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Katy Perry Purr EDP

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Katy Perry Purr EDP is a feminine and frisky fruity floral fragrance. It features top notes of pear nectar, apple and green bamboo; heart notes of jasmine blossom, pink freesia and Bulgarian rose; and base notes of vanilla orchid, sandalwood and white amber.

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Katy Perry Purr EDP


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The Katy Perry Purr perfume is sweet and has a nice vanilla background to it.  The bottle is really cute but not really practical, would be better suited for someone a lot younger.  It also has a bit of fruitiness to it, it's nothing out of the ordinary.  It smells like peaches, coconut and apple along with floral notes like gardenia and rose.
A great scent at a great price, I feel that it would work for any age group and is a sweet, fruity floral feminine scent suitable for all occasions. It has reasonable staying power and the purple cat bottle looks very cute when displayed on your vanity. A great addition to your fragrance collection and one of the better quality celebrity scents!
I was given this perfume as a gift 6 years ago and I still love and use it to this day. The smell of this perfume is sweet and feminine. The bottle is also cute to display and this perfume is great for a present especially in a gift pack. Buy this perfume!
This is a more floral and fruity scent from Katy Perry, it is a very strong smell and lasts a while, the bottle is super cute.  I do prefer her other perfume but this one is still a winner in my books, perfect for the day, going into work or just going about your normal routine
I have to admit that I'm not a huge fan of Katy Perry, and I'm also not a big fan of celebrity fragrances, so I tried this rather reluctantly. Most celebrity fragrances tend to be a bit vanilla heavy and overly sweet - I suppose to appeal to a younger audience. Well, I have to say I was very pleasantly surprised. This is a very well balanced and blended, complex fragrance full of surprises. Yes, it's sweet - but not overly sweet. Yes, there's vanilla, but it