JERGENS Oil Infused Nourishing Honey Moisturiser

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JERGENS Oil Infused Nourishing Honey Moisturiser is a lightly scented, hydrating body moisturiser for normal to dry skin. The nourishing formula is infused with honey and orange blossom essence to leave skin smooth and hydrated for 24 hours, while JERGENS’ Hydralucence® technology works to brighten dull skin.


JERGENS Oil Infused Nourishing Honey Moisturiser


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My skin is getting quite dry with age so I’ve been trying to get into the habit of applying some sort of body moisturiser –oil, cream or lotion – each time I step out of the shower.  And, of course, with that comes the opportunity to buy and try different body moisturisers.    The Jergens Oil-Infused Moisturiser –Nourishing Honey has a thick lotion consistency which absorbs really easily into my skin.  In fact, my skin just laps it up leaving my skin feeling soft, smooth and so well nourished.  The moisturiser has a nourishing oil blend and is infused with honey and orange blossom essence which produces a delightful fragrance, and I do enjoy a lovely fragrance in my skincare products.    I think this is quite an affordable body moisturiser considering it is a 496ml bottle and particularly as my skin really likes it.     
I recently came across this product and i can tell it's going to be a staple in my house. Firstly, the scent is amazing! It is a beautiful floral scent that lingers on the skin ( in saying that, if you don't like scented products then you won't like this one). Secondly, the formula is perfect! It applies and absorbs  quickly and easily while providing excellent, long-lasting hydration. Finally, i can't believe that it only costs $11.99! Such a great price for a fantastic product!
Have started using Jergens Oil Infused Nourishing Honey Moisturiser last winter when I had snake-like skin on my legs. I have tried many drugstore moisturisers and not many are moisturising enough for my dry skin until I tried Jergens moisturiser. Jergens moisturiser is not sticky on skin and I'm in love with the honey scent. I use great amount of moisturiser all over my legs every night for a week and I see my skin with great improvement.
I really enjoyed this moisturiser, took it with me overseas for a holiday and was great to use on my skin after days at the beach. Lovely fragrance but not to over powering. I found it to be thick without having to work it into the skin to absorb. Nice for everyday use
This product is amazing!  My legs in particular were very dry - snake skin like and since using this moisturizer i have noticed a significant improvement.  I know that if i continue to use it my legs will look silky smooth.  It's very hydrating and smells amazing.  Will definitely buy some more when I run out.
Love, love, LOVE this moisturiser! the smell is divine and I loved the way it made my skin feel afterwards! it's my go to every night. Winter really took it toll on my skin, my legs were dry and the skin was starting to crack slightly. I noticed such a difference after a week of using the product everyday. would totally recommend this product and the whole Jergens Range ( I am an avid user of their gradual tan for summer)
Overall I think this is a perfectly fine moisturiser. It performs as any mousturiser should and leaves my skin feeling soft and supple. However, I really don't enjoy the scent at all, I've been using it on my legs and even then i find the smell difficult to tolerate. My issue with the scent us a personal preference, but my mum loves the smell and I ended up giving her the bottle since she is happy to use it.
My skin gets very dry over winter so it was a good time to try this moisturiser. I found the Jergens Nourishing Honey moisturiser to have a good consistency, it’s not too heavy or thick so I didn’t feel I was lathering a heavy wax like cream over my body, which is uncomfortable when you need to wear layers of clothes over the top. It wasn’t sticky against my clothes at all which I like and it absorbed into my skin quite quickly. The moisturiser has a very pleasant scent and was easy to apply due to its consistency(not being too thick). At the same time, I felt like it was giving my skin a good amount of moisture. The dry appearance of my skin definitely improved after application, however, it didn’t not last the full 24 hours as stated on the bottle. I definitely felt that after a few hours, my skin needed more hydration. As this winter has been particularly dry, I didn’t expect it to completely take away all my dry skin.  The moisturiser has a very pleasant scent that is not overpowering but pleasant enough to make me want to keep applying it. Overall, I would rate it as a good general moisturiser. However if you have particularly dry and cracked skin, you may need something a bit thicker and longer lasting, perhaps something more targeted towards very dry skin.  Pros: Good consistency, easy to apply Absorbed well into my skin Pleasant scent  Cons: Didn’t last 24 hours May not be suited for someone with very very dry skin 
Beautiful! The scent is so dreamy , I absolutely love it. Consistency is nice,  it absorbs very quickly , which I find super important , I mean who has time to wait around for moisturiser to absorb. How quickly it absorbs made it easy to use every day because I knew I didnt have to wait very long before getting on with my morning routines. My skin feels smooth and silky instantly. Its actually a pleasure to apply . Even the next day I found my skin was still feeling soft and moisturised . I love it. Woukd absolutely recommend to others to try this out .
