Jurlique Moisture Plus Rare Rose Lotion

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Jurlique Moisture Plus Rare Rose Lotion is a lightweight, hydrating and replenishing lotion. Formulated with prickly pear extract, senna seed, Polysaccharide and the Jurlique rose extract the lotion is perfect to wear under make-up. The formulated ingredients work together to soften and soother dehydrated skin.

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Jurlique Moisture Plus Rare Rose Lotion


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Super hydrating

I’ve been using the Jurlique Moisture Plus Rare Rose Lotion in conjunction with the matching serum. This silky lightweight lotion with a fresh, natural rose scent is packaged in a beautiful pink glass cylinder pump bottle which makes dispensing of the product hygienic and easy to use. The lotion applies smoothly and absorbs well into my normal to dry skin leaving it feeling and looking soft, smooth and plump with a radiant glow. I only need a couple of pumps of the lotion to cover my face and neck. This lotion has worked really well during the winter months to keep my skin well hydrated and looking healthy. Pros: Very hydrating; lightweight formula; Australian made; natural ingredients.
I absolutely adore this rose lotion! The scent is out of this world, super fresh and floral, it actually smells exactly like fresh roses! Jurlique has never made a product that I haven't been satisfied with and this lotion is no exception. The formula is smooth and silky, without being oily or sticky on the skin. It's honestly super hydrating and leaves my skin feeling plump and soft. I put this on before bed and the scent and texture of the lotion on my skin always makes me feel calm and relaxed. I highly recommend this! Pros: - Leaves skin feeling soft and plump - Smooth and silky formula - Gorgeous scent of fresh roses - Easy to apply and very hydrating - Not sticky or oily Cons: - Definitely on the more expensive side 
I was lucky enough to win a prize pack containing this moisturiser from this site. I was beyond thrilled as I have tried Jurlique in the past and they tick all the right boxes for me; natural,Australian made and owned and great for sensitive skin. All this,and they smell incredible! So, naturally,my expectations were high from the start for this lotion. The Jurlique Rare Rose Lotion comes packaged in a beautiful pink glass cylinder pump bottle with lovely rose gold lettering and lid base. The lotion itself is quite lightweight and has an incredible,pretty real rose aroma that I love. My skin is quite sensitive and prone to oiliness on the tzones and dryness elsewhere. I found the lotion version of the rare rose range worked perfectly for my skin type. Not too heavy and not too light. Perfect for providing me with adequate hydration whilst not clogging my pores or ending up greasy and heavy feeling. This product is quite pricey but I find I only need 1 or 2 pumps each time I use it so the 50ml really does end up lasting quite a long time. I use this nightly and have done so for a few months now and the bottle stil feels quite full. Just a gorgeous product that I truly look forward to using each night. Cant fault it.
I must confess that I haven’t been using this product for very long however I’ve used it enough to be able to say it’s not a favourite. Don’t get me wrong, the beautiful rose scent is definitely there but for me, it is just too lightweight and I’m not sure when to really use it - maybe after a mid day workout? but definitely not part of  my morning or evening routines. Having said that, maybe it is great for younger skin - people in their 20s -  but for people looking for intense hydration and/or anti ageing benefits then it doesn’t quite fit the bill and is hard to use within the serum, cream and oil steps. With this said, I recommend this product for younger people who love the scent of roses.
I travel a lot and space is premium in my in board bag but I always always have rose lotion on hand as it is hydrating and smells amazing. It is also my go to pick me up whenever I have a long day at work as it instantly hydrates my skin and brings that scent of perfume that you don't get with the other skincare product.  It is also the product that I share with my mum constantly as we both enjoy that hydrating moment
I have a work colleague that grows the most wonderful heirloom roses with a really standout fragrance, and I have to say that this lotion smells exactly like that - a really natural, rich scent. I just love putting this scent on my skin, and haven't found that the fragrance causes any sensitivity. Better still, it is surprisingly rich and hydrating for quite a light lotion, as I had expected that it might be too thin for my dry skin. Not the case at all - Jurlique Moisture Plus absorbed really well into my skin over my serum, and my skin felt hydrated and protected, the lotion rich enough to act as a primer, so I could move straight to the foundation step. That is a big plus on a busy morning! I would probably prefer a richer cream for evening. I have always loved Jurlique's pretty pastel packaging, which matches its floral base. I'm impressed with their philosophy of using organic and natural products grown outdoors and not entirely made in a lab! The fact that this is all done in Australia as well tops it all off. I will definitely seek out their night cream so I can be looked after in the evening as well as morning.
