Jurlique Herbal Recovery Signature Eye Cream

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Jurlique Herbal Recovery Signature Eye Cream is a rich, hydrating eye cream. It contains Persian silk tree extract to reduce under-eye puffiness and dark circles, and citrus unshiu peel to brighten dull skin. It also contains extracts of yarrow, Japanese cedar bud and beech tree bud to diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and smooth and firm the delicate under-eye area.

Clean & natural credentials: Contains significant amount of active naturals, plus free from common synthetic irritants


Jurlique Herbal Recovery Signature Eye Cream


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Jurlique Herbal Recovery Signature Eye Cream is a wonderful eye cream that really does tackle every concern that you may have, whether it be fine lines or deeper wrinkles, dark circles, puffiness, dullness and that tired look that makes you look tired or even ill. The eye cream comes in a  luxurious jar and is a lovely cream, a creamy colour and thickish consistency.  A small amount is all you need for both eyes, twice a day.    The cream feels wonderful on your skin, it is lovely and so very moisturising, it soaks in well and leaves your skin feeling and looking radiant.    Instantly, my eye area feels calmer, puffiness is decreased and my skin looks and feels less tired, more awake, vibrant, refreshed and radiant.    My skin looks so awake when I apply this eye cream in the morning, it definitely helps me not look washed out or tired.    The eye cream contains lovely ingredients like Persian silk tree extract to help  under-eye puffiness and dark circles,  citrus unshiu peel to brighten dull skin,  extracts of yarrow, Japanese cedar bud and beech tree bud  to help firm the skin. PRO's Australian owned and made Easy to use, no waste Deals with all concerns of the eye area including fine lines and wrinkles, puffiness and dark circles. Makes me look awake in the morning Smells beautiful When used twice daily, you will notice less lines, a reduction in puffiness and any dark circles Helps makes your skin look radiant and more awake,  Helps you not look so tired by brightening up the skin around the eye area Excellent value for a premium eye cream Soaks in quickly Feels so nice on the skin Hydrates and moisturises the delicate skin under the eyes I recommend this fabulous eye cream to everyone, regardless of your age.  This is because it deals with every eye area concern you could or may have, so whether you have just one concern, or want to treat  every concern, then this will be the perfect eye cream for you.   I always wish to treat the fine lines and wrinkles, and some days I have puffy eyes, other days dark circles, but whatever my concern is, this eye cream will help treat your skin, and help you look your best, day in and day out.
The eye cream is a light yellow creamy colour and quite thick in consistency though feels incredibly lightweight when applied. It absorbed instantly when applied across the eye orbital zone and a little on my elevens wrinkle between my eyes for good measure. My skin felt like it instantly drank up the moisture that the cream released. It didn't leave any tacky after feel either which I really liked too.
I am always on the lookout for a great eye cream and this jurlique herbal recovery signature eye cream is so luxurious and decadent. I noticed a huge differnence when I started wearing this eye cream, fine lines were visibly diminished and the eye area was tauter, firmer and looked years younger, a miracle cream. I recommend using this daily for really visible results, its really light to wear and the texture of the cream is just beautiful, so silky and smooth.  A little goes a long way so its great value, the packaging is all class, it absorbs easily into my skin with no greasy feel, a great bonus. This is great for tired looking eyes and for eye rejuvenation. It smells pleasant, its soothing and nourishing. I can see no negatives with this product and highly recommend it.
How cool is the Jurlique Signature Eye Cream, such a cute little jar with a great cream.  The cream is a thick rich consistency and a little goes a very long way. It is rapidly absorbed into the eye area and doesn’t leave any residue or shine. Surprisingly with this cream being so rich I haven’t had any issues with millia or white heads which can often happen to me.  After a few weeks of use my under eye area is visibly brighter, smoother, plumper and significantly less fine lines. 
I am beyond words at how gorgeous this eye cream is. A little goes a long way, with a tiny dab on one finger, share it between two, and then tap tap tap on my eyes for an evening of moisturisation. I've even been able to use it under evening makeup and have no issues whatsoever. This is gorgeous and I will have to save my pennies to be able to buy this again when I run out.
Beautifully l soothing eye cream that is lovely to use.  Very creamy, hydrating and refreshing. Plumped my eye area and gave my eye area a rested appearance. Helped to smooth the delicate skin and lessened the fine lines I have.  I felt it brightened my dark circles and reduced puffiness especially in the morning.  Contains so many great ingredients and is a lovely eye cream. 
