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John Frieda Frizz Ease Forever Smooth Anti-Frizz Primer

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John Frieda Frizz Ease Forever Smooth Anti-Frizz Primer is a leave-in hair primer that works to realign the structure of the hair to strengthen each strand and protect against frizz. The formula is enriched with coconut oils and glycerides to deliver a weightless finish. Suitable for all hair types.


John Frieda Frizz Ease Forever Smooth Anti-Frizz Primer


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A white and sweetly scented creamy gel-like product comes out of the nozzle of this quality plastic bottle.  One pump is all I need and I have medium to long hair length - anymore than that and my hair would look overdone and greasy.  So using this product lightly and using it for the mid-lengths and down to the tips of my hair is the best idea for me.  Only a little bit is needed.  If you had shorter hair only 1/2 a pump would be sufficient I think.  It's easy to spread where I want it if I pump the product into my hand, rubbing it around evenly between both palms and then swiping it downwards, starting at the mid-lengths.  The scent soon dissipates not longer after I've applied it to my hair but it's really nice to enjoy the scent when it's just fresh in my hands.   This product fully tames my hair in the morning and makes it shiny too.  My naturally straight hair isn't out of control when I use this and it takes the 'fluffiness' out of my hair.  It aids in the control of my hair and makes it more sleek and smooth.   In the morning, when my hair looks crazy and messy after waking up, I dampen it with a spritzer water bottle and then add this product.  After that I brush my hair and leave it at that or I can go ahead and use heat tools.  The effect lasts all day and into the next until I shampoo my hair again.   This product helps my style last much longer too if I'm using heat tools.   My best tip would be to use a tiny bit at first and then add more as you need to, depending on your hair length and type.   I can highly recommend this product if you want fast control of your hair in the morning that will last all day.
Oh my, I absolutely adore this anti-frizz hair product THE MOST because it is so delicate on my hair and incredibly effective when it comes to destabilising my hair and keeping it in a calm and cool condition aka frizz free. It's so amazing, defs worth a try!
John Frieda is my very best friend and together we finally have my dry, frizzy brillo waves under control. John has a range of products that work together to free you from the frizz. These were all put to the test on my recent trip to Bali. I was excited to be going but dreading the holiday selfies by the pool with me looking a fright.  I purchased this product to protect my hair and pop in poolside after taking a dip so my hair would be smooth, managed and to add weight till I could do the full shampoo and blow dry. This product worked so well, it smelt amazing and tropical, it didn't look weird or heavy while I relaxed pool side and the container is wonderful to travel with and throw in the bottom of my beach bag. I say Thank you John Frieda and my holidays pics were pretty good :)
I am a fan of John Frieda's shampoo and conditioner for curly hair so I was expecting a lot more from this cream. It works wonders when using before blow drying my hair straight but when I let my hair naturally dry and use this product it does nothing for frizz. My hair is curly/wavy and is prone to frizz and dryness. It did make hair feel slightly softer hen using but the frizz was still an issue. It also has a lovely smell and makes hair smell quite nice. I would probably recommend this product as a tool to use when applying heat to your hair not when leaving to air dry.
I cant live without this product, I have very thick hair with a tendency to frizz and kink, this product smoothes and leaves my hair sleek and shiney and so much easier to style. A small amount is all thats needed, about the size of a pea, a little goes a long way for great results
My hair gets seems to get frizzy these days to after  using this product for a couple of month I've had great results, smoother, more tamed hair.  After washing my hair, and whilst it's still wet, I apply a small amount of this cream from mid-length to the ends and style my hair.  It leaves me with more manageable hair that is smoother and shiner without being weighed down. I love the subtle scent it left my hair as it lingers all day.
I I have naturally curly hair that is frizzy unless tamed! I love this product as one pump distributed through my hair when it is damp controls the friz and leaves my hair soft and shiny.
I was lucky enough to receive this product in a Beauty Crew prize pack earlier this year. Had I not have received it, I’m not so sure I would have purchased myself.  First, my hair is very long and I have A LOT of it. I also live in Queensland, where the temperature is hot and the humidity is even hotter. I am known to have the frizziest hair around no matter what products or silky styling tips I try.Enter, John Frieda Frizz Ease Forever Smooth Primer! The easy dispensable bottle comes in sleek silver packaging and the product itself is quite attractive. The pump also helps you dispense exactly how much you need. The product, just like the Frizz Ease range, contains pure coconut oil which you can smell as you glide this magic potion through your tresses. The product recommends you put ONE pump through wet hair and style as usual and to use more or less depending on your hair thickness. Me, being a long-haired frizz-ball master, assumed I would need at least 3 pumps. How very wrong I was.If you take one piece of advice from this review, please use just one pump the first time! Otherwise you will have a greasy mess to deal with. Anyway, after using just one pump (mid lengths to ends) through my just-washed hair I leave to dry and am amazed time after time, with the results. My hair is shiny, smooth, frizz free and smells divine! I find myself constantly receiving compliments on how radiant my hair now looks. This product 100% lives up to what it claims and I can’t believe it is available at most department stores and supermarkets as well as your hair care specialty stores. Because I only use one pump, it also lasts forever. If you have hair that could do with a little smoothing over, please try this product first, it will basically change your life!
