JERGENS® Sandalwood Body Butter

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JERGENS® Sandalwood Body Butter is a triple butter blend that combines essential oil with a comforting feeling to balance and smooth. This sandalwood lotion is just one in the range from the JERGENS® essential oil family tree, each made with an intensive-hydrating blend of cocoa, mango and shea body nutters.


JERGENS® Sandalwood Body Butter


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Leaves my skin a little bit greasy

The JERGENS Sandalwood Body Butter comes in a tube with a flip top lid which is always handy. The body butter itself is thick and white and has a warm amber woody scent which does hang around for some time after applying to the body. It does take some time to absorb and I do notice that it leaves my skin feeling a little bit greasy. This is a rich heavy cream. It's not lightweight. I like to apply this after showering as this is when I have more time to wait around for it to absorb/dry and if I can't be bothered waiting I'll just throw my pajamas straight on top. The cream leaves my skin feeling really smooth, soft and hydrated.