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Herbal Essences bio:renew Pure Coconut & Aloe Hair Oil Blend

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Herbal Essences bio:renew Pure Coconut & Aloe Hair Oil Blend is a treatment designed to complement the shampoo and conditioners and provide longer lasting results. It is specially formulated to smoothen, soften and hydrate dry hair. This dual-phase oil blend combines the best benefits of both active antioxidant, aloe, and botanical oil into one formula that not only smoothens hair but also acts as damage-repair hair oil, leaving you with healthy and shiny hair. Cruelty free and vegan. Bottle is recyclable, but pump should be discarded separately.

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Herbal Essences bio:renew Pure Coconut & Aloe Hair Oil Blend


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Protects and tames hair

I love this oil for when my hair gets dry. You can use this oil on wet or dry hair but I prefer to use it when my hair is wet after shampooing and conditioning. It helps to protect my hair from heat from blow drying and it leaves my hair smooth, soft and shiny and much more manageable. My hair is thick and sometimes gets dry at the ends and this oil really helps with that. It smells beautiful and a few sprays is all that’s needed so it lasts for a long time. I love this oil for hair protection and would buy it again
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Soothing and smoothing, fresh smell

This hair oil blend is a delight to use. I used it on both wet and dry hair to great effect, although I found it a little more noticeable in texture on dry hair (a little crunchy). It really smoothed out my ends in particular without weighing them down. I loved the fresh scent and think it's a perfect addition to summer hair styling kit - particularly before and after a day spent in the sun, wind and sea to soothe, hydrate and smooth. I would recommend this for most hair types, as it adds a quick a spritz of hydration really effectively and helps to retain healthy shine and moisture.
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Anytime Hydration

Light weight hydration spray for all hair types. Herbal Essences have done well to make a product that would give benefit to all hair types. The spray is a hair oil blend and isn't heavy at all and I can use it multiple times between hair washes. Can be used on damp hair or dry hair to add hydration and control frizz. Love the smell of coconut and added Aloe leaf juice, my hair would benefit from a little more oil but that might take away from me being able to use it frequently between hair washes. This product has 0% silicones and colourants aswell as being branded cruelty free which is awesome. Would defiantly recommend!
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Amazing product

I used this product after the shampoo and left it in for around 10 mins. After years of constant hair colouring and lots different hair products for frizz my hair had become dull and dry. The shampoo, conditioner, hair mask and oil and made my hair shiny and come back to life. I will definitely by these in the future. This product left my hair extremely shiny and soft (which is saying a lot- it's completely bleach damaged and hard to manage without good products). I had loads of compliments on the shininess of my hair whilst using this product. I would definitely repurchase
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Light formula that leaves hair soft

I love this product! I think it’s a better option than other supermarket and pharmacy brands I’ve tried which can weigh down your hair and make it look greasy. Unlike other hair treatments which come as thick oils or creams, this comes in an oil blend which you spray into your hair. It feels light and has a delicious coconut scent that will linger all day. I usually apply it to damp hair and it helps to protect the hair and make it soft and silky after hair drying. I have also applied it to dry hair which also works well after brushing through. Would recommend.
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Smell good all day

Review; Herbal Essences bionrenew pure coconut and aloe hair oil blend. This herbal essences hair oil smells really great and is light to spritz in my hair. My hair had more volume & shine after several uses when I used it with the matching conditioner and shampoo. My scalp and hair had moisture, where my hair is often dry. I had less frizz and more shine that lasted through out the day. It left my hair smelling good all day. I had used this brand since I was a kid and was excited to try it out again and see if it was as nice as I remembered. The only downside was that I accidentally put it on my roots and they appeared greasy halfway through the day. I would definitely purchase to use again.
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Did not disappoint

I've been trying out this hair oil and the bio range for around a month's time now and I am not lying when I say I really enjoyed my experience. Hair oils are my favourite product to use and this particular hair oil did not disappoint! I used it on damp, freshly cleaned hair (using the shampoo and conditioner from the matching range) by massaging into the ends of my hair and anywhere that needs a hit of moisture. A small amount definitely goes a long way but I didn't find this hair oil went too greasy as some others can do. The lovely scent is definitely a bonus and I would sometimes use it just on my dry ends to lock in the scent and for the extra strength. I would absolutely continue using the hair oil alongside the shampoo and conditioner or even using the hair oil on its own. The affordable price tag and availability at your local grocery/pharmacy is great also!
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Tropical Delight!

