Jurlique Moisture Plus Rare Rose Serum

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Jurlique Moisture Plus Rare Rose Serum is a lightweight serum for normal to dry skin types that intensely hydrates. The gel serum contains rose extract and dwarf lilyturf root extract to protect and strengthen the skin’s natural lipid barrier to prevent water loss. Skin is left plump with a fresh glow.

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Jurlique Moisture Plus Rare Rose Serum


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I was lucky enough to receive this lovely serum in a review to win competition prize pack from this site. I was so super excited as , even though I love Jurlique, the price of the serum is a little out of my usual spending budget. The Jurlique Rare Rose Serum comes packaged in a pretty pink glass pump bottle with rose gold lettering and lid. The serum itself is a clear,slightly pinkish texture and smells of beautiful delicate roses. A true rose scent. I find 1 to 2 pumps is more than enough to cover my face and neck with this serum. It is very lightweight and absorbs into skin instantly. No sticky or oily residue whatsoever; just softer,smoother skin. I found my sensitive skin loved this serum and it didn't cause me any congestion or breakouts at all. I love that this is all natural,Australian, and it has such a gorgeous floral scent.  The product is an absolute pleasure to use and feels so pampering and luxurious. My skin feels so soft and smooth when using this in conjuction with the rare rose lotion by Jurlique. I would definitely consider buying again in the future. Perfect skincare for sensitive skin in need of some softness and hydration. So gentle,yet so effective!
I’ve only recently started using Jurlique products and I love how they are compatible with all skin types and I haven’t found one yet that doesn’t meet all my needs. The Rose serum is beautifully hydrating, absorbs in really well and leaves my skin with a beautiful glow, however the fragrance is way too strong. One bottle of serum has been passed between three people so far because of the fragrance, no one can wear it. If you are contemplating purchasing please use a tester first to see if you can handle the scent.
I received a couple of samples of this serum when I made a purchase.  The scent, texture is amazing.  I love how it feels on the skin when I apply and found my moisturiser settle well with this serum on my skin.   My skin tends to get red (rosacea) and I find rose products calms my skin down.  I carry around the Jurlique mini rose mist to use throughout the day. I am happy with the way my skin feels with the serum and will be saving my money as I would love to purchase the full size.
I have been using Jurlique products for over a decade, and am a loyal user of their facial products. I adore when they release new products, and the Rare Rose Serum is a INCREDIBLE replacement of their Herbal Recovery Serum (now discontinued). Jurlique's serums are part of my beauty essential regime. The serum opens to the most stunning burst of ROSES, has a lovely light texture, and absorbs beautifully into your skin. I noticed an instant improvement to my skins texture, tone and luminosity. My skin positively GLOWS, and feels fresh and hydrated. I love the glass pump bottle which is an easy and hygienic way to use your product!! This is the 'IT SERUM' for plumper and more YOUTHFUL looking skin! Get down to Jurlique and buy this serum, it's worth every scent!
This product is the best it is great for anti aging and great on your skin I absolutely adore this product one of the best products of used. The serum is smooth and delightful on the face.  100% love the product quality and I love the container it comes in.
I am obsessed with this product - it made my skin baby smooth that even my partner commented (and he never notices these things).  Used the whole bottle and it looks good on-shelf too, but the best thing is the ease of use - lots of hydration without the heavy feeling!  Smells amazing, 10/10 would buy again!
I love a great serum and this jurlique rose serum was a winner for me. I found this serum to be really lightweight and not at all greasy. It glides on skin smoothly and a little goes a long way which makes it really economical. The scent is amazing and really feminine, a classic rose scent that is not too heavy or sickly. After using this serum for a while my skin certainly looked smoother and plumper and I found fine lines were diminished. Its packaged nicely and feels like a classy. I like to use the serum before my moisturiser and find using it both morning and night is best for great results as it keeps my skin hydrated. This is a great anti ageing product that I would highly recommend.
I absolutely love this serum! It leaves my skin feeling so fresh and moisturised which is amazing, especially in this cold weather. The bottle is a beautiful design, and the serum smells amazing! I personally use 2 pumps morning and night, following toner but before moisturiser or night cream and my skin is feeling amazing!