I find Jurlique products are of always high standards. It really is worth the price. This rose lotion is beautiful, it is light weight and absorbs so well. It smells nice and nothing too heavy or overwhelming. I didn't rate perfect 5 star only because it is a bit too light for my dry skin although I find combined with a serum it works wonders. The bottle itself is also beautiful with a unique stunning colour. Highly recommend!
I tried this lotion starting off with Jurlique Activating Water Essence & Rose Mist. It left my skin so soft, cool & hydrated which I really love because few moisturisers have that extra effects on my skin besides just hydration. Fully absorbed into my skin. My T-zone usually gets oily within 4hours but with this, it took a longer time, around 12hours, which I only need to reapply this lotion before the time lapse to keep my skin moisturised. Love the rose scent. Overall, I really feel pampered using this & it really is an eco-luxe product that delivers. As a rose skincare fan, I’ve tried many rose series botanical rich products & Jurlique rose skincare range is one of my favourites!
Loved this jurlique rare rose lotion, just beautiful. Firstly it smells amazing, a nice feminine, delicate rose scent that lasts. For best results I like to use this moisturising lotion after using the matching jurlique serum. This is really hydrating, it effectively stops my skin from drying out and smooths on nicely, sinking straight in with no nasty greasy feel. I find I only need a few pumps, so a little goes a long way making it quite cost effective. The packaging is pretty and it lasts really well. After using this product for a while my fine lines were much less noticeable and it makes a lovely smooth base for makeup. I really loved this product and would highly recommend it.
I really love this Jurlique moisturiser. I love how hydrating it is and the way it feels on my skin. I love the consistency and the rose smell it has. It is such a fresh scent. I love putting this on after I cleanse my face and feel like it compliments my skincare.
This product came at the perfect time! I used it on the aeroplane travelling to Europe from Sydney and it worked wonders on keeping my skin hydrated and moisturised, and as it is so lightweight, my skin didn't feel suffocated. Added bonus, it smells delicious and I will definitely be re-purchasing!
This moisturiser left my skin feeling hydrated and looking very glowy. I loved to use this first thing and the morning and was also great to use as a primer for makeup. However, the scent of this moisturiser is quite overpowering and lingers for a while and may also not be good for sensitive skin so if you’re not a lover of scented products I would recommend to stay clear.
Jurlique Moisture Plus Rare Rose Lotion is a very light weight moisturiser with a strong rose scent. It dries quickly to satin like finish which works well under makeup. The rose scent is strong however my sensitive skin did not react at all. I have dry skin in winter and require a heavier moisturiser than this for those dry days. However, for summer i think this would work fine. Alternatively, I have been layering this product over serums and under moisturiser and sunscreen in the morning and a heavier moisturiser at night. You can definitely layer this product without worrying about the products reacting. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a light weight moisturiser.
I think this is a really lovely lightweight moisturiser and the proper rose scent is great. As someone with quite dry skin, this just wasn’t enough to keep the moisture up during the middle of winter. I’m looking forward to breaking this out in summer when I prefer a lighter moisturiser and don’t need to extra moisture. I think would be lovely for those with more normal skin but it may not cut it for those prone to dehydration. The lightweight texture works well under makeup.
