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Karen Murrell Lip Palette

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Karen Murrell Lip Palette is a lipstick palette that contains five shades of Karen Murrell lip colours in a range of rose, tangerine, red and pink shades: Scarlet Blaze, True Love, Coral Dawn, Poppy Passion and Carnation Mist. The natural lipstick formulas are nourishing, long-lasting and have a high-pigment colour payoff. 

Clean & natural credentials: Contains 100% natural ingredients, free from synthetic irritants, cruelty-free and sustainably produced and packaged.


Karen Murrell Lip Palette


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I was given the Karen Murrell Lip Palette for my birthday and I absolutely love it.  I was more used to applying a lipstick so using the lip brush took a little time to get used to but the texture is smooth and creamy which helps. I absolutely love the colours, they have such a pop to them that make your lips look amazing on any occasion. The colours are Scarlet Blaze, True Love, Coral Dawn, Poppy Passion and Carnation Mist. I especially love the Scarlet Blaze because when applied it looks so sultry. They are also surprisingly long lasting but can also be easily touched up when needed. They contain a lot of natural ingredients and my lips always feel hydrated when I am wearing them. The great thing about the palette is that the colours can be applied lightly or easily built up on for a special occasion or a big night out. And instead of having to carry around 5 lipsticks the palette is easy to pop into your bag and take anywhere with you. And if you don’t have a birthday coming up and want to add that something special to your beauty collection it retails for around $50 which compared to other brands is a very reasonable price.