I am not a fan of coconut oil (I find it incredibly over-rated and it leaves my hair feeling awful) so I was a bit apprehensive about this product. I sprayed this on the ends of my hair prior to using my Airwap to blowdry, and I’m glad it didn’t leave me with any oil residue. It seems to provide some extra moisture to my ends. I also tried using it on the ends of my hair in between washes – I only wash every 5 – 7 days so the ends do get a bit dry but this spray helped to add some life back into them. The oil has a really nice scent and reminds me of somewhere tropical.
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I am totally inlove and obsessed with this absolutely beautiful hair oil. I have been using this at least two to three times a week since I received this product from Beauty Crew for an honest review. I definitely don't have the best ongoing relationship with my hair due to my current health but this oil really is making a difference to the structure, the appearance, the vibrance, the shine and much more of my hair in such a short time, I can't stop using this and seeing how much better it will be getting. Thanks so much Beauty Crew for the chance to try this.
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Herbal Essences Coconut & Aloe Hair Oil

The Herbal Essences bio:renew Pure Coconut & Aloe Hair Oil Blend is a nice leave-in treatment. It is a dual-phase oil blend so you need to shake the product up well before spraying it. It comes in a 100ml spray bottle with a pump, which made it easy to control how much treatment I used at a time. The treatment has an artificial sweet coconut scent that was a bit overpowered by the fruity scent from the shampoo and conditioner. When I used this leave-in treatment as part of a three-step haircare routine along with the matching shampoo and conditioner from the same range, they left my hair feeling clean, fairly soft, silky and detangled, and with a fruity scent.
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Great product for home or travels !

I loved that you can apply this product to wet or dry hair It’s nice to have something on hand or with me on my travels that gives my hair a soft feel and gives my hair that little lift it needs to stay hydrated and looking healthy. I also love the spray function it’s easy to use and so quick and effective ! Fits into my morning routine perfectly. I will continue to use this product I really loved it. Love the feel of this product even though it’s an oil ! It didn’t feel like an overall oily prep duct.
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Nourishing but not oily!

My Blonde (dyed) hair is often dry on the ends and breaks easily due to colouring it and boy was i surprised by this. My hair is fine but i have a lot of it so I often find products too heavy, but not this one! It is the perfect addition to my hair routine. I have been adding it just to the roots of my hair and they have felt moisturised but not greasy at all. A little bit of this product goes a long way. The smell of this range is gorgeous and I would recommend for all hair types! Give it a go you wont regret it.
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So moisturising

The Herbal Essences Bio: renew Pure Coconut & Aloe Hair Oil Blend comes in an easy spay bottle. it does separate in the bootle but just a quick shake it mixes. Once I sprayed they oil blend on my hair it, it was so easy to dry wet or dry. it dried pretty quickly and so so so soft. My hair did not feel greasy either which was a refill because the word oil freaked me out slightly. it smelt amazing fruity and stayed in my hair all day but was not to over powering. My favourite time/way to use this oil blend spray after having a bun in all day then my hair is dry and kinked. Once I spray it on to my hair it is easier to bush and becomes straight again.
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Not that oily oil

