Hismile PAP+ Toothpaste

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Hismile PAP+ Toothpaste is an effortless and effective whitening toothpaste that provides results without sensitivity or irritation. It is formulated with phthalimidoperoxycaproic acid, hydroxyapatite and potassium citrate. Use in the morning and evening after eating. Apply a pea-sized amount of PAP+ formula to toothbrush and brush thoroughly for two minutes.


Hismile PAP+ Toothpaste


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Whiter teeth with ease

I have recently been trying all the hi smile products with great results. I love this whitening system as it actually works. This toothpaste is great. It has a lovely fresh minty taste and it freshens breath while protecting my teeth from cavities. I felt my teeth were a lot whiter after using this toothpaste for several days so it’s well worth the money. After cleaning my teeth felt really clean and my whole mouth was fresh. Used in conjunction with the hi smile whitening system the toothpaste is great for whiter teeth and so easy to use. I will be buying more of this product and would highly recommend it