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John Frieda Luxurious Volume Core Restore Advanced Protein Volumizer

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John Frieda Luxurious Volume Core Restore Advanced Protein Volumizer is a volumising hair treatment that penetrates each hair strand to reinforce its natural protein chains. With continued use the heat-activated formula gradually builds volume to leave hair looking and feeling thicker. For best results, apply through the lengths of towel-dried hair before blow-drying upside-down.


John Frieda Luxurious Volume Core Restore Advanced Protein Volumizer


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I love John freida products and this protein volumiser really worked for me. So easy to use, I just apply to damp towel dried hair and work through then style as normal. It’s great value as a little goes a long way and it not only adds volume but makes styling super easy and gives a lovely shine and swishy healthy feel up hair. The consistency is light and not oily or sticky, it didn’t weigh my hair down and made blow drying a dream. It smells pleasant and the packaging is classy. I felt it made my blow dry last longer. Overall I loved this product and would purchase it again. I highly recommend it.
I really like using this product before I blow dry and GHD.  I find that it helps to hold the straightening for longer because my hair is thicker when I use it.  Especially my bangs which can sometimes look at bit wispy.  This product makes my hair appear full, even when straight.
I blow dry my hair after every shower and after using this product for a week I noticed a lot of difference. I have short hair so it often lies flat but this product, combined with my round brush and hairdryer give my hair new life. And it is so creamy.
Serums usually leave my hair feeling hard and brittle but this one has worked wonders and I love it! I could see results by the end of the week which amazed me. My hair feel so full and I was getting compliments all week. Loving the combo with the shampoo and conditioner.
I only used a small amount of this product and the results speak for themselves. Combined with the shampoo and conditioner my hair has more volume then ever. It's hard to find volumizer serums that don't make my hair feel oily but this has definitely done the job! A+
I've been using this Luxurious Volume Core Restore Advanced Protein Volumizer along with the shampoo and conditioner and would definitely recommend this to anyone who has fine hair and wants to add volume. I usually avoid serums as they often leave my hair sticky and hard to style. This product felt so nice in my hair and added volume without the stickiness. So easy to use too!
I used this product with the Volumizing Shampoo and Conditioner. I was impressed with the difference even after just a week! It doesn't make my hair feel oily once it has been brushed through either which is normally the result I get. Would definitely recommend this product and I will keep using it!
I was a bit nervous about trying this product as I don't normally like a leave in on my fine hair, however I really liked this. The volumiser adds the extra volume to the hair to improve the effects of the shampoo and conditioner. After blow drying the volume in my hair lasted longer than it would just using a shampoo and conditioner. Really like this!
I foundthis product in combination with the shampoo and conditioner worked well. Itdoes hold your hair in place with almost a hairspray consistency so kept thevolume and style for a couple of days. I found that one pump was the bestfor my hair type. I'd recommend this products to my friends with finehair.  
This product is fantastic! I don't usually use hair serums and this wassuch a delight to use. Super easy instructions and it left my hair smelling andfeeling great. I used it for the first time for a xmas lunch and it definitelykept my hair volumise and looking fresh all day. Love!
I found I only needed to use a small amount of this product due to my hair being fine. A quick blow dry to activate the formula was all it needed. I've only been using this product for 2 weeks and can already see the results which is amazing.
This was a great addition to my haircare regime, and definitely added texture and volume to my usually flat/sleek hair. As my hair sits just on my shoulders,I found I didn’t need as much product as the directions suggested, which was a bonus for me as it means the product will last me even longer. I got caught in the rain one day and I definitely noticed that when my hair dried, it was full of volume and bounce which I really enjoyed!
I didn’t enjoy this product as much as the other two in the range, I felt the shampoo and conditioner together did a great job of creating volume in my hair. The ends of my hair felt almost straw like, and 3 pumps was 1 too many. I tend to not blow dry during the week, but would use this for a weekend blow dry, as I did find my hair did hold nicely.
I enjoyed using the range of products. They had a fresh aquatic smell which wasn't overwhelming or sickly sweet (who needs a caramel latte in the shower?!) The shampoo lathered up like soap suds in a cartoon and yet didn't strip my hair too much. The clear conditioner was a novelty; something I hadn't tried before. It softened my hair but didn't deeply treat it meaning it was a little knotted after washing (thank goodness for my tangle teezer!). The serum was the workhorse in the trio, it most definitely boosted volume but it made my hair a little sticky meaning it was harder to style smoothly and my hair, although lifted was also a bit frizzy as a result. All in all the products did lift my locks, but I have found products that do it without compromising in other areas. I have fine blonde hair, but lots of it, it's coloured and I use hot tools frequently. The look I love; brushed out glamorous waves, Victoria Secret-ish sans the diet and wings!
As others have mentioned, this product does feel quite sticky when first applied.  Fortunately the stickiness gives way to va-va-voom hair when towel-dried hair is blow-dried. And the added volume does last, to a lesser degree, over following days. I do like the effect that the product gives, but as my hair is very long I choose to usually air-dry my hair.  Blow-drying my hair takes forever!   What I would prefer in a Volumiser is one that works well with air drying - like my volumusing mousse does.  A product that needs a hairdryer.wouldnt be my top of my shopping list. As a trio, this is a fabulous range for us fine-haired ladies.  Especially if you usually blowdry your hair, definitely put this in your shopping basket.
I really wanted to like the Volumiser but it made my hair sticky and stiff, without any shine.  I don't usually blow dry my hair and I found it annoying that it needed to be 'activated' by blow drying. So I tried it without drying, and it seemed to have the same effect, it did add volume, but it didn't look natural.
I followed the instructions on the bottle which says to dispense 3 pumps onto your hand and massage evenly through the hair. Once blowed dried my hair was stiff as a board and I could do nothing with it but to rewash and then I applied only one pump and this was more than enough for my shoulder length hair to give it volume and lift. However I do feel that I didn't need this product as the shampoo and conditioner left my fine hair with enough volume that I was happy to forgo the further use of this product. If you do need to use the Volumizer a little goes a long way.
This product is easy to work through hair, has a gentle fragrance and it gives great volume to fine, limp hair! However it does leave hair feeling a little sticky and rough. This is great for holding up-styles, but if you want to wear your hair down, expect tangles!
I have fine hair but a lot of it. I found this product didn't suit my hair at all, I used the recommended amount and blow dried my hair upside down to give it a boost. I found it actually quite heavy and that it weighed my hair down and made it a little oily looking.
This volumising hair serum is great. I feel it’s better in my hair with only 2 pumps and I have long hair. The pump container and packaging is cute and has a pleasant enough smell. I also used it after washing with my usual hair products just to see how it stood on its own and I really liked it. I found it too much when I used it in conjunction with the conditioner. My hair certainly had more volume but wasn’t exactly “soft” ... but that’s the compromise. I was really happy after blow-drying using this product.