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Katy Perry Meow EDP

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Katy Perry Meow EDP is a fruity and woody fragrance that features top notes of tangerine, pear and gardenia; heart notes of honeysuckle, lily of the valley and orange blossoms; and base notes of vanilla, musk, amber and sandalwood.


Katy Perry Meow EDP


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Katy Perry Meow is my all time favourite perfume! It's a sweet perfume but not sickly sweet, it has a vanilla type of smell and lasts me throughout the day without re-spraying it on myself.  Everyone compliments me and says I smell nice everytime I wear it. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!
I really enjoy the Katy Perry Fragrances. When I finished one of my other perfumes, I decided to pick this one up. I was hoping to adore it, but I just don't love it. It smells very fake to me, like a mix of chemicals. When I spray it directly on my skin, it gives me a bit of an itch. I've been trying to use it sprayed on my clothes, but I just can't stand the scent unfortunately.
I recently purchased the Meow Perfume from Katy Perry, and I am in love with the scent of it! The fruit tones are combined with sweet vanilla and a hint of floral. This is defiantly my go-to fragrance for casual events. People have complimented me on this, and I am never afraid to tell them that it is the Katy Perry Meow EDP. Even the packaging is adorable!
This is my absolute favourite perfume ever. It smells a bit like cotton candy, but not in a bad way. It is absolutely amazing to get a whiff of as you pass someone wearing it. My sister owns a bottle and every time I'm in her room I spritz myself and smell amazing for hours! Its smell lasts longer than any other perfume I own and although it can a little strong, if you are wary of how much you spray it's no problem :) So if you want to smell sweet and fresh all day, this is the scent for you.
This is one gorgeous scent, it is not over powering but just the right strength ! . I like to spray a little on my pulse spots and it lasts for hours....this is my favourite scent now. It smells sweetly floral and I love it. I recommend it !
This was a blind buy as it was ridiculously cheap and I liked Purr ,the first fragrance  by Katy Perry. This is the second  of hers and the bottle with the candy pink color really is perfect  for the scent it contains because this one....wow! The sweetest scent I've  come across. I get no  floral notes at all off this one..just sweet vanilla and marshmallow to me. And it is so strong!  I liked it for a little  bit but it got old fast . I now know what they mean by "sickly sweet".  I love sweet but this one is a bit too much for me!