JERGENS Hydrating Coconut Lotion

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JERGENS Hydrating Coconut Lotion is a hydrating lotion that works to soothe and nourish the skin while leaving it illuminated and slightly scented with a coconut fragrance.


JERGENS Hydrating Coconut Lotion


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Extremely affordable moisturer to use for all over body. I use it every night and it keeps my skin hydrated throughout the night even under air con. The coconut scent is so good to smell. The quality of the moisturer is good considering its price point. This product is absolutely faultless.
Summer may be long gone, yet i still yearn for a little whiff of it around me....and this is a great treat to do just that. This bargain priced ($7 for 250ml from everywhere) body lotion (yes,this is lotion,but it's actually quite rich for such a well priced brand) comes in a plastic,flip top bottle,and the lotion is a slightly pearly hued white....and with a fabulous coconut scent that is subtle,yet enough to feel like summertime holidays.But does it do anything else ? Well,post shower,i almost smother myself in this,and it treats me to a soft,touchable feel with a gentle luminous glow (that will be wonderful come faux tan time) and of course,that heady tropical scent (that seriously,is really heavy perfume to clash with whatever scent you wear on a daily basis).The softness lasts until the next day (overnight and well into the morning) and i found it helped to relieve some truly "hard to soften" areas (like my feet).Another big plus is that this absorbs super quickly....i hate standing around waiting for stuff to absorb,and this takes only a minute...but it doesn't disappear into a "nothing on" feel.I really do recommend you get this by the litre,and all but bathe in it (i would if i could).It is a little everyday luxury that is super affordable.Lastly,what i also love about this is the fact that it doesn't make promises of a "supermodel" body after use,that you will look 10 years younger OR have the firmness of a ripe young just promises to smooth dry skin,and it does just that. So,if a body moisturiser is on your "must get" list next time you are shopping,GRAB THIS. TIP:Apply post shower whilst you are still slightly damp....the lotion will lock in that moisture and keep you feeling hydrated for longer.
Smell like a tropical holiday! A beautiful product that makes you feel and smell great. I love a daily moisturiser that isn't too thick and greasy yet still hydrating so I'm glad I found Jergens. Great for anyone to use, I will always have a bottle in my bathroom. I love anything that smells like Coconut so this Moisturiser exceeded my expectations with it's beautiful fragrance. This moisturiser is in a simple yet easy to use pump bottle and is best applied after showering, leaving a shimmering glow.
I received this lotion in The Parcel beauty box and have been using it ever since. I needed an everyday moisturiser that left my skin smooth and nourished but wasn't too heavy or greasy and this lotion fit the bill! I love using body butters but find them far too heavy for everyday use and this lotion is a perfect replacement. It is very lightweight, yet effective. I have sensitive skin and it is extremely gentle and non-irritating - another big tick. Upon application, this lotion leaves my skin soft and hydrated. It is absorbed quickly, so I am able to get dressed without any residue on my clothing which is a big bonus, especially considering just how moisturising it is! It applies easily and quickly which is perfect for anyone (like me!) who is in a rush and wants to get ready in a hurry!  I adore the scent which is sweet with a hint of coconut fragrance. It isn't cloying or artificial or too coconuty (which for me is a plus but others may prefer a stronger coconut scent). I find it is actually a lovely fragrance and sometimes I don't need to apply perfume, the lotion provides enough fragrance even though it is quite subtle.  Since trying this after receiving The Parcel, I have repurchased this product. Which for me is a big thing! I definitely recommend. I think it will be a great lotion for the warmer months and I will be buying it yet again!
