it was oily again which is my regular routine. This shampoo would be a perfect replacement for my old one and fits into my routine nicely as it is super easy to use!
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I'm a Fan

I love the scent of this shampoo, it smells very fresh and clean. Whenever I use this shampoo I can still have a whiff of the scent even hours after using it. What I like the most about this shampoo and conditioner combo is the fact that it has natural ingredients without sulfates and parabens and it still makes my hair soft, smooth, and easy to comb through. I used to have heavily keratin and color-treated hair which was very dry and because of this I was very particular with the ingredients of the shampoo I use (has to have no sulfates and be color-safe) to ensure that the vibrance of the color and efficacy of the treatment would stay longer. However, most of the natural shampoos and hair conditioners I have tried always left my hair full of tangles and difficult to comb through. With this shampoo and conditioner combo my hair is easy to comb through and is tangle-free. I would be repurchasing this after my trial period is over.
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Clean scalp and hair with great smell

I have got a chance to use this shampoo along with its conditioner. I have used it for 4 washes and found it very suitable for my hair and scalp. I have long hair and was having itching scalp along with small bumps on bottom head for very long. I tried changing shampoos, hair oil, water and whatever I could but in vain. Nothing was affecting. Luckily I got a chance to try herbal essence bio shampoo. After first wash I didn’t find much difference and today after the fourth wash I can surely say that my scalp irritation is gone. GONE, YES COMPLETELY GONE!!!!! I have truly been lucky on getting a chance to try otherwise I have spent $$$$ on different high yo low end branded shampoos to resolve my scalp issue nothing worked like bio herbal essence. I’m so glad to find the shampoo for myself. I will highly recommend this shampoo I have never felt my hair and scalp so clean with such a good smell. Even now my pillow smells so good Thumbs up!!!
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Devine smelling

I have been trialing Herbal Essences bio: renew Potent Aloe + Bamboo Shampoo for a little while now. The shampoo itself smells divine and has 90% natural ingredients and no parabens or sulfates. Even with just the first wash, I was able to lather up my hair. My hair smelt amazing after washing it. I did use the shampoo in conduction with the Herbal Essences bio: renew Potent Aloe + Bamboo conditioner. Normally when I wash my hair, my hair is very wispy but I noticed it reduced it quite a bit, which was really good. My hair did feel nice and soft and oil-free. the only downside was that after the second day, my hair was slightly dry.