This product is amazing! I am so in love with the scent, it is so creamy and dreamy and orange blossom is subtle but uplifting. The cream is a sloghtly thinner consistency than what I am used to, but it spreads easily and absorbs with little downtime, it even passed the "putting on your jeans straight away" test, impressive! The moisturising effects are instant and long lasting, even skipping a day doesn't seem to matter. My skin loves this, and so do I. This is my new number 1. My skin is so much more hydrated, smooth and glowing.
First of all, thank you to BeautyCrew and Jergens for the opportunity to try this product.  I absolutely loved this body lotion. The consistency was thick and creamy and it smells divine. It absorbs into the skin so well and doesn’t leave a residue so you can apply and then dress straight away without worry about it staining your clothes. I found that this body lotion definitely lived up to its claims. Within minutes of applying it my parched winter skin felt so much smoother and more hydrated and my skin definitely looked brighter. After continued use my skin has become more supple and nourished and I am more than happy to bare a little skin on a warm spring day.  I will definitely be purchasing this body lotion in future and recommend to anyone wanting a new body lotion, not just those with dry skin. 
Love using this product.  It is quite a thick moisturiser but is easy to apply and soaks in nicely. It hydrates my skin really well and is not greasy at all. I have been regularly using it on my hands in place of a hand cream. My biggest problem is when I want to use it each morning my 16 year old daughter has snuck off with it! She is loving it also.  I would highly recommend this product.
I'm a big fan of this stuff. First of all, it smells heavenly. I wouldn't necessarily describe it as a honey scent, or even orange blossom, but sort of tropical/mango vibes. I like to keep the bottle (which has a super convenient pump!) at the end of my tub, and apply it straight after a shower  while my skin is still damp. It soaks in really quickly, and doesn't leave a sticky residue once it has, which I love. It moisturises really well, and when I use it I no longer have those horrid dry and itchy patches that the harsh winter weather brings! Big fan, would recommend to those who have normal to dry skin
A lovely body moisturiser just in time for spring! I love the huge pump pack of this moisturiser, and for such a low price it delivers all it's promises. It's great for getting my post-winter skin nourished, looking and feeling soft and smooth again! The lotion like consistency sinks in quickly and efficiently, and my skin stayed moisturised until my next shower! I was happy to find cocoa seed and shea butter among the ingredients so you know it's definitely hydrating. My favourite part is the light yet delicious scent of honey and orange blossoms, which isn't too sweet or overpowering, and therefore makes a great base for most of my spring/summer perfumes without clashing! A definite must after shaving my legs. If you're a fan of Nivea or Palmer's type body lotions, I found this similar. It's that one, big pump pack of moisturiser that everyone needs in their bathroom!
Love this product! I was fortunate enough to trial this moisturizer and was amazed how well this product works. At first it feels slightly greasy but it soaks into the skin well. It left my skin smelling and feeling soft. I found it to be perfect for my feet at night. Applying it to my feet before going to bed and wearing a pair of socks left my feet feeling soft and smooth for the next day. A great hydrating product and would absolutely recommend.
Love this product - it soaks into skin, while leaving a nice glowy sheen and soft smooth legs. The feeling lasts for some time, with skin hydrated right throughout the day. It's quite thick when you first put it on, but seems to dissolve into skin with heat, making spreadability easy. Only one pump goes a long way.
This body lotion sinks in quickly and is not greasy. I really like that it comes in a convenient pump format, so I don't have to fiddle around with caps especially with slippery moisturised fingers. There's a soft honey scent to this product and it's not cloying at all. I would say it provides okay hydration for my dry body skin and I need to apply it daily, otherwise I start feeling quite dry the next day. As I usually use my body moisturiser as my hand lotion after washing my hands as well, I have noticed some of my nails and cuticles appear a little dry and I have some hangnails on a thumb. That said, this does what it pretty much what it says it does on the bottle and at a reasonable price.
This body moisturizer is great! I have dry skin and rough skin on my arms and this product worked much better then any other I tried. The skin on my arms is much smoother and not as dry.  It is thicker then some of the other moisturizers I have tried, which is awesome. It also smells nice. The only issue I have is that it is not working as well on my feet as my arms. 
This is a lovely product, it comes in a great pump that's a generous size. It has the most beautiful fragrance that makes you want to keep smelling your skin after application. The only thing I didn't like about this cream is it doesn't rub into the skin straight away and takes more rubbing than other creams. Once rubbed in the skin feels soft like it should.
I’ve tried many different ‘dry skin’ moisturisers over the years but nothing has worked as quickly as Jergens. With a nice but subtle fragrance this body lotion soaks in well so you’re not left with that sticky feeling and a little bit goes a long way so the bottle really lasts. So many body lotions seem to be great when you apply it then you end up with dry skin again, but not Jergens. Definitely a must buy!