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John Plunkett Cosmeceuticals Collagen Eye Lift is an intensely moisturising eye cream suitable for morning and evening use. It is clinically proven to reduce lines by 33 per cent after 60 days. It is formulated with hyaluronic acid and rosehip oil to hydrate, plump and firm the skin and improve elasticity. It also contains three per cent Matrixyl™ 3000, which is a regenerating peptide clinically proven to boost collagen and elastin production. Skin is left firm, lifted and the appearance of fine lines reduced. Eyeseryl peptides help promote skin strength and elasticity to fight under-eye puffiness and dark circles.


John Plunkett Cosmeceuticals Collagen Eye Lift


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The John Plunkett Collagen Eye Lift promises a lot. It is formulated to target fine lines, wrinkles, eye bags, puffiness and the reduction of dark circles. Matrixyl 3000 is known to boost collagen to firm the skin, hyaluronic acid and rosehip oil smooths and hydrates whilst eyeseryl gives elasticity. Bold claims for an eye cream, but I was happy to give it a try. The cream is a rich consistency, but it seems to melt into the skin upon application and absorbs well. I can't detect any fragrance. I must say for a trial size there's plenty of product. I have had 2 weeks of application morning and night most days and still have product left. This cream hydrates my under eye area nicely and... that's about all. My under eyes feel soft, but the puffiness, fine lines and dark circles look the same, unfortunately. The John Plunkett Collagen Eye Lift cream is nice to use, but just doesn't give me the results that I require from an eye cream. I will use this cream until it's finished, but I won't be buying a full size.
The John Plunketts eye cream came with rave reviews so I invested in a tube. I didn’t see the reduction in lines that they claim I would see, but I did see my dark circles were brighter. My skin was definitely more hydrated after a few weeks of use.  I love how the eye cream is in a tube, you just squeeze out the desired amount and gently pat in.  I feel like this cream is perfect as a preventative not a fixer. 
This Collagen Eye Lift eye cream from John Plunkett is amazing! I honestly have been floored by the results. I've recently finished my first tube and I will definitely be repurchasing it. It manages to smooth out fine lines and hydrate the skin under my eyes almost instantaneously! And the more you use it, the better those results get! My under eye area looks smoother and brighter, when I apply this eye cream. The squeezable tube with the long nozzle packaging is very convenient and hygienic. And the price point is amazing - this eye cream performs on par with much more expensive eye products. 
I have been using this eye cream for a couple of months and can really see the difference.  I use it every morning and night. Wrinkles are smoother and the bags under my eyes are definitely reduced.  Lovely light cream that doesn't transfer mascara.  Makeup goes on easily over it. I am impressed!
I have used this eye cream for a month now, so far I haven’t seen big improvement for my dark circles, but it definitely smoothen my skin around the eyes.  The tube is a good size and I can easily squeeze out the cream. The texture is nice with no fragrant or color. Ir’s great for sensitive skin too. I will keep using it until it finish so I can get the max benefits of it. 
This comes in a squeeze tube with a pointy tip for precise dispensing. A rice grain size of the eye cream is all you need for each eye area. The eye cream is opaque white and lightweight creamy. It is fragrance free and applies easily onto my eye area. I find the eye cream sinks in and absorbs quickly without leaving a greasy residue.  I use it morning and night and for daytime, it wears well under makeup; no balling or pulling. I find the eye cream is hydrating but hasn't reduced my dark circles. I would recommend this to anyone needing a good hydrating cream. 
Nice hydrating eye cream. I bought this hoping to help with undereye dryness, to help my current forming wrinkles, and to prevent further wrinkles. So far I haven’t seen any improvement in regards to my current wrinkles, but I expected this. The results I’ve had are smooth, hydrated undereyes, this has helped my makeup application under my eyes. My concealer looks less cake-y and creasy. Overall I’m not too convinced about the effectiveness of topical collagen, however I will keep using this to see if I get results. 
Not bad, but not amazing.  I didn't get any "wow" results from this eye cream, just hydration of the under eye area which is fine but not overly impressive.  I do dislike the tube though because I tend to associate pots with eye cream and tubes with lip balm, which makes it a bit tricky to find.
I get dark under eyes and puffiness when I dont get enough sleep so am always on the lookout for a good eye cream to help minimize these problems. This eye cream comes in a plastic tube with a thin nozzle that dispenses the cream quite slowly. I love the packaging as it is easy to get out a tiny amount of product and not overdispense. To use,I gently pat a tiny amount under my eye and around my browline with my little finger. The eye cream has no detectable odour and feels refreshing when applied. I was glad this didn't irritate my eyes at all as a few eye products have done in the past. The fact it is fragrance free probably helps. After a few uses I definitely noticed my dark under eyes were less obvious and puffiness had been diminished. I do not really have fine lines to say if it works for them but it works for the purposes I required it for so I am happy
John Plunkett Collagen Eye Lift Firming Eye Cream is packaged in a 15ml plastic tube with a squeeze nozzle. I apply the fragrance –free, white cream morning and night and it does give the eye area a boost. It glides on, absorbs quickly, hydrates, rejuvenates and de-puffs faking the “I’ve slept 8 hours look!” ☺  I would recommend this product.
I have been using eye creams for more than 30 years so the delicate skin around my eyes looks quite good – no eye bags, dark circles, puffiness or wrinkles.  I use an eye cream religiously every morning and night to keep the eye area well hydrated and to soften fine lines and hopefully to prevent any wrinkles from forming.    When choosing an eye cream I look for a lightweight formula that is hydrating, is firming, absorbs easily into my skin, dries quickly, is fragrance free, and doesn’t irritate my eyes.  The John Plunkett Collagen Eye Lift ticks these boxes.    One of the claims for this product is ‘Matrixyl 3000 is clinically proven to reduce lines by 33% after 60 days’ so because I have only used this eye cream for about six weeks I will continue to use the Collagen Eye Lift for the next month or so to see if this eye cream is better than or just as good as my two favourite brands.  But, so far I’m finding the eye cream provides good hydration and firmness.    The eye cream is packaged in a white, soft plastic tube with a long nozzle applicator which makes it so easy to apply the product.  The printing on the tube is in the familiar John Plunkett blue colouring.  The tube holds 15ml of product.    This is a gentle eye cream that hasn’t caused any irritation to my skin or eyes and so far I have no hesitation in recommending the John Plunkett Collagen Eye Lift to anyone concerned with dark circles, puffiness or fine lines around their eyes.  
John Plunkett Cosmeceuticals Collagen Eye Lift is the best eye product I have tried in a long time.  The price is also amazing and definitely worth it!  The product comes in a handy to use and easy to dispense tube.  The consistency is a nice cream, which feels comfortable on the skin and absorbs in quickly.     I found this eye cream was a wonder product as it is so versatile, and really is a solve every concern with the one tube product.  Most importantly lines and wrinkles were addressed, and these were noticeably less visible after 60 days.   Dark circles were also addressed and these were less intense,  Puffy eyes were also a concern and this was improved as well. I would seriously recommend this eye cream to everyone that has any eye area concerns, and if you are concerned with lines or wrinkles, then this cream will be your new go to , must have product to use twice daily.