JERGENS Age Defying Moisturiser

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JERGENS Age Defying Moisturiser is formulated with a unique blend of emollients, antioxidants and vitamins A, C and E to help restore the youthful appearance of dry skin. It works to diminish the signs of ageing, and triples skin’s moisture content with continued use.


JERGENS Age Defying Moisturiser


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I use this on my stomach where I have stretch marks from pregnancy, and it’s delightful. My skin is often quite dry especially in the winter. This product is easy to apply, absorbs well, smells great and really works to keep my skin looking and feeling great. No easy task on stretch marks but this does it very well.
Great moisturiser, not sure on anti ageing but it leaves my skin silky soft and hydrated. I use this all over the body when I pop out of the shower on wet skin (Tip from Dermatologic on you tube)  Love the sent too.  It last a long time maybe because its a thick cream and a pump.
This moisturiser is really good value for money! Very affordable and does the job! I like that it contains Vitamins A, E and C. It is very fast absorbing which I appreciate. There is no strong smell, just a hint of something resembling citrus that fads fairly quickly. I have very dry skin and it has helped to keep the skin very well moisturised. From application to an all day hydration with no signs of dryness or flakiness on the skin at all. I also have sensitive skin and this product has not made me react in any way which is great!
I purchased this moisturiser for its claim of age defying properties, you gotta love that right? This is at a great price point so I can afford to buy this all the time and use it liberally. The moisturiser has a lovely creamy consistency and rubs in really well for gorgeous nourished, moisturised silky smooth skin. I loved the addition of vitamins to restore skins health and the fact that my skin looked so mush better after using it for just one week. I also loved how it felt lightweight on and was not greasy or oily. A great product that I recommend and will continue to use
This is a really great moisturiser.  It is thick but rubs into my skin easily and is non greasy.  My skin feels smooth and hydrated after using this and I think it is a great quality body moisturiser.  There is a soft smell so I doubt that it will offend anyone who is sensitive to scents.  Highly recommend this as it is great quality, non greasy, super hydrating and excellent value for money.
This is a great product.  I have particularly dry skin yet this product moisturises beautifully and keeps it feeling soft for days afterward.  Worth a try!
Yes I like this Product after shower . I had some other ones before even more expensive but not as good.
Lovely moisturiser. Really nice smell. This is neither thick nor thin cream which is strange but good. It smooths on well, good coverage, but doesn't make you sweat on really hot days. Sinks in fast and well and took away my 'crocodile' leg skin away in an instant.
sinks straight in
A nice light but rich cream, easy to apply and dries without being too greasy.  A good price and nicely presented bottle.  Value for money.
Left my body soft and smooth! Easy to apply not thick like some. Lightly fragrance with a smooth texture. Love it!
This moisturiser has a nice constituency, not oily or overly heavy.
Love how this moisturises my skin
Have tried this once - was really thick. Would possibly be much better as a winter moisturiser
This skin moisturiser is a fabulous product. Your skins almost turns around and says thank you for using this product. My skin just soaked it up and was wonderfully smooth after use. Using it for about 2 weeks, I have noticed a great change in my sun damaged skin. I recommend that you all try this product.
Thanks to its hydrating power and exceptional benefits, I just can't get enough of this affordable moisturiser. It has a unique formula that contains a superb blend of Vitamins A, E and C to restores my dry skin's health and after using this product frequently for some weeks, it has visibly decreased the signs of ageing on my skin. The Jergens Age Defying moisturiser is created with a beautiful texture that makes a real beautiful difference for my skin, a difference I can actually experience and see with my own eye's. It restores that skin's deep luminosity that reveals skin of mine that's never looked so beautiful. Penetrates into my skin very quickly and leaves it feeling very soft and moisturised, without being too greasy. It is easy to use directly from the good sized bottle it comes in and the scent is light, not overpowering at all. The Jergens Age Defying moisturiser even heals rough patches and doesn't irritate sensitive skin which is a massive plus for me.