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John Frieda Sheer Blonde Brilliantly Brighter Shampoo

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John Frieda Sheer Blonde Brilliant Brighter Shampoo is a protecting shampoo for colour treated blonde hair that works to penetrate and perfect each strand and boost its luminosity. The formula also works to shrink hair pores to leave hair smooth, shiny and soft.


John Frieda Sheer Blonde Brilliantly Brighter Shampoo


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Shocked how much my hair loves this John Frieda Sheer Blonde Brilliant Brighter Shampoo. Why shocked?  I used it together with the matching conditioner. But even on its own it is brilliant. I have waist long hair , fine and lots of it. Colour treated (highlighted). All of this makes my hair easy to snap, hard to brush, dry ends, fluffy...etc.  Then I got both of these and things changed in one wash. Shocked because they both (shampoo and conditioner) do not have any "special" "miracle" ingredients in them, marketing claims...nothing...only the packaging made me get them. Sooo bright, shiny, chrome prettiness!  Only 2 lines of basic ingredients to wash the hair and make it conditioned.  Results: towel dried hair brushed with so much ease that I have not used anything like it before. Glides like trough silk. Well after my hair deird out, felt like silk! And no fluffiness, but as natural hair should be when healthy and zero humidity (is this even possible? No.) Shine, yes, amazing. Smooth, soft hair like silk. Basically in a nutshell. Formula foams so well just on one wash. The shampoo is very thick, so use sparingly. And distribute well, not getting one blob on just one part of the scalp. I take bits and distribute evenly before massaging all over. Scent is light, fresh and does not stay.  Love this shampoo and matching conditioner!
John Frieda Sheer Blonde Brilliantly Brighter Shampoo is the best shampoo if you have blonde hair.  It's a hugely generous tube and the product will last you many months.    The product has a lovely texture and consistency , and the shampoo has a subtle but very pleasant scent.  The shampoo lathers up well and I find one wash is enough, unless my hair is particularly dirty. The shampoo gives your hair a superior cleanse, and gets rid of all product residue too, like hairspray and other styling products.    The shampoo also brightens my hair, leaving it looking more lustrous, healthy and radiant.     My colour looks more toned and a much better shade of blonde, with no brassy overtones . Pros Excellent value Easy to use tube Generous size, will last you 6 months Brightens and revitalizes hair colour Makes blonde hair look brighter, and gets rid of orange tones I recommend this shampoo to anyone who colours their hair.   It tones down orange and brassy tones, making your hair look visibly brighter, fresher and much more natural.
I bought this gorgeous shampoo as a treat for my mum who has blonde hair. She loves this product. it leaves her blonde hair with a bright luminosity and protects her colour treated hair beautifully. This shampoo lathers and rinses well leaving hair super soft, especially when used in conjunction with the matching conditioner. It smells lovely and leaves blond hair soft, shiny and bright. The johnfreida range is brilliant, I have dark hair and use the brunette range. a great product i highly recommend
I have been using this shampoo (and conditioner) for the last couple of weeks. I have received compliments on how bright my hair looks and have been asked if I recently had it coloured - which was fantastic! This product also has a nice scent and makes me hair feel super clean. I have told some of the girls at work about this shampoo and they love it too.
i have picky hair and its hard to find a great shampoo for me - this certainly was a delight for me, would use regularly!
John Frieda have got it right with the packaging and the shampoo smells delish! I had never used these products until now and I wish I had started sooner - My hair looks noticeably brighter and it feels silky and soft.
This shampoo delivers all its promises with a bang! Soft, smooth, manageable hair which just shines - I look like I just came out the salon.  I love this product ad so does my hair.  I love the scent of the shampoo and it lathers up nicely, washing out with ease. I've no doubt that this shampoo will prolong my hair colour and keep my hair looking and feeling healthy and strong.
Great product, left my hair soft and smells great
Loved how it was glittery!! Nice smell and made my hair feel amazing... Couldn't really pick on anything. I could even go 2 days between washes. Will be buying again!!
This product is lovely! Smells great and leaves hair nice and clean, I used this product in conjunction with the conditioner and treatment and had both my daughter and partner comment on my hair saying it looked really nice and shiny
Loved the packaging, smell and way the product felt on my hair. I didn't see much brightening difference in my hair after one use. It may be benficial to use it over a period of time to see a benefit. But overall great product.
My hair is highlighted blonde, so at home I use products to get it from going brassy in between visits to the hairdresser. John Frieda Sheer Blonde Brilliantly Brighter Shampoo is a shampoo that helps colour treated hair, boosts luminosity and leaves hair smooth, shiny and soft. I was excited to try this shampoo as these are my hair care concerns.   The shampoo comes in a plastic container with a flip top lid. The packaging is really pretty and is shiny/holographic style. The shampoo itself is pearly iridescent colour and it smells really nice. The shampoo has a normal creamy consistency and it feels nourishing as you apply it to your hair.   The shampoo is really easy to use, apply as your normally would, lather up and rinse, then follow up with a conditioner. Its quick and convenient to use.   I used this shampoo (and conditioner) for a few weeks and found that it left my hair, super soft, added shine and dimension and always left my hair feeling clear and healthy. The shampoo helps to maintain my blonde hair in between my visits to the hairdresser, so I think its good value and something that you should try if you have colour treated blonde hair.   I have enjoyed using this shampoo, along with the matching conditioner and treatment from the John Frieda range.  
