John Plunkett's SuperLift

John Plunkett's SuperLift Collagen Eye Lift

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John Plunkett's SuperLift Collagen Eye Lift is a light, non-fragranced eye cream specially formulated to visibly reduce fine lines, puffy eye bags and dark circles. It is enriched with rosehip oil to soften and smooth delicate skin and hyaluronic acid to deeply hydrate. Suitable for all skin types.


John Plunkett's SuperLift Collagen Eye Lift


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Expensive for what it does

I really like this SuperLift Collagen Eye Lift cream. I started to get a few fine lines at the edges of my eyes and this has slightly reduced the appearance of them. I haven't finished using the entire product yet so I'm keen to see what my eyes look like when I do finish using it. It's quite expensive for the size of the tube you get too. I don't have anything bad to say about this product yet but I haven't seen great results either so I probably wouldn't recommend this product to anyone until I finish the tube and see my results.