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John Frieda Frizz Ease Miraculous Recovery Shampoo

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John Frieda Frizz Ease Miraculous Recovery Shampoo is a nourishing shampoo that works to cleanse and repair hair whilst protecting it from future damage. The formula has been developed with high levels of humidity protection and anti-breakage ingredients to keep hair strong and healthy.


John Frieda Frizz Ease Miraculous Recovery Shampoo


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My hair is important to me, and is a big part of my identity and one of my best accessories. So I try and look after it the best I can and use a lot of different John Frieda products. I use this product with the miraculous recovery conditioner. I find that will constant and regular use my hair is more soft and moisturised, noticeably shinier and more manageable. The shampoo itself has a nice lightly fragranced scent that definitely isn’t overpowering, but still leaves hair smelling fresh and clean. Is this product the end all on its own? No. On its own the effects are minimal. However when used regularly with the conditioner, and a serum or leave in conditioner I experience great results overall.
John Frieda and I are great friends he is my saviour and a miracle worker. I have tried and tested many of John Frieda's products because I have problem hair. Its long, its coloured, I have foils, I'm greying, its frizzy and also heat damaged. I needed a miracle !!!! This shampoo combined with the conditioner give outstanding results. Like a wish in a tube it works. The packaging is great, easy to use tube which allows you to apply what is appropriate for your length and thickness. The shampoo is creamy and rich and froths up making sure your hair and scalp are squeaky clean but at the same time, scenting and nourishing to repair those dry strands. You can feel the difference instantly and my hair felt soft and silky and smooth before I started to dry it. The end result was glossy smooth locks that no longer had that tired dry and tortured look. What a great product and the price is reasonable. My tip is to use with the conditioner and also the primer for the best result.
I use this shampoo along with the John Frieda conditioner because I have very thick  and quite long hair  which becomes very frizzy I have found this helps quite a lot , it smells lovely and is almost as good as a much more expensive shampoo that I have used but I find if I use an argan oil also I get a much better result
This has literally rescued my hair.  I have been using it in conjuction with the conditioner and serum. So glad I tried them, as I was contemplating cutting my hair much shorter as it was so full of frizz and knots.  I am now able to enjoy having longer hair and it looks amazing.
This is my go to shampoo and conditioner!! John Frieda products are great for taming my frizz crazy mane without weighing it down. It does have a werid smell to it but I don't really mind it because you get used to it and its not a heavy yucky smell, it leaves my hair feeling soft and smooth. The product is easy to get out of the bottle and I think the clear capping on some of john Frieda's shampoo's is gorgeous. I initially thought it was to good to be true when first bought it because ive tried a lot of products on my hair because I have extremely curly, damaged and basically out of control hair so when I feel like taking out ages to style my hair with a straighter all for it to look horrible with all the frizz usually but ive been using this product for two weeks now after the lady in priceline suggested it to me and oh my god!! this stuff is amazing, I don't think ive ever seen my hair so sleek looking and feels nice too not like ive chucked in a bunch of products in my hair. I definetly recommend this to anyone who has frizz prone hair or just wants a super sleek smooth look without to much trouble. Pros: - helps massively with frizz - a lot goes a long way, lathers really well - leaves hair feeling soft and smooth - doesn't try hair out & I don't think there is any cons so what are you waiting for, stop reading reviews and go out and get your hands on these amazing frizz ease products, ive since got the serums and the 3 day straight spray amazing!!
Really liked this shampoo, nice smell, very smoothing and didn't leave my hair feeling stripped of all moisture.  I felt it removed build up well, and can be used regularly.
My gosh,  this shampoo really de frizzed  my hair . Having very thick hair  i had found with the humidity this summer my hair was always fuzzy but this product ( with conditioner and serum )gave me shinny tamed hair, definitely my next purchase   
The John Frieda Frizz Ease Miraculous Recovery Shampoo lives up to its long name.! I was gifted this to trial and am quite impressed with the product. What a marvelous shampoo. I feel that my colored hair has never felt better. I have heat damaged- bleached and stressed my tresses to the max but with this gentle shampoo my hair comes out looking squeaky clean and frizz free. Will absolutely repurchase!
Can't find any fault with this shampoo. It works miraculously as what it claims to do. It nourishes & repairs my hair dry, heated & damage hair and leave it frizz free. The bottle itself its in a attractive shiny metallic colour.Very futuristic and eyecatching. Easy to read font when it's on the shelves. What I like about this it's safe for colour treated hair. The bottle itself it's in a squeeze tube form which it's easy to open The smell itself it's great almost like a light bubblegum/ fruity smells. Leaves my hair smells and look good thoughout the day.  Will definitely recommend to use this with the rest of the range as I think it helps a lot to make me look good and feel good hair day.
I have been sent this to try and i have only used it once so far and i am in love. Has very little to no scent, need very little of the product. Felt wonderful to use my hair didn't feel like a soap bath. I will keep using this as with all the products that go with it has my hair has never felt better. Its the best i have ever straightened has amazing shine to my hair. I highly recommend this and the products that go with it.
The John Frieda Frizz Ease Miraculous Recovery Shampoo is a shampoo that helps to repair hair and also reduce frizz!   As someone whose hair can be a bit prone to breakage and frizz, this was a shampoo I needed to try.   The packaging is a pretty purple and black. This shampoo comes in a plastic container with a flip top lid. The shampoo applies like a normal shampoo, lathers up well and rinses out easily without leaving an residue.   When I use this shampoo with the rest of the range I find that my hair feels soft and it much more manageable in terms of frizziness and flyaways. My hair looks feels and looks nice when it is air dried or when I use a hairdryer when I use this shampoo.   The shampoo does have a fragrance and the scent reminds of some of the shampoos that they use at the hairdressers. The scent does fade away throughout the day.   Pros: - reduces frizz. - helps repair hair. -l eaves hair feeling nourished.   Cons: - does contain SLS if you are trying to avoid that and other chemicals in your haircare products.   When paired with the rest of the miraculous recovery range from John Frieda this shampoo works well. I would recommend this shampoo to people looking for a shampoo that can help repair hair and reduce frizz at the same time.
This product made my hair feel clean in two washes. It's a little slow to come out of the bottle (small opening), but hair felt clean and lasted for several days. My hair did definitely have minimal frizz compared to usual shampoo use.
Great shampoo, using the conditioner, serum and finishing cremé as a whole system definitely has reduced the frizz in my hair substantially and it feels smoother after but I am still left with a bit of a dry feeling, most likely because of how damaged my hair is. Overall, it's a good shampoo alone but with the other products in the frizz ease range it becomes 10x better. I also feel like there is a lot of product in the tube because it's hard to squeeze out at first from all the product jammed in there which is a bonus! I would give this 4 & a half stars if that was an option!
Thick and creamy formula which does what a shampoo should. The fragrance is a little strong for me.
Really like the shampoo - it's not too harsh and easy on curls.
I tried 4 times and it smells good, easy to make bubbles and with one big squeez it covers my long hair so it's not bad. after wash it is pretty soft since my hair is very damaged and frizzy at the moment. I would recommend it to my friends who dye alot or who has natural curly hair.
A good product that gives a thorough clean and makes hair smooth and does provide a notable reduction in frizz.  My one quibble is that it is strongly SLS based (the ingredient used to give a good lather if you're a fan of that), however this does mean that it is not suitable for coloured hair.  Smells lovely and for the price and amount in the tube - excellent value!
I used this shampoo along with the conditioner, serum and the creme. I often have frizzy hair, especially when the weather is a bit crazy and I find it difficult to tame it and keep it tamed throughout the day. This shampoo worked really well to tame it, and it actually stayed nice with only a few extra fly aways at the end of the day. I also loved the smell and actually got a few compliments on how nice I smelt, the smell can be strong and I can imagine it would be overpowering for some, the smell did last through most of the day, however, it is such a lovely smell I really didn't mind!
I am absolutely loving the John Frieda Frizz Ease range! I love the packaging of the shampoo, which is a squeezable tube with the lid at the bottom. I hate tubes which can't be squeezed and have the lid at the top so this is great for me! In terms of results, I have been using this in combination with the conditioner and it really is working so far! I live in quite a humid climate and have really thick curly hair so I find my hair such a challenge at this time of year. Can't wait to see how my hair will look after extended use!
I love this product!! I have hair that is growing out after a straightening treatment and growing back fuzzy/curly as per normal. I have also found after i use the shampoo my hair feels cleaner than with other shampoos and less greasy. The shampoo lathers up well and smells amazing!