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John Frieda Sheer Blonde Brilliantly Brighter Blonde Perfecting Treatment

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John Frieda Sheer Blonde Brilliantly Brighter Blonde Perfecting Treatment is a weekly five-minute hair treatment for colour treated blonde hair. The formula has been developed to deposit blonde dye molecules onto the hair’s surface to add a shimmery veil over each strand.


John Frieda Sheer Blonde Brilliantly Brighter Blonde Perfecting Treatment


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I have used this twice now, and the first time I did not see any impact on my hair at all - though I did use conditioner after rinsing the product (which is allowed, as long as you rinse it off straight away). I wonder if that diminished any effect. I used it a second time - last night - and the result was better. It's not an effect anyone else would notice, but when I look in the mirror, I think I see my blonde highlights are a bit brighter. They are maybe a tad yellower, but I am completely fine with that. It also really doesn't need conditioner used after rinsing it off, though I had to use a bit of product after straightening it as it was a bit flyaway on top.  I will use it again over the next month or so, but I don't think I will buy the product again. 
I have always taken particular care to ensure my salon coloured hair is in top notch condition and I’m always on the lookout for different products to give a deep shine, combat dryness and prevent frizz.   I purchased the John Frieda Sheer Blonde Brilliantly Brighter Blonde Perfecting Treatment after reading a number of reviews because I was looking for a product to maintain my salon treated blonde hair.   The shimmery gold and silver packaging stands out on my shower shelf and is a reminder to use the product each week.   The sheer blonde treatment is a bright mango yellow colour so there is no mistaking what product you have selected when you squeeze this onto your fingers.  There is a slight chemical smell but it is not unpleasant.  I have short hair and at present I have lighter streaks through a darker base so it’s the streaks that can often give a dull appearance.  In this respect I don’t need to use much product to achieve a brighter blonde.   I was a bit hesitant when I first used this treatment but I needn’t have worried because it is so easy to use and gives such a fantastic result.  After applying the treatment I waited for a few minutes before thoroughly rinsing it off.  I was amazed that my hair instantly felt soft and silky, but once I blow dried my hair the results were even more pronounced.  My hair had a deep glossy shine and looked silky smooth – just like stepping out from the beauty salon - and this remained until I washed my hair again.   I have no hesitation in recommending the John Frieda Sheer Blonde Brilliantly Brighter Blonde Perfecting Treatment to anyone with colour treated blonde hair whether it is salon treated or home coloured.  Pros: gives a brilliant shine; is easy to use; leaves hair feeling soft and silky.   Cons: none, in my opinion
Hair care and really looking after my hair so that it's shiny, full and protected, is a major part of my beauty routine, and just as I have the brands I use in makeup and skin care really narrowed down, I am a little fussy with what I use on my hair. I am really into using home dye kits to experiment and change up my look but I need to make sure that I maintain my colour and protect my hair with the right shampoo, conditioner, mask and treatments. I've tried a lot of brands and products, some good, some bad and some brilliant, and John Frieda is one that falls into the brilliant category. Having recently dyed my hair a light, almost platinum blonde shade, I needed not just a blonde care shampoo and conditioner, but a treatment to ensure my blonde stays bright, shiny and well, blonde, which is where this little treatment comes in. Once or twice a week, you apply it through your strands like a mask, leave to soak in for five or more minutes, rinse out and when hair is dry, you should be left with creamy, bright, and blonder looking hair, and as I found out, it does all that and more. After my usual double shampoo, I squeezed the excess moisture out of the ends of my hair, smoothed a dollop from the roots to the ends and popped on a shower cap and let it do its magic on my new blonde hair. Once I had rinsed thoroughly, dried and combed my locks, what I was left with was bright, shiny, glossy and soft and silky blonde tresses. I do think it added more of an even blonde shade and highlights throughout my hair, and it smelled and felt absolutely divine. I use it now at least twice a week and my blonde shade continues to remain soft, glossy, hydrated, protected, and yes, brilliantly brighter, just like the packet says. It has made my colour remain a lot longer and looks freshly dyed still, three weeks later. If you want to experiment with different coloured hair as often as I do, you need to protect it and maintain it with the right products, and John Frieda delivers that in products that are affordable, effective and give long term results right from the word go. Beauty starts from my hair and I can feel good experimenting with different shades knowing my hair will be protected and brilliantly beautiful.
love this product! quick and easy to use and saw great results after only one use!
