Jurlique Herbal Recovery Signature Moisturising Cream

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Jurlique Herbal Recovery Signature Moisturising Cream is a deeply nourishing moisturiser for the face. It contains Japanese cedar bud extract to firm, brighten and reduce the appearance of fatigue in the skin; yarrow, marshmallow root and viola tricolor to firm and smooth the skin; and citrus unshiu to brighten the complexion.

Clean & natural credentials: Contains significant amount of active naturals, plus free from common synthetic irritants


Jurlique Herbal Recovery Signature Moisturising Cream


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Love it. Just two words to express the winner of the day.  This moisturiser is like the holy trail and grail of products. Never will I revert to normal boring scented products.  This has a whiff of rose that lingers around and is a nice pick me up on a long day.  It is not too thick just similar to my liking and does not cause my skin to be flaky. I enjoy how easy it is to spread on the skin and light weight it seems. Definitely a MUST have in my daily routine n travel.
Jurlique Herbal Recovery Signature Moisturising Cream is a wonderful cream that you can use as a day and a night cream!    It comes in a gorgeous pink jar and is easy to scoop out a little each time, so there is no waste.    The cream is lovely, a white creamy thick cream, that really is so light once you apply it your skin.  I love to apply it to my face, neck and chest!    The cream soaks in well, and leaves your perfectly ready for either bed time at night, or to apply your makeup in the morning.   Jurlique Herbal Recovery Signature Moisturising Cream is 100% Australian and made from pure Australian ingredients that are made  on their farm in South Australia.    The wonderful ingredients are so good for our skin in many ways.    Japanese cedar bud extract helps to firm the skin and lift the contours, and fine lines and wrinkles are reduced and skin looks and feels much smoother.    Skin is brighter, more visibly radiant and looks less tired and stressed.    Other wonderfully natural ingredients are  citrus unshiu, yarrow, marshmallow root and viola tricolor, which also firm, brighten and smooth the skin.     This cream feels wonderful on the skin , it is gentle and soothing, very nourishing, hydrating and moisturising.  You can feel it brightens your skin as soon as you apply it, my skin feels firmer, softer, smoother and definitely looks more awake and refreshed!  What better way to start the day than with this wonderfully natural brightening moisturiser! PRO's All Australian made and owned Contains wonderful natural ingredients Firms the skin and helps with lines and wrinkles Softens and smooths the skin Moisturises the skin and makes you look more brighter and radiant Suitable for day and night use Can use on your face, neck and chest Smells lovely and soaks in quickly to the skin An excellent base for makeup, makeup goes on beautifully and you look so radiant I recommend this cream to everyone who wants smoother skin, and to have firmer skin with less fine lines and wrinkles.  It's a great Australian cream that is suitable for all ages and skin types.  You only need a small amount to see visible results, and have better, firmer and more radiant skin, naturally.
I love all things beauty but probably my favourite category of beauty has to be skin care. After all, you can apply as much makeup as you want but if you don’t have a good base to start off with then it’s a waste of time and money and good sense. Taking the time to have a twice daily routine of double cleansing and applying serum moisturiser and a weekly mask and exfoliation will ensure you have the perfect base to apply as much or little makeup, depending on your mood or the day. I’ve worked hard at a twice daily routine for years now and it really does pay off, even if like me you have sensitive, dry, redness and blemish prone skin, it works for any person with any skin type. I guarantee it. I’ve worked out very quickly, through trial and error what products and what brands work for me and I’ve narrowed it down quite a lot by now. One brand I love that really works for me is Jurlique. It’s a beautiful, natural range of products that are made right here in the Adelaide Hills and every single product I’ve tried has worked beautifully for my very difficult skin type. Every single one including their famous, and newly reformulated and repackaged herbal recovery cream. It’s an anti ageing cream to be used day and night for smooth, soft, supple and radiant, fresh skin, I think is good for all ages and skin types. The first thing that caught my eye obviously was the gorgeous new pink packaging, perfect to display on my bathroom vanity for sure. After double cleansing and applying serum, I scooped out a small amount of this cream with my spatula and gently massaged over my face neck and décolletage until fully absorbed. Instantly my skin looked and felt so much more smoother, softer, even in tone and texture and with a gorgeous, natural, radiant glow. The cream itself had the most delicious scent, typical of all Jurlique products and didn’t irritate or upset my skin in the slightest. After using this for a few weeks now, mainly at night, my skin is in much more beautiful condition than it’s been in a long time. It’s soft, smooth, super hydrated and supple, even in tone texture and less red and with less breakouts plus it continues to glow in the most natural, radiant way, with or without makeup. In fact I’m wearing less and less makeup these days because I don’t feel the need for it the way my skin has been looking thanks to this pink pot of Adelaide Hills magic. Jurlique is Australian made and owned, the products work instantly and long term for every single skin type and even the packaging is reason enough to purchase them, if you’re a little vain like me and love the thought of having pink packaged products displayed on your bathroom vanity proudly.