I have fine, colour treated blonde hair. Hot days, humidity, air con all contribute to frizzy hair days. I don't like to use conditioner since it usually weighs my hair down. I've been using John Frieda Frizz Ease for a few months now, and I've noticed that it smooths and controls fly always on my fine hair. I wash and blow dry every second day and don't find that it builds up, makes my hair greasy, or weighs it down. I use a small amount (about a half a pump), then work it through my wet hair from half way down. Good value since a little goes a long way.
I always receive compliments on my hair whenever I use John Frieda's Anti-Frizz Primer so it has become my go-to product for making my hair look smooth, shiny and frizz-free! I have very long wavy hair that always gets frizzy regardless of the weather, but using one pump of this on towel dried hair and leaving it in has solved this problem! I apply it only to the ends of my hair as mine can get really really oily and greasy-looking if I use too much product. Once my hair dries and I brush it out, it looks SO healthy and smooth - no frizz, dryness or split ends. Plus it has a really nice smell which is a bonus! Overall I would definitely recommend this to friends, family and anyone else who is wanting to tame their frizzy locks and transform it into smooth, shiny and healthy-looking hair! Pros - Only requires small amount (one pump is more than enough for my very long hair) of this lightweight cream that applies really easily - Packaging is really simple and practical - slim bottle with a pump dispenser that is easily controllable (i.e. you can control how much you want to dispense without spillage and wastage) - Leaves hair looking shiny, smooth and really healthy - Definitely effective in controlling frizzy hair and damaged ends - Hair smells really clean and fresh after use - Affordable  Cons - NONE - I love this product :) 
Dry hair compounded with constant heat styling and icy cold weather turns my hair into a frizzy fiasco.  Just one small pump of the John Frieda anti frizz serum and all is fixed.  Avoid the roots and don't put too much because then it might start to look oily.  The primer is enriched with coconut oil, adding a light scent and transforming my mane into smooth and silky strands.  I apply it to the middle and ends of my hair (where it's most dry and brittle) and it's a crucial step in my hair routine.  Without it my hair attracts static and stands on its end as though I have touched an electrical socket.  My hair feels light and has a natural looking shine, the way healthy hair is supposed to look! You can use it before styling as a form of heat protection and prevention of split ends or as finishing touch to your styled hair.  I find myself touching and running my fingers through my hair because it's so soft and smooth.
I have straight hair that is prone to frizz and since using this product I have noticed an improvement. It's been very helpful over winter as my hair goes crazy as soon as I get caught in the rain. As per the instructions, I apply it to my wet hair after washing and then style. It truly makes a difference and my hair seems shiner, smoother and tamed. One big plus is that the smell is lovely and leaves my hair with a pleasant subtle scent throughout the day. Usually leave-in creams leave my hair feeling oily but I haven't experienced that with this product. My hair feels light and doesn't feel weighed down at all. A little goes a long way so only use a small amount to work through your hair.
This is a brilliant anti frizz and leave in product which keeps my hair feeling soft and keeps any flyaways, away! I only use a tiny amount and apply to towel dried hair and style with my blow dryer. The end result is that my hair looks clean, non greasy and manageable. I suggest to use very little and then add some more the next time because too much can make my hair heavy and greasy. I recommend this product for anyone who wants a dependable product to give their hair a soft and easy to style texture.
With winter comes my dry, hard to tame frizzy hair. That was until I found this awesome anti-frizz primer. It has a cream consistency and contains coconut oil. Coconut oil seems to be all the hype at the moment and I can finally see why. It smells amazing. Drifts me off to a warm tropical place and I can imagine all of its benefits. I apply it on my wet hair and leave it in. Afterwards my hair is so much smoother, feels weightless and looks healthier and shinier. I also suffer from quite a bit of hair breakage but since using this my hair does feel a bit stronger. I saw results from the first day of using this product and it gets better with continued use. A really great quality product that lasts a long time. Remember to use a little bit at a time otherwise your hair will be greasy. This product has saved my hair. It is now easier to control. I recommend it to anyone who needs to wave goodbye to frizz.
I only recently started using this product but within the first use I could notice a difference to my hair. I normally have quite frizzy curly hair, it always feels dry and unmanageable. After using the anti-frizz cream my hair was noticeably much smoother and also shinier. It applies as a cream, it smells amazing and is really easy to work through my hair. I also found I don't need to use a lot which means I'll get a long time out of the bottle. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone, but especially people with frizzy hair like mine.
Love this product, helps tame the frizz. I apply a small amount prior to drying from the mid to ends and it really helps keep it smooth all day long. It even makes it look that bit shinier for a fresh hair look. Although must say you have to make sure you don't put too much on, else you'll end up with greasy looking hair! Overall highly recommend to all the frizz sufferers out there :)