Love this treatment! Its so easy to use and is as simple as substituting for my conditioner! I will definitely repurchase!
Loved how easy this product is to use. The smell was also lovely. It left my hair soft so I didn't need to use conditioner afterwards, but I didn't find it to be that great for my blonde colour as it made my blonde go a dark yellow. Didn't really notice any shimmer or shininess in my hair. I wouldn't buy this product.
I felt that both the conditioner and the blonde perfecting treatment weren't as successful on my hair like the shampoo was.Again, I found that the treatment didn't aid the tangling I had from the conditioner.What a shame! Still loving the shampoo though.
I love the shine and smoothness that this treatment gave my hair. It was easy to use and lasted longer than I thought it would. Sure, if you’re looking for a drastic change: this isn’t it. If you’re looking to extend time between hair appointments or give your hair a little lift, than this is perfect. I've used my fair share of leave in conditioners and this is by far my favourite. It doesn't have an overwhelming scent and the texture is pretty much what you'd expect -  but its' the after-feel that makes this product so great. It manages to smooth and bind the hair, making it feel thicker and healthier. This is the first product I've used that I've found a true difference in the texture my hair over time.
Love this treatment!! Ease of use is a big thing and just replacing it with the conditioner once a week makes it so easy!! Lovely smell. A product that actually dies what it says.
This treatment was great, I was happy with how my hair looked and felt after using this product. I did have to use conditioner after using this treatment to get all the knots out and detangle my hair but other than that i was very happy with it
Really enjoyed this treatment, I have blonde foils in my hair and i feel this product took out the brassiness and lightened the blonde in my hair. Highly recommended for blondes.
Blonde hair....a gift that is rarely handed out naturally (but when it is,it is supposed to help channel your inner Marilyn / Brigitte / Grace) PLUS,of course,we have all heard that we are supposed to have more fun right ? Hmmmm,well whilst i'm not so sure about that (have you ever tried keeping blonde hair from looking like Kermit the frog's lovechild after a dip in a pool ?????) or tried to stop it looking / feeling like something more at home in a horse feed supply store ?  Well,dear reader,therein lies the challenges of all blondes...and thankfully John Frieda has noted these issues and created a range to help maintain that gorgeous golden hue,while ensuring complete care.Enter this new offering...Sheer Blonde Brilliantly Brighter Blonde Perfecting Treatment,with Light Reflecting Technology,that gives a stunning,shimmery glint of gold to all blonde tones (natural OR,ahem,"assisted" ) and leaves your tresses feeling like pure silk.Super easy and convenient,you use this in-shower treatment weekly (i do it twice a week when i am in need of a trip to the salon),leave for a few minutes after ,et voila... a shimmery overlay of pearlescent, light-reflecting tones that would turn even the most gorgeous blonde bombshell "green" with envy (and you feeling / looking like a goddess).As for colour buildup....forget it - this deposits a subtle layer of colour that won't clash with your own hue or add tones that add up to a yellow / brassy mess. And as we all know,a treatment is ESSENTIAL for coloured hair...this is a lux feeling option that leaves hair manageable,repaired,easy to wet brush (a true test of any hair care product) with less breakage and an exceptional silky feel that aids with styling.Use this in conjunction with other Sheer Blonde products to maintain the blonde you have spent your hard earned on and possibly even extend the length of time between salon visits. A must have if you have blonde hair that is more beach battered than beach babe. TIP: Need to get to the salon,but are short of time / dollars ? Use this to extend the colour of any shade of blonde (as well as,shall we say, "natural ash blonde"...greys.It keeps those strands looking bright and white as well..hard to maintain at times) between visits.It is cheaper,and doubles as a salon style treatment until you can get to the real thing.