This was not for me. It's light weight, A little too light weight for me. I though I didn't add anything to my hair. I have thick and wavy hair, so I need an oil that is heavy. I think this oil blend would be great for someone with thin hair as it does not weigh down the hair. Also, when I used to use Herbal essence I would get this amazing scent when I open the bottle. However, for the first time, I did not get that amazing floral scent lingering in the air. I should mention I love that Herbal essence is going silicone and colorants free. We do not need that stuff in our hair.
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The Herbal Essences Bio: Renew Pure Coconut & Aloe Hair Oil Blend was surprisingly good. I'm not usually into hair oils as most I have previously used will make my hair greasy, heavy and gross - forcing me to rewash...and who wants that! Throughout the recent lockdown in NSW and having no access to hairdressers, I thought it might be worth giving this product a try and have to say I really like it. My hair has been really struggling (without access to a cut) and had extremely dry ends, while this product did not solve the problem I definitely noticed an improvement. I've found spraying to the ends heavily and lightly as I move closer to my scalp has been the best way to use the product to avoid any oiliness or heaviness but simultaneously reap the benefits. The oil blend smells delicious and leaves a light scent that lasts throughout the day which is a nice little bonus.
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Super handy hair oil

This oil spray smells lovely, it's the perfect size to pop into your wash bag or gym bag and take it on the go. I used this to spritz over my wet hair before applying heat and also used on dry hair to try and style flyaways - it didn't work as well on dry hair but it smelt lovely and the spray bottle makes it really easy to use and apply! It did feel that it nourished my hair better before applying heat, but I didnt feel that it made a huge difference to the feel of my hair or routine after using.
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Hydrates hair and smells amazing

I love this hydrate hair oil blend. It’s a must have. I was worried it would leave my hair oily but it doesn’t. It makes your hair look and smell amazing and tames any fly aways which I always struggle with using this oil helped with that so much. I don’t have to use hair spray anymore to try and keep down any hairs that stick up. It also helps hydrate dry ends. I love that it’s in a spray bottle for quick easy use. It’s perfect for in between washes to keep your hair looking, smelling and feeling nice. I definitely recommend it. It’s a must have for me.
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Nice affordable hair oil..

My hair typically gets pretty dry at the ends, so I like to use some sort of oil or treatment after I wash my hair to help lock in some moisture. I've been using this oil for a few weeks now in conjunction with the shampoo and conditioner in the range, and I've been fairly impressed with how my hair has responded. My hair is soft and shiny and doesn't seem to dry out as quickly as it would without using an oil. The packaging is easy to use, and the scent is pleasant. It isn't my favourite oil, but for the price I think it is a really nice treatment.
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Frizz Be Gone

I was lucky enough to be trialling this Herbal Essences bio:renew Pure Coconut & Aloe Hair Oil Blend . First off, the I love the packaging and how simple yet pretty it looks. The scent is lovely. I used this oil blend in conjunction with the Herbal Essences bio:renew Potent Aloe + Manuka shampoo and conditioner. My hair is naturally wavey and after a wash, it can get pretty frizzy (especially after the first dry brush). I feel like it helped make it less frizzy. I usually use this on damp hair after a wash but I’ve used it on dry hair as well and felt like it made an immediate difference. I don’t feel like it weighs my hair down or anything. Lovely product.
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I was lucky enough to trial this product through review crew. Out of the three products I tried in this range, the Herbal Essences bio:renew Pure coconut and Aloe hair oil blend was my absolute favourite! I have always had a bit of a love/hate relationship with hair oils, having oily hair myself, but this one has just WOWed me to the ends of the earth. The light blend leaves my hair feeling soft, hydrated and shiny without weighing it down or leaving it greasy and sticky. It has an absolutely beautiful scent that reminds me of a summer holiday at the beach. The light spritz applicator means I can easily apply through the hair without adding too much. My favourite way to use this is to give a very light mist to the lengths and ends of my hair after blow drying or straightening to remove the flyaways without weighing down my hair. I was very happy to be apart of this trial and would absolutely be purchasing this, and maybe others in the range, again.