JERGENS® Natural Glow® Color Primer In-Shower Scrub

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JERGENS Natural Glow® Color Primer In-Shower Scrub is a body scrub formulated with an amino fruit extract complex to exfoliate rough patches and prime skin for a fake tan application. The gentle formula is suitable for all skin types and delivers best results when applied one week prior to applying self-tanner.

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JERGENS® Natural Glow® Color Primer In-Shower Scrub


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Originally I tried this product, fell in love, and then bought about 5 more bottles because it seemed too good to be true! While I dislike artificial ingredients and scents, I did like how gritty this body scrub is and how easy it is to use. While I still feel this way, I do recommend rinsing your skin really well otherwise it tends to dry out skin as it remains on your skin’s surface. That is probably my main gripe, however for the price you pay it is worth the money.
Such a good in shower scrub and primer before tanning. The particles are super fine and gentle on skin but can get rid of dead skins. Because th scrub is so gentle I can use it as everyday scrub. My skin feels so smooth and soft after use. I have dry skin and the scrub does not dry out my skin.
I found that using the scrub made for an easier application for my tan. It left my skin silky smooth and enjoyed the smell afterwards on my skin. I didnt feel it felt any different to a normal scrub on the market so not entirely sure why it would be used as a pre tan applicator.
Love this product. It smells good and left my skin feeling soft. I would be happy to use this product as an everyday scrub and not just a primer for fake tan. The bottle makes application really easy and it is not to gritty so doesn't feel like it's scratching your skin as others do.
A lovely product which smells amazing however the consistency was a little thin and the particles too fine to really prime skin for a tanner particularly legs and arms (not chest).  I found it worked best by using it with gloves - much better result but I'm not convinced I'd rush to buy again.
I use "JERGENS Natural Glow Color Primer In-Shower Scrub " just before Natural Glow + FIRMING Daily Moisturiser as it preps my skin for the tanning moisturiser.  After using the scrub my skin starts feeling smoother and cleaner as it get rids of any dead cells. This product hardly has any smell unlike the moisturiser. Also, it works well for me since I have extremely sensitive skin. Definitely recommend it to everyone as its not harsh at all.
This is jem and has definitely made a very special place in my bathroom  I love using this in my shower it removes all the dead skin and give me a scrub to make my body ready for flawless, smooth looking tan ! It’s a grainy texture and after using it in shower my body feels relaxed and I can recommend it to all my family and friends!
I absolutely loved this body scrub, I loved that it was so much more gentler on my skin than most scrubs I had used before.  It was the perfect pre-tanning scrub, but can also be used every day.  This is definitely going to be my new every day in-shower exfoliator.
I love this scrub! It exfoliates my skin nicely without feeling too harsh or drying my skin out. It leaves a nice shimmer to the skin which I love. The bottle isn't the biggest but a little goes a long way and I would definitely recommend picking it up. Plus it smells great!
The first great thing about this product is that it smells divine! You dont need to apply too much product as the scrub particles are relatively small and even the tiniest application will give you a great coverage. It worked really well too as I have super dry skin and after the first use, I noticed significat difference. Love it!
This in shower scrub is fantastic. First it smells amazing and it definitely gives you a great gentle exfoliation before your tan application.I used this product even when not tanning as it made my skin feel incredibly  soft, this product will be a staple in my bathroom from now..
I loved this product & felt I got some serious buffing done! It smells great, the micro beads feel nice & feel they definite give that cleansing feeling! The product itself is fantastic & gives a nice 'clean slate' to apply tanning products.  Would I buy this product again, absolutely! Its a great size, perfect for travelling with as well
I have  been using this product together with  the gradual tanning and firming cream.  As soon as you open the little bottle you get the gorgeous smell. Personally I found I have to use quite a bit of this product to get it going and I found it made no real diferente to my skin.  But I loved the hint of shine/glitter my skin had after using it. But I have to admit I won't be purchasing this item again.
This product arrives quite timely after a long dry winter. I normally have very dry sensitive skin and cannot tolerate body scrubs. But this product was surprisingly gentle and mild, I did not have any extreme reactions on my skin. The mild scent is great and refreshing. I will probably use it on a regular basis.
I really enjoyed this in shower body scrub and more so than the gradual tanner that I think it would be a good product to use on its own. Comes in a handy little squeezy tube and I didn't find the scrub too grainy or too harsh. It also had a lovely inviting smell. It is a small bottle so I could imagine this would easily be used up much quicker than the tanner so it might be better to have a larger bottle available.
I was lucky to try this along with the Tanning Moisturiser Tan to Medium. This body scrub is very runny, it lathers up with water and the exfoliator parts is really gentle.  It comes in a tube - upside down and the product comes out easily when you squeeze it out. I would say this is more of a body wash with exfoliating beads or parts in it. I don't really like the fragrance, it's artificial and I wish it was more fruit or floral and not artificial.
I really enjoyed using this product. It’s a subtle exfoliating gel, however the smell is great and really nice as an all body exfoliated. I’ve continued to use it, twice weekly as prescribed and feel my skin is softer and less prone to breakouts now the weather is warming up. Definitely worth trying.
The first thing I noticed about this scrub is that it's shape and size are not only pleasant to look at, it is easy to identify with closed eyes. It has fine granules and softly foams as you massage it in, enjoying the slight coconut fresh scent. My skin felt refined and smooth, it also helped remove any dry patches that my tan might catch on. It was not drying. It provided a good base for gradual tan and I think it would do the same for faster developing formulas. I don't think it would remove a previous faux tan or remnants. It suited my dry skin and I liked that the granules were effective without feeling scratchy. I will use this as a twice weekly exfoliator regardless of my tan plans. I would recommend this to anyone wanting softer, smoother skin and particularly those wishing to faux glow.
I would definitely recommend this product. The jergens natural colour primer in shower scrub is true to its name. Leaves your skin perfectly polished for a beautifully blended colour. It leaves my skin beautifully smooth and flawless preparation for self tanning and smells delicious. Super impressed!!! I would buy this product as just a exfoliant.
I used this together with the gradual tanner as recommended and used every 2nd shower. Love the smell but didn’t really notice any benefit. I mainly used around ankles knees etc where tanning products normally build up and it did the job.  Small bottle and don’t think it great value for money. Not great but not bad either.