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Katy Perry Killer Queen EDP

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Katy Perry Killer Queen EDP is an intoxicating, charming and playful fragrance. It features top notes of dark plum, wild berries and bergamot; heart notes of red velvet flower, rainbow plumeria and natural jasmine sambac; and base notes of cashmere, natural patchouli heart and liquid praline. 

Price above is for 50mL. Also available in 100mL.


Katy Perry Killer Queen EDP


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I love this perfume. It has a very strong musky yet floral scent that stays around for quite a while. The packaging of the bottle is absolutely devine and it looks cool the way it sits on it’s side.  I wear this when I am going out and get so many compliments
I bought this perfume for my niece as I didnt know what she lied and I though something by katy perry would be appreciated by a teen. She absolutely loves it, I had a lttle spray and even I like it, its a lovely light floral girly scent that is pretty and fun, the bottle is unusual, edgy and playful. A great gift for a teenager at a bargain price
So to start off, i adore perfume its a must have in my daily life but i cannot afford to buy so much! So then i discovered katy perry. Its a great price and reguarly on sale, but not only do i adore the beautiful bottle i also adore the scent. I like perfume that doesnt have the alcohol smell when you first spray, and this is a winner in my books as it doesnt have that nasty scent. What it does have is a very strong floral musky kind of smell its very elegant and the perfume stays put for a few days! I have sprayed this on my linen haha. What i noticed and love aswell is the perfume changes its scent as the hours fly by. I will continue to buy this perfume, the only flaw is when i broke the lid i was devestated, so i know now to open the lid at the base haha.
I never put it past Katy Perry to do something different with her perfume, just as she does with her own style.  It's clever, edgy and an homage to the song by Freddie Mercury.  The bottle is made to look like a diamond with paned glass with gradients of ruby red, from dark to light.  The top is gold and made to look like a crown, befitting of the name.  It gives it a real royal and powerful look.  The perfume is sweet and fruity with delicious notes of Praline, Plum, and wild berries, making it a creamy concoction.  The scent is easy on the nose and lightly lingers on the skin. You'll have no trouble finding a reason to wear this, making it a versatile perfume.
Super inexpensive perfume with a pleasant scent! I adore the shape of the bottle and I really love the staying power of this scent. Celebrity perfumes may be more popular among teenagers but this one is a real winner.
This is an inexpensive perfume and for the low price, I get sweet sugary fragrance and long lasting scent. It comes in a very unique and pretty bottle, that lays flat on my table. It's a beautiful bottle and I love the feel of it in my hands!  It is very sweet and syrupy scented, so just a little spritz is enough to last for a couple of hours. It is a girly fragrance and a fun and happy scent. I recommend this perfume for anyone who wants a long lasting and happy spirited scent which evolves memories of fairy floss and sweet sugary treats.
This perfume is fantastic. It is an affordable scent that smells amazing. One spray on my neck lasts for hours. The scent develops throughout the day from a fruity berry scent to a subtle floral aroma.  The bottle is very interesting, and is what caught my eye in the first place. I dont normally enjoy celebrity branded perfumes, but I'm glad I gave this one a go. One of my favourites.
For something relatively cheap, this is a real winner. This exact bottle sits on my desk at work, and people are always pausing outside my desk to see what perfume I'm wearing. I literally coat myself in it - only downside is it only lasts a couple of hours before it begins to fade. But hey, for the price and size of the bottle - I think that's a pretty fair compromise!