I like everything about this moisturising cream. It is lightweight and absorbs nicely onto my skin. The cream has a light and beautiful scent which I love and always applied more than I should. This cream is super hydrating but not oily and makes my skin look plumped and radiant the next morning. I used this cream during the winter months and it did beauty keeping my skin hydrated day and night.
I trialled all 3 products in this range. Unfortunately this day cream was not for me and I had a lot of issues with it. I'm in my 30's and still have oily-combination skin which sometimes gets dry, rough patches in the middle of winter. Firstly, I'm not a fan of creams which come in jars as they aren't great for hygiene (although a spatula came included), or keeping the active ingredients stable. I found the formula far too rich, sticky and oily for my skin, even when I applied the tiniest amount. Upon applying the cream, I found that it didn't fully sink in, and left a residue which rubbed/pilled/balled right off my skin. I had to use a cotton pad to 'swipe off the residue pills of product'. I'm not sure why this occurred or what caused this, it could've just been unsuitable or too heavy for my skin type, but it was simply unusable for me. It just rubbed straight off leaving my skin oily. I tried all kinds of methods of application but still encountered the same problem. It also clogged my pores especially along my t-zone causing whiteheads. I ended up giving it away to my mum who is in her late 50's with very dry, mature skin. Sorry just not for me. Had I not had encountered these problems, I would have used this cream for night time instead. I also think that such a day cream should contain SPF.
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Replying to Anita B.JURLIQUE: Dear Anita Thank you for reviewing our Herbal Recovery Signature Moisturising Cream as part of the BeautyCrew trial. It is disappointing to hear the Herbal Recovery Signature Moisturising Cream has not effectively addressed your needs. We would encourage you to visit one of our Jurlique stores to have a skin care consultation with one of our Beauty Experts. This will allow us to find a more suitable product for your skin needs. If you are comfortable to, please pass on your contact details to reviewcrew@beautycrew.com.au and one of our Customer Care team members will be in touch with you shortly to discuss your experience. Warm Regards Jurlique Customer Care Team
A lovely lightweight and moisturising cream with a soft scent. Been using it during the colder winter season to keep my skin moisturised and smooth, particularly because the indoor heaters leave my skin dehydrated.  Would recommend for normal to dry skin, with use of the serum for a extra layer of protection and moisture to keep the skin bouncy and glowy! 
This Jurlique Signature Moisturising Cream smells delicious and has such a creamy texture. It’s beautiful to apply. In fact you won’t want to use the applicator that comes with it because you simply will want to apply more than the applicator can hold! I would apply it quickly morning and night particularly after a hot shower and it was such a treat leaving my skin feeling soft and beautifully hydrated.
I've been using this moisturiser for the past four weeks and have really enjoyed using it. The packaging is beautiful and the product has a great texture and smell. Whilst hydration was decent, I felt that I would have liked a little more moisturisation from using this product. Overall a great product though (particularly when using it in combination with the serum!)
I wanted to like this moisturiser but it just doesn't stack up against my usual cheaper brands. The packaging is cute and my skin did feel moisturised, however it was too lightweight a formula to really give me full day hydration, and it didn't fully sink into my skin.
Lightweight, smooth and quite richly moisturising, this felt good on my skin. The downsides are the jar packaging - not great for hygiene or keeping active ingredients stable - and the slight stickiness after application. It only has a light, subtle scent but any added fragrance can be sensitising to some skin types.
This is a lovely lightweight silky moisturiser which is easy to apply over the serum and absorbs quite well when using both the products together. My only concern is that when using it as a day cream it doesn't contain any SPF, which is a high priority for when I purchase moisturisers. I have been using it at night however and have noticed it is a nice hydrating cream that leaves my skin bright and glowing. 