I enjoyed trialing this Jurlique Moisture Plus Rare Rose moisturizer.  My budget usually only allows $20 and under products so it was lovely to try a more luxurious brand. The moisturiser packaging is lovely in the glass type bottle, the pump is a nice touch which helps distribution.  A little goes a long way with 1-2 pumps covering the stance of my whole face and Kneck area.  Scent wise is a lovely smell, if not a little strong, but because the product actually soaks into the skin instead of sitting on top the initial smell does fade quickly.  The product does not leave any residue behind, it soaks in nicely and leaves my skin felling soft and a little more radiant than usual. I would recommend to anyone looking for a great quality product, that has that little touch of luxury for a reasonable price considering how well it preforms 
The most luxurious moisturiser I own. I love that Jurlique is an Australian made and owned brand. Whom uses all natural ingredients, it’s perfect for every skin type. Not only is the formula itself luxury, but the glass bottle tops it off! This product does have a pump, so easy to have control. I personally used 2 pumps to cover my face, neck and chest each morning. It doesn’t have a strong rose scent (does fade), which I love however it could be a little to much to sensitive noses. My skin took very well to the product, it absorbed within couple of minutes. Leaving a beautiful radiant glow. As it’s light weight, it applies smoothly and super hydrating. I haven’t noticed any dramatic improvements in my skin texture but have noticed the glow and how hydrated my skin looks. I absolutely love this product and will be continue using it. 
A gorgeous moisturiser! Jurlique is an Australian made and owned brand that utilises all natural ingredients making this product even better! The Moisture Plus Rare Rose Lotion comes in a luxurious, opaque, rose-coloured glass component with a pump. I adore pumps as they allow for precise product control. I would apply one and a half pumps of this product each morning to cover my face and neck. The moisturiser itself was pale pink in colour with a strong rose scent. I would prefer if it was more mild but luckily it does fade as the product is soaked into the skin. It glided very easily onto the skin, feeling so lightweight and breathable once applied and gave the skin a beautiful radiant glow. This lotion provided fantastic hydration to my skin without it being too heavy! The effects of this would last all day and oiliness would only come through towards the very end of the day as I have oily combination skin. It helped to improve my complexion by aiding in the fading of hyperpigmentation and acne scars. It was well suited to my skin concerns. I believe this is a great hydrating lotion for all skin types and ages. If you are someone looking for something to aid in improving your overall complexion whilst hydrating, then this is the perfect moisturiser for you!
This Rare Rose Lotion moisturiser lives up to its claims. Upon initial application you will notice its strong rose scent, so if you are sensitive to fragrance this may not be the product for you. I believe this moisturiser is not seasonally restricted as it is highly moisturising, while being non-greasy and lightweight. Hence, could be perfect for all skin types.  After using it twice daily, my sensitive skin was left feeling refreshed and radiant and I have also noticed that any previous dullness that my skin had is no longer present.
I am in love with the scent of this lotion. The scent is so calming and reminds me of my Nanna's rose garden. It turns my everyday skin care routine into a luxurious pampering session. The lotion is delicate and light and doesn't leave any oily residue on the skin. It absorbs quickly into the skin and feels soothing, hydrating and fresh. I found I needed more than the recommended 2 pumps, but I am a glutton for hydrated skin so maybe I could use less. And going on with that, I did use in conjunction with another moisturiser because I like thick layer of creams on my skin, but for most people this would likely wear quite nicely on your skin and keep it soft and moisturised all day lone.  I would also like to commend the bottle. It's on the heavier side and when I dropped it I was afraid it would crack after I heard the loud thud it made, but it must be a very thick and durable material because it survived the fall with no damage.
I love that this is an aussie brand, made in Australia, and uses natural ingredients. This is a lightweight lotion that spreads easily on the skin and I only needed 2 pumps for my face and neck. The rose fragrance is quite strong, which I wasn't a fan of, however the smell does dissipate a couple of minutes after application. I didn't find the lotion to be as potent as it describes, for someone who has drier skin in the winter, it wasn't enough to leave my skin supple without the use of other serums or face oils. For the price point, I think this is also a little disappointing, as there are cheaper options that keep the skin moisturised. I will give this a go again in Summer, as the lightweight texture may be better suited for the warmer weather, when my skin needs something a little less heavy.  Bonus: The packaging and glass bottle is gorgeous.