I have tried the herbal recovery serum, love it so decided to buy the eye cream to try. This eye cream claims to reduce under eye puffiness and dark circles. I have used every morning and evening for few weeks and it does reduce under eye puffiness but there were no noticeable in reducing my dark circles. Having said that, it is a nice eye cream, not greasy or sticky after applying to my under eyes. The cream absorbs onto the skin nicely and feels good on skin.
I'm not a fan of eye creams that come in jars as they are messy to apply (even with spatula provided), and products in jars don't keep the active ingredients stable. I found that there was A LOT of product in the seemingly small jar, so I was constantly accidentally overapplying it. Since I had issues with the day cream in this range and had to stop using it, I decided to try to experiment with using this all over my face. I only needed a pearl sized amount just to cover my entire face! Unfortunately like the day cream, I found that this eye cream was disappointing with similar problems of rubbing off. It seemed to be just a lighter version of the day cream, with similar ingredients. I prefer eye creams that come in a squeeze tube making them much easier to use and reduce wastage. The formula itself was ok with a subtle scent, but underwhelming overall.
Beautifully light but also reliably moisturising on dry skin without leaving a sticky texture. Generally with eye cr ams I prefer a lovely light scent, which is what this cream offers. Would recommend even in cooler winter weather and using it with the serum and moisturiser in the same line! 
I have been using this eye cream for the past month alongside the serum and moisturizer and have been thrilled with the results. I am heavily pregnant and was convinced there was no escaping the bags under my eyes but the moisturizer and the serum together have brought life back to my face! I have definitely noticed a fuller effect and can certainly feel the benefits on my skin. This one spreads really nicely and will last a really long time.
I used this eye cream in conjunction with the moisturiser and serum as part of my daily routine and it was wonderfully refreshing. I have a 3 1/2 week old and so finding products that are quick to use and effective are very important to me. This eye cream does the job indeed. Easy to apply with an applicator, refreshing feeling and helped to reduce the dark rings that have appeared from lack of sleep. Would recommend adding it to any daily routine.
I've been using this product for the past four weeks and have really enjoyed using it. Packaging, scent and texture of the product are all great! Whilst I do generally like the product, I didn't feel that I saw any particular firming effect of the eye area which was a little disappointing. It has helped more with providing slightly increased hydration - not working so well on fine lines/firmness.
This was quite hydrating and felt creamy and rich to apply, however I feel that it doesn't do enough to justify the high price and small quantity. After more than a month of applications I didn't see any difference with puffy skin, dark undereye circles or fine lines.
I like the great, high quality packaging, and I felt this was more richly moisturising than the actual moisturiser! I did see a little reduction in puffiness, however no difference after a month of usage in dark circles. Citrus and fragrance can sometimes have a negative reaction with sensitive skin though, and I also dislike jar / tub style packaging.
As with the rest of this range, an amazing smell, really fresh and lovely, but not overpowering. This cream was really luxurious with a great hydrating texture and a small amount went a long way. It felt very lush on my skin and soaked in well at night time. I would recommend this product for sure.
Love this eye cream! I have a real issue when it comes to dark circles and after using this product for a few weeks I have definitely seen a reduction in darkness around my eyes. It has a lovely cooling feeling when applied and has also reduced the puffiness of my skin. Would definitely look to purchase this product especially out of this range.
Admittedly I personally find it hard to continually use eye creams as I feel moisturiser essentially does the same job. However as someone that wears glasses, my eyes become progressively more tired as the day wears on and I found this eye cream to be of great relief and helped to revive my eyes. Its great to have a product that targets specific areas ans actually achieves what it sets out to do.
I was pleasantly surprised but this little gem, the little jar will last ages. Love the scent of this range, it’s not overpowering. This eye cream feels light and non greasy. I’ve noticed an improved appearance of my skin around my eyes, the fine lines have improved and skin appears brighter and more hydrated.
To be honest, I didn't feel that the eye cream was that different to the moisturiser. However, I still enjoyed using this product and it feels so nice and luxurious to be using a full set of skin care products - serum, moisturiser and eye cream. I still think this is a beautiful product, the packaging, ingredients and smell/ texture of it are all lovely, I just usually like a thicker eye cream.
Needless to say the scent, and texture of the cream was fabulous. My only gripe is would be that I would prefer a pump bottle. But I really loved the texture and made my eyes more shining and fluffy. Removed the dark circles and spots around my eyes. I would definitely use it again.