My hair is highlighted blonde, so at home I use products to get it from goingbrassy in between visits to the hairdresser. The John Frieda Sheer Blonde Brilliantly Brighter Blonde Perfecting Treatment is a treatment that claims to help blonde hair and a shimmery veil. I was excited to try this treatment because I love the shimmer effects of blonde hair in the sunlight.   The treatment comes in a plastic bottle with a flip top lid.   The treatment is really to use. You simply apply in the shower to damp hair, andthen let it sit in your hair for five minutes and then rinse out. If needed you can still follow up with your normal conditioner as well. You can use this treatment a couple of times a week. I love how quick and convenient this treatment is to use.   After using this treatment a few times, I could that it did add some shimmer to myhair. My hair is on the darker side of blonde and the treatment gave some of my hair a shimmery effect and gave it a bit more dimension.   I did find that with this treatment, I still need to use a conditioner afterwards, otherwise my hair didn’t feel as soft as normal.   I have enjoyed using this treatment along with the matching shampoo and conditioner from the John Frieda range.
After trialling the shampoo and conditioner in this range, I was keen to try the treatment and used it once.  While it left the texture of my hair softer, I didn't really like the end result.... a bit yellowish but my hair tends to throw red so that could be the problem!
two reviews here:  1) I have platinum blonde hair courtesy of a fab hairdresser... (AKA fakin it!) and read on the product that its not recommended for platinum blondes. Done a test spot for review sake and it made my blonde yellow. Like brass yellow. It did smell professional, like I was back at the hairdressers.  2) my son has naturally blonde hair (lucky him!) he tried this product, and he likes it. His hair was softer and he liked the smell. It didn't change his colour, would have to have multiple uses to see any shimmer effects we think.
Having loved the John Frieda Sheer Blonde Brilliantly Brighter Shampoo and Conditioner, I was eager to try the John Frieda Sheer Blonde Brilliantly Brighter Perfecting Treatment also. Unfortunately, rather than leaving my hair ‘Brilliantly Brighter’, my hair actually looked darker, and there was no sign of the shimmering highlights I had been expecting. Whilst I’m a little disappointed in the effect this product had on my colour, it certainly left my hair softer and with more body. 
As a blonde with fine hair I am always worried about using any 'treatment' products in my hair as they are notorious for weighing my hair down. I have had many professional treatments that have left my hair looking much worse than when I started, but I am happy to report that the John Frieda sheer blonde brilliantly brighter blonde perfecting treatment left my hair looking and feeling fabulous. I applied the treatment immediately after shampooing and left it on for approximately 3-5 minutes. It states on the bottle to leave for 5 minutes but due to the sensitivity of my hair to treatments I have found that a shorter time was better for me. I love the fragrance of the treatment and although I can't state that my hair looks much 'brighter' it certainly has more body and looks in better condition. I will continue to use this treatment as I was extremely happy with the results.
My hair felt really great afterwards and it definitely looked a lot shinier however the yellow of the product did not go well with my hair colour. It turned my ice blonde/ash hair a little yellow - I think it would suit more golden blonde tones better. It was definitely easy to use and would have been a great product otherwise. I would recommend this only to those with a more natural, golden blonde colour.
I was excited to trial this product but was surprised to find that it was a dark yellow/orange colour. I was apprehensive to test as I find the most effective colour treatments for blondes tend to be 'purple'. I took the chance though and of course didn't strand test , honestly who does? I was not impressed with the smell of the product (this wouldn't necessarily prevent me from purchasing the product) and I also thought it was odd that it was optional to use conditioner after use. As a mum I'm a little time poor so if I'm going to use a treatment I'd prefer it to be a one stop shop. The biggest issue I found with this product which would prevent me from purchasing or recommending is that I feel after use my hair (particularly the ends) are more dull and dry than before use. I also think my hair is now more yellow, which some people might like but I prefer an ash blonde. So whilst my star review might be harsh, this is a review that might be insightful for someone time poor, who prefers a less yellow blonde. Hopefully that's helpful.
I have used this treatment twice, it lasts 3 washes after each use. I found that it made my hair soft and shiny. The product was easy to use, you just need to apply it after shampooing your hair and then rinse it off after 5 minutes. The colour of the product is yellow, so i would not recommend this for light blonde or ashy cool blondes, it would work well with more of a golden or darker blonde hair colour. My hair is usually cool toned and i found that this treatment did make my hair a bit yellow.