This serum is really light weight, and didn't leave my skin feeling oily. I noticed that after only a few uses my skin felt more plump and smooth, and definitely helped hydrate my skin. The rose scent of the serum was a bit over powering for me, but other than that it's a great product!
I enjoyed the lightweight texture of this serum which left my skin feeling plump and supple. The smell is pleasant. Overall while my skin was moisturised immediately after application, I didn’t find the hydrating effect to last particularly long term, even with regular use. The serum plays nicely underneath makeup and in my experience works best layered under an occlusive.
This serum was relatively moisturising however didn’t add enough to work it into an everyday routine. The rose smell was very pleasant and not too intense, and the hydration provided throughout the day made a noticeable difference. All in all I plan to continue using the serum, for the hydrating effects as well as the smell and packaging of this product
A lightweight serum that left my skin feeling rejuvenated and refreshed. I immediately noticed a change in my skin, as it was feeling hydrated. After a few uses, I began to notice my skin was also looking more 'fuller'. Would definitely recommend this product to my girlfriends and family members.
This product has an amazing jelly like feel to it and the colour is really unique. Unlike most serums I had tried, this product intensely hydrates my skin. The fragrance of this product is something I do not like. It's fairly overpowering and it almost turns me off the product completely. I would recommend this to those that have dry to normal skin. If you don't mind fragrances then this product is also for you.
I’ve managed to avoid flake face this winter and I have this serum to thank! It glides on nicely and smells delicious - I like a rose fragrance but be wary if that’s not your thing. I put it on morning and night - it sits a little sticky on the skin so I prefer to follow with my moisturiser. It gives a nice glow - perfect for when you're going makeup-free.
Little bit certainly goes a long way!! I love how it gave my skin a soft, smooth texture on my face compared to such a sweaty, oily feel i get from the work i do. I used it at night giving it the chance to work without being washed off and it's incredibly light on the skin so you barely notice it's there!
This product is super lightweight and leaves the skin feeling soft and looking brighter. A little of the product goes a long way, making sure that you are getting more of your money's worth. A floral scent was expected with it being a rose serum however, it is quite overpowering for a facial product.
It’s a cooling, lightweight gel, with a pinky tone running through, it gives your skin the biggest hydrating boost, which lasts all day, leaving the skin with a dewy glow. It had a beautiful rose scent but nothing over powering. I found the serum really smoothed out my complexion. this product definitely suited my concerns of dry skin especially in these winter months, and I would recommend this product to anyone suffering from dry skin but also ageing skin, to add that hydration back into the skin and smooth those signs of ageing.  I used this product morning and night and only needed 2 pumps to cover my face and décolletage, I smoothed it gently onto my skin using my finger tips 
This product is fantastic. It smells like roses and helped greatly improve the overall look of my skin, both in texture and overall dryness and breakouts. It works quite well with other skin care product and does not tend to pill or cause issues with the application of other skincare products. Overall, this product works well for dry skins.
I enjoyed using the product and it worked well with my sensitive combination skin. I didn’t have any reactions to the product and it has improved my skin, seems brighter. A little goes a long way with the product and the serum gets absorbed very quickly. It is refreshing to apply and does not leave any oily shiny residue. The packaging is very pretty and protective however it is heavy and may not be the very travel friendly. The rose scent can be overpowering but I quite enjoy the scent. My skin quality seems to have improved but I still felt the need to apply an additional moisturiser afterwards. This is because, after the serum is absorbed my skin felt a bit tight (visibly moisturised and soft). I recommend the product as a good addition to any skincare routine.
I added the Jurlique Moisture Plus Rare Rose Serum into my skin care routine for the last 3 weeks and I have really enjoyed it. Applying before my make up to dry spots on my skin where make up  tends to look flaky really helped! It hydrated without leaving the skin oily! I enjoyed the smell however it is quite strong. This product would be great for anyone with uneven skin or dry patches!