Love the packaging of this product and that it is not a pump pack, which is easier to port around when travelling. The smell of the shampoo is lovely. The shampoo cleans well and does not irritate my scalp. I find the product works more effectively when left on the hair for a few extra minutes. Washes off easily and hair feels good even without conditioner (I have short hair) I would probably by this product again and recommend for people with blonde hair
Thanks to the Beauty Crew for the opportunity to review this product!  The shampoo has a lovely fragrance and a little goes a long way especially on fine hair like mine.  I noticed a huge difference to the shine after just one wash and was very happy with the result.  I'd definitely buy this product again but I do use a purple shampoo to counteract yellowing so I'd use it in tandem with that.
The John Freida range is always the smartest looking products on the shelves, and this range hits the mark again. I love the holographic bottles, so sophisticated and cutting edge! the squeeze bottles are easy to use without ending up with too much in your hand. This shampoo is of a thick consistency and a little goes a long way. It foams easily and gets from roots to ends effortlessly. Leave it for a minute and rinse, my hair feels thoroughly cleaned. Over cleaned maybe however, it makes my long hair extra knotted, rough and dry even after using extra conditioner. It feels over treated, takes longer to brush and straighten and I don't see any shimmer or shine, but my blonde has been gradually brighter. The fragrance was a bit off? Not sure if ts just my bottle but it smelt more chemical than fragrance, but It felt more professional for it rather than over fragranced. I would try another different blonde John Freida shampoo now I have tried this one, maybe one more suited to my hair type.
My first impression of the John Frieda Sheer Blonde Brilliantly Brighter Shampoo was not entirely positive; my hair smelling more like poorly rinsed hair dye than 'luxury salon experience'. Having said this, in combination with the John Frieda Sheer Blonde Brilliantly Brighter Conditioner, my colour is lighter, brighter and more even in tone. And, remarkably, this change was evident after the first wash. Despite the smell, I really liked this product and would definitely recommend it to those looking to refresh their colour between salon visits.
As a natural blonde (with added help :-)) I am always on the look out for a good blonde shampoo and conditioner to keep my hair in tip top condition. That has become more important in the last few months as I am trying to 'stretch' my colour appointments out a little so I have more spending money for an upcoming European trip (shopping priorities!!- don't judge me too much). Upon opening the shampoo I was struck by the beautiful floral fragrance that wafted out of the bottle. I am a sucker for beautiful fragrances and this definitely hit the mark for me. The shampoo is very thick and creamy and I was very pleasantly surprised by the lather I was able to achieve - even with very little product dispensed. The shampoo does a beautiful job of cleaning my hair (especially the hair powder that I use daily) and I was left with clean, fresh hair that wasn't at all 'squeaky' after rinsing. I often find my hair feels 'stripped' if I use hair products that are too harsh or lather too much, but this wasn't a problem at all. Once rinsed I followed up with the recommended conditioner and I was pleased to see that my hair looked shiny and full of body - just the way I like it. I like that the product is not the traditional purple colour that is commonly used to help combat brassiness in blondes as I am always concerned about the purple staining my towels. If you have blonde hair and are looking for a new alternative to your current blonde shampoo, I would certainly suggest you check the John Frieda sheer blonde brilliantly brighter shampoo and conditioner.
I really liked this shampoo. I have been a fan of the John Frieda Sheer Blonde Lightening Shampoo for a while and I think this may now be my new go to. I found that my hair was more bouncier and less weighed down than with other shampoo's but it didn't change my colour which was a huge plus. I also liked that my hair felt smooth and not horrible before putting in conditioner like it can with other shampoo's. Definitely recommend this shampoo!
Like many other reviewers I liked the scent of this shampoo. I found it a nice texture and found I only needed a modest amount for a good clean. I felt that the shampoo was revitalizing while cleaning and did not strip or dry out my hair like some other shampoos for blondes can. I liked the packaging and think it will be a good product size to travel with. If however I was to compare this product price point to other substitutions I'm not convinced I would pick this product to purchase. I have only used it three times, along with the other products in this range so I cannot isolate the impact it is having on my hair colour (and I was not thrilled with the yellowness of my hair from the treatment, which may also be from the shampoo)
I really like this shampoo, it left my hair feeling clean, shiny and soft . I have colour treated blonde hair and this product made it brighter and luminous.  I would recommend this for all shades of blonde hair as it does not deposit colour.