I purchased this when it was on sale at Priceline a while ago. I had already tried the Jergens Shea Butter Moisturiser and been quite impressed with it.  As my skin was feeling extra dry at the time,I figured I'd give this one a try (plus I love coconut! ). The Jergens Hydrating Coconut moisturizer comes packaged in a shimmery cream colored plastic bottle with a flip top lid. The moisturiser is a creamy white and smells mildly of coconut. I was expecting the coconut to be a bit stronger to be honest, but it was a nice subtle scent instead. Only a little of this is needed to cover the entire body as it is very hydrating and rich textured.  My dry and cracked elbows and heels felt much smoother and softer after application.  The moisturiser took a bit longer to absorb than the shea butter variant and left my skin a little stickier. I would recommend this particular moisturiser for very dry and dehydrated skin types or for use on elbows and knees. It works fantastically to relieve rough areas but isn't so absorbant on the more hydrated regions. My skin is quite sensitive and this product caused no irritation at all. Loved the radiant,slightly glimmery look this moisturiser gave my skin!
I have sensitive and dry skin, and this works so well without any irritation. Beautiful smell and long lasting hydration, and good value as it lasts longer than you think. A few ingredients can be potentially irritating for some skin types, so double check the ingredient list, however I found it a great consistency and very gentle.
General rule of thumb for me to purchase a product  1- if it's coconut I'll buy it. 2- that is all Texturley this lightweight hydrating lotion goes on like a dream. Smooth and nourishing. You don't need a lot and another perk is that you can get dressed immediately after. Which is great for the time conscious person who doesn't have the time to dry off. Packaging wise its slimline design makes it perfect for any counter space. The pump bottle helps you to reduce wastage and keep it pretty . Jergens make fantastic moisturisers and purchasing this one is a must ...
I was introduced to the Jergens brand through Marie Clarie beauty sample box and I must say this brand is a very nice discovery. First of all, the products are reasonably priced, but this is not the only good side. They are very pleasant to use and I can see a difference when I use the product or not. Hydrating Coconut is great as well. The scent is not too overwhelming, very subtle, which in my opinion is wonderful, as some products with coconut tend to be overpowering. The formula is not to liquidy, but is not overly thick either, is white, and it spreads easily on the skin.It absorbs really quickly and is not greasy or doesn't leave any nasty film. There is a feeling of relief ( if you have very dry skin) and a nice sensation of hydration. The skin feels soft and looks healthy. A very pleasant product to use.
absolutely loved this lotion as it moisturised perfectly, especially after suffering dry winter skin. This is great for rough areas like elbows and heels and leaves skin super soft. This lotion smells gorgeous, a beautifully scented coconut fragrance that feels like summer. It is super hydrating, soothing and nourishing, it sinks in quickly without feeling greasy, its lightweight which I love and feels really gorgeous, great for sensitive skin. The bottle was easy to use for the right amount of product and i loved using it on legs and feet to prevent dryness, an awesome product i really loved and would recommend
The Jergens Hydrating Coconut body lotion spreads widely over the skin and penetrates it's hydration very quickly giving it instant relief to my dry skin. A giant bonus is this body lotion features the power of Coconut Oil and Coconut Water into the formula which is also gently scented making it ideal for my dry skin that can be easily irritated by fragrances.   Immediately leaves the body smooth, supple and smelling lovely for hours on end. I also really like how its soft skin effect can be felt several days later too.  Only a super small amount goes a very long way providing many applications overtime. It works deeply so my skin absorbs the nourishing benefits in just a few tender rubs. Typically I use this on my arms and legs especially at night to allow for overnight rejuvenation.   Is gentle enough to be applied around on my décolletage and neck area, so far it has caused no break-outs and I'm impressed. Most moisturisers I have used in these sensitive areas have left me with little irritating pimples or red rashes but the not this product. It comes out as a creamy white texture that feels light and luxurious while providing a slight illuminating healthy glow thanks to the incorporated Hydralucence. The secure bottle is great for disposing the lotion in even amounts that never leaks or causes any mess. Highly recommend this product for people who don't like traditional rich and irritating body lotions that don't do much for your skin. "Jergens" is made to high quality standards ensuring they incorporate skin friendly ingredients that everybody can use.