This luxe moisturiser comes in a glass red ombre jar with twist-off lid. The cream kept my skin well hydrated and did not become flakey even though it has been cold and windy in Melbourne lately. I love that it came with a mini spatula so there is no contaminations from dipping fingers in the jar. It is deeply nourishing and would recommend this to others.
Firstly the tings I liked about the product: The scent and the weight were amazing, great texture and went over the face very easily and seemed to sink in really nicely. The things I didn't like: it ended up being one of those products that doesn't actually sink in so when I put primer and foundation it went all gross and streaky, in the evenings it clumped on my face after it dried. Would not use again.
Similar to the serum this product is lighweight and hydrating. I think initial thoughts are deceiving as you think something so light cannot do what it claims, but using both the moisturiser and serum in conjunction with one another does produce great results after only a few days use. The fact it is so light means you also dont have to wait long to use makeup over the top. I think their shoulf be 2 variants to this, a light everyday one and perhaps a heavier more intensive one. Happy with the results.
I was very happy with this cream. It made my skin feel soft and smooth, it’s very hydrating and nice and light. It has a gorgeous scent and a little goes a long way. I would highly recommend this moisturising cream. It absorbed into my skin nicely and didn’t have a greasy or sticky feel that I’ve found with other moisturisers
The Jurlique Herbal Recovery Signature Moisturising Cream when layered over the range's serum is an excellent product. I am super impressed with the ingredients, and also the light texture. It almost feels like it wouldn't work because it's silky and light. However, that is deceiving because it is actually quite rich and does really hydrate the skin. It makes your make up look great during the day, and I even felt like my make up was lasting longer. At night its great too as it absorbs into the skin quickly so you don't feel like you'll stick to you pillow case. It's a beautiful moisturiser, with honestly, my only negative being the fact that it is in a jar makes applying it a little bit trickier - you just have to be more careful getting it out of the jar than what you can be with a product that has a pump. Lovely product though and would recommend to any skin type, but particularly people who want brighter, more hydrated skin I(is that everyone?!!).
Cream was such a luxurious product to trial and it will definitely be a cream I will be purchasing again. It is a rich hydrating cream which is not to heavy for everyday use. It gave me the perfect amount of hydration and my skin feels firmer after just one month of using. I can see a considerable difference in the evenness and clarity of my skin tone. The added bonus is that I love that the product is made from natural extracts.. Would definitely use it again and again.
I like the packaging, looks unique and luxurious.  Once opened this Jurlique Herbal Recovery Signature Moisturizing Cream has a nice consistency and absorbs well. Loved the scoop which is a great idea to save cross conamination. Nice smelling and made my skin feel super soft . Unfortunately after trailing this product for about a week my skin started to break out, i was super bummed as it seemed to be working.
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Replying to Erin KasprowiczJURLIQUE: Dear Erin Thank you for reviewing our Herbal Recovery Signature Moisturising Cream as part of the BeautyCrew trial. It is disappointing to hear the Herbal Recovery Signature Moisturising Cream has not effectively addressed your needs. We would encourage you to visit one of our Jurlique stores to have a skin care consultation with one of our Beauty Experts. This will allow us to find a more suitable product for your skin needs. If you are comfortable to, please pass on your contact details to reviewcrew@beautycrew.com.au and one of our Customer Care team members will be in touch with you shortly to discuss your experience. Warm Regards Jurlique Customer Care Team
I loved this Jurlique moisturizing cream. It was has such a soft texture to it, lightly scented and it’s not overpowering. It absorbs into my skin and doesn’t leave any residue. I love to apply quite generously before sleep, so that I wake up hydrated. I have quite sensitive skin, this didn’t affect my face whatsoever! I have noticed a huge difference in my complexion in the few weeks I’ve used this.  I would 100% purchase this again!  Packaging wise, luxurious, glass pot, with small spatula, to allow hygienic applications each time. Unfortunately my lid was perished & cracked inside my box (definitely an Austpost issue) but there is a second sealed top to help keep the product from dying out. 
Winter had really taken its toll on my skin until I received the Jurlique Herbal Recovery Signature Moisturising Cream. I started out needing more than suggested but a week or so after using it day and night I found I was using less.  It’s not overly perfumed and easily absorbed. I have received a lot of comments on how lovely my skin is looking.