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John Frieda Detox & Repair Masque

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John Frieda® Detox & Repair Masque is a hair mask that provides intense care that nourishes hair for immediate revitalisation and visible repair. This weekly treatment mask transforms stressed hair to take on a more healthy appearance that is full of smoothness and shine. Formulated to remove impurities; this range works on clarifying the hair’s surface so that conditioning treatments can penetrate the hair more effectively.


John Frieda Detox & Repair Masque


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Nourishes dry hair and creates silkiness

I decided to try this as I've been shopping for hair treatments to help my poor dry hair. I have coarse, frizzy hair that has suffered from dryness especially at the ends. With Covid, the multiple sessions of DIY hair colour at home also hasn't helped the dryness. This hair treatment contains avocado oil & green tea, housed in a decent-sized 250ml jar. It only needs to be left on for 3-5 minutes and is easy to apply after shampooing in the shower, so it's very easy to incorporate into my routine. The product has a pleasant botanical scent that the texture is very creamy. I could feel the smoothing effects as soon as I applied it through my hair with my fingers. Rinsing it off was like running fingers through silk. After drying, my hair is smooth and shiny after using this treatment and less 'crunchy'. I love the results and will repurchase.