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John Frieda Frizz Ease Weightless Wonder Conditioner

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John Frieda Frizz Ease Weightless Wonder Conditioner is a super lightweight conditioner that delivers instant detangling relief without weighing hair down, thanks to its unique formulation of conditioning agents. Positively charged cationic ingredients target negatively charged surface damage to the hair cuticle, smoothing the hair surface and rebuilding suppleness - leaving hair smooth and soft to the touch. 

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John Frieda Frizz Ease Weightless Wonder Conditioner


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Gives soft smooth frizz free hair

Love this conditioner. This is another winner from John freida for me. This conditioner is light and doesn’t weigh my hair down. It smells amazing, like I have just come from the salon. It detangles and smoothes my hair beautifully and controls frizz. I have really thick hair that is prone to frizz especially in damp or humid weather and this range really controls the frizz. This conditioner makes my hair easy to style and leaves a soft silky smooth end result. Just amazing. I would highly recommend this conditioner
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Smooth locks

It's been an absolute pleasure trialling this range from John Frieda. One of the best things I love about this range is the scent! I have even had compliments from my partner on how great my hair smells. Overall the quality of my hair has improved. My hair feels smoother and shinier. I have noticed the range has been great for targeting frizz and baby hairs (which I seem to have a lot of!). I applied the conditioner from mid length to my ends. It was super conditioning and has helped with strengthening my ends. One thing I have noticed since using this range is that after washing my hair, my hair can often feel fluffy and frizzy, however this range has really helped in smoothing things over. This is a killer range for anyone with frizzy hair!
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Smooth and silky!

I received this product along with the shampoo and smoothing creme as a trial. Using this conditioner in combination with the two other products gives the best result! I have long, thick hair with unmanageable frizze and lots of baby hairs. And I got to say, that I am impressed with this product range! Upon first use, my hair felt so smooth and light. I can actually run my fingers through my hair without tangles. The smell is amazingly fresh and lingers for days. I would recommend this product to people who has thick hair with lots of frizze.
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Soft, silky & anti-frizz Conditoner

I have been trialling the John Frieda Frizz Ease Weightless Wonder Conditioner, and I absolutely love it! A little goes along way with this conditioner and it spreads easily throughout the ends of my hair. I love how easily the product detangles my hair in the shower, making it easy to comb my wet hair. The conditioner leaves my hair feeling and looking soft and silky with a subtle shine (which doesn't look oily) and it keeps the frizz and fly aways at bay - winner! The product also smells great and leaves my hair smelling salon fresh! I will continue using and purchasing this conditioner and highly recommend it.
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Silky and frizz free!

I was lucky enough to trial the John Frieda Frizz Ease Weightless Wonder Conditioner along with the Shampoo and Smoothing Crème. My hair is coloured to within an inch of its life so prone to breakage and although my hair is relatively straight there is a lot of it and definitely what I would call frizzy and full of fly aways. I used this conditioner along with the other products in the range for a period of 2 weeks, replacing my usual shampoo, conditioner and leave in product. The conditioner smells lovely - like the professional products they use in salon although the scent is not over powering and doesn't linger in an offensive way post wash. The texture of the product is a light creamy consistency and I found that it detangled my hair post shampoo making it easy to comb through post shower. My favourite part about this product is that when rinsed out of my hair and after a number of uses there was no product build up that weighed down my hair. I also found that when used in combination with the shampoo and crème I noticed significantly fewer fly aways once I had blow dried my hair. This product really helped to keep my hair clean and health whilst managing my biggest hair concern...frizz!
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Loved It

The Weightless Wonder Conditioner is a miracle product, which works great on my hair. I have got thin long and frizzy hair and style very frequently and trust me guys, I am in total love with this product. The packaging is nice and it’s easy to use. I used this conditioner along with the shampoo and I was really impressed. It works great for me It's very hydrating and smelt amazing. I would surely continue using it. I feel very refreshing and fresh after using it and yes it has made my hair less dry and less frizzy. I would 100% recommend this product to everybody. It is non-greasy formula and makes hair very soft and more manageable after every wash. Especially I recommend it to anyone that wants a smoothing product but struggles with hair being weighed down easily. And I also notice it won’t make my hair look sticky soon, I have started washing my hair 1-2 times in a week and it some how helps in styling hair quickly without reducing the overall shine.
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Smooth hair

I was super excited to try out this John Frieda Frizz Ease Weightless Wonder Conditioner, as my hair can get quite frizzy in the humidity of summer. This product had a nice consistency and left my hair feeling incredibly smooth. I used this conditioner alongside the shampoo and smoothing creme from the same range and it did wonders for the condition of my hair. The product itself had a pleasant and refreshing scent to it. I would definitely recommend this frizz ease conditioner to anyone who is prone to frizzy and unruly hair.
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Nice but nothing special

I’ve been trying out the shampoo, conditioner and styling creme in this range and whilst I really like the styling creme, the shampoo and conditioner aren’t anything particular special in terms of benefits and efficacy. The shampoo does feel lightweight and doesn’t leave my hair feeling too weighed down like some other conditioners can. Similar to my feedback on the shampoo, this would be good for those with fine hair. Those with medium to thick hair would likely use more of this product for efficacy. Does leave hair feeling smooth and slightly shinier.
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Aloe coneitiner

I used this conditioner along with the shampoo and creme in this range and I was quite impressed. I can be quite picky with conditioners, however found it to work well and suit my needs. It was hydrating and smelt amazing! I worked it through my ends and left it for five minutes to allow it to penetrate and repair. The aloe in this really was a game changer. It brought my frazzled ends to life and allowed my hair to have less of the "poof" at the ends that I tend to get on freshly washed hair. I let my hair air dry whilst using this range. The end result was smoother and more controllable hydrated hair.
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Another amazing John Frieda product

I have very dry hair that can look frizzy too easily, a great conditioner is key to keeping the frizz at bay. My hair has been bleached and a lot of anti frizz products build up and cause the colour to look darker/less vibrant, this line hasn’t caused any issues for me. The texture is lovely and light yet my hair still feels like i have used a heavy mask. A little goes a long way, the price is a bit high but the bottle will last a long time. I highly recommend this conditioner for anyone that wants silky smooth hair, without the hair being sticky and weighed down.
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10 out of 10

Not only does this product completely defrizz my hair, it also detangled and made it weightless. I really like the addition of Aloe Vera. It smells amazingly fresh and clean and that smell lasts all day. It didn't make my hair greasy. I got lots of compliments from strangers staying how great it looked on a humid day. It was so easy to use and apply and whilst I was in the shower, it made my hair so silky. I saw instant results and will definitely repurchase when it gets empty. Using the shampoo and conditioner along with the creme is a killer combo.
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Frizzy Mcgee is not me!

This product gave my hair the bounce and clean that my frizzbal hair needed! My hair is more on the curly/wavy end and I notice that so many conditioners can hydrate it but tend to also weigh it down. This can affect my curls and gives me just dull and lifeless hair. I thank fully didn't experience this with the John Frieda Frizz Ease Weightless Wonder Conditioner. It gave me volume and hydration, without frizz and weight. The flip bottle is great, however as I have bad eye sight I wish they made the bottle slightly different to the shampoo so I could easily distinguish which is which without the need to read the words.. smallest criticisim but something I appreciate in a bottle design. A little went a long way! I usually find myself having to use double if not TRIPLE the amount of conditioner to work through my ends and keep it sopping and covered. This product was easy to spread and comb through my ends and smelt just like a salon! I don't necessarily see my hair as needing to be washed less often. I stuck to my usual wash regime (about twice a week) and avoided heat styling as I find it makes my hair produce more oil. I didn't feel the need to heatstyle as after the use of this product my hair was manageable and air dried to be quite nice/presentable.
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Saving me from a knotty mess

Whilst the shampoo let me down, this conditioner and the serum saved the day. I have fine, over processed, frizzy hair that knots just by looking at it. I am in dire need of a haircut. This conditioner was lovely to apply, and really helped detangle my knotty mess of hair. I smells nice and light (the scent doesn't linger for those that are adverse to scents in their hair and beauty products). The packaging is nice and easy to use. Overall this conditioner really was lovely and I will go on to continue using this and the serum, but for me (see other review) the shampoo let the system down. Also for you fine haired gals out there, please note that this, like the label says, doesn't weight your hair down. I was really worried about this but I can leave my hair 2 days without washing and just touch up with dry shampoo at my roots if needed.
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Great Conditioner

I hadn’t used any John Frieda products for years, so I was excited to be able to trial the new Frizz Ease Weightless Wonder range. Firstly, I have shoulder length fine hair that is prone to frizzing and struggle to find hair products that don’t weigh my hair down while controlling frizz. The range has a beautiful fruity/floral scent that wasn’t overpowering. The squeeze tube packaging is great for use in the shower and is easy to use. After using the shampoo from the same range, I applied a small amount of the conditioner (about the size of a 10c coin) from the mid-lengths to the ends of my hair. It rinsed out easily without leaving any residue, and my hair felt lovely and soft after it dried. Overall, I enjoyed using the John Freida Conditioner and will continue to use it in conjunction with the shampoo. The product combination worked well at minimizing frizz and left my hair feeling soft and looking quite voluminous
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The whole range for this product line smells great and the packaging is convenient in design in the form of a sturdy flip top lid which is appreciated for easy handling in the shower, plus the colour scheme is very pretty. The feel of the product while using is great but I’ve been left divided on opinion on effectiveness. After washing and drying my hair as per instructions my hair wasn’t any less frizzy nor did it feel weightless, maybe even the opposite, however surprisingly I ended up with amazing second and third day hair with a little help of dry shampoo for oil control. My hair was smooth and soft and maintained proper moisture throughout the length to the ends leaving it looking healthy which are the results I had hoped for from day 1. I’m not sure whether I would repurchase, but I’m enjoying it while the bottle lasts.
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I'm loving this frizz-free conditioner by John Frieda. This was my first time trying this brand and this range is perfect for my fine to medium thickness, frizzy hair that often gets oily within 2-3 days. My hair feels smooth, tamed and still retains its natural volume. Also, I have stopped using hairspray/serums for the frizzy bits once my hair is dry! My hair feel nourished, fresh and smells really nice. The conditioner is just perfect to settle down the frizzies, but also keeps my hair fresh and fluffy, and not weighed down by the moiturising nature of it. It is affordably priced and works like a charm. When I blow dry and use a straightener, it feels like silk and is virtually frizz free. I don't like using a lot of heat on my hair, so this product is great for my air drying needs as well. I have tried out other products with frizz taming claims, but nothing quite beats this. It does exactly what it promises to do!
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Tame the frizz

I’ve been using the John Frieda frizz-ease weightless conditioner in conjunction with the shampoo and I’m thoroughly enjoying it. I don’t need to use a lot of product on my hair generally the size if a 20 cent piece and I’m also finding that I’m having to wash my hair less due to there not being a build up on my scalp. My hair feels softer and more manageable after every wash. The fragrance is pleasant and light which means it can be used by the whole family. I’ve added it to my shower dispenser as that’s were my good ones go and I will definitely be repurchasing more when I run out. It’s super affordable, easy to use and I will let everyone know.
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Such a great product

I have a love hate relationship with conditioner. My hair needs it but a lot of conditioners leave my hair greasy and limp, which is really not the look I'm going for. I'll often skip conditioner all together. I was quite sceptical when I first tried the weightless wonder conditioner, but I've been pleasantly surprised. It's light yet hydrating, kind of like a gel moisturiser but for the hair. Used in conjunction with the shampoo my hair feels clean and a lot smoother than normal. I've been using this for two weeks and with each use my hair gets less and less frizzy. If you have fine, flyaway hair this could be your new holy grail.
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Mixed feelings

I was lucky enough to try this product before it’s initial release. I have very fine and dry hair and have hair extensions in at the moment too. I found this hasn’t helped with my frizz much at all, it also left my hair feeling quite oily and heavy meaning I had to rewash it sooner, I try to wash once or twice a week. I had paired it with the shampoo and the leave in serum too on the occasions I tried it. The product feels and smells amazing, it doesn’t have a ‘chemically’ smell to it which was really nice. The product is so lightweight and soft in your hand, it glides on your hair nicely and rinses out well though! I don’t think I would necessarily re-purchase this product, I’m going to give the remaining to my mum for her to try as she has the same hair type as me. The packaging was also aesthetically pleasing to look at with shimmery features and matte sections with glossy text.
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Frizz Ease Weightless Wonder Conditioner

The Weightless Wonder Conditioner certainly weightlessly nourished and detangled my frizzy, fine hair, with the infusion of hydrating aloe water. Following after such a cleansing shampoo, it makes sense to use a product like this that gives hydration and moisture back to the hair. Some conditioners I've tried in the past have been thick moisturisers and oils, which always seem to weigh my hair down and make it look flat and greasy. However, this formula fights the frizz, but leaves my hair light and airy. The ingredients seem great too. Aloe vera plant is made up of protein, water, and is rich in vitamins A, B, C and E. It's a fantastic ingredient for hydration, which is what my ends crave. The fragrance is consistent with the rest of the line. It features a fresh citrus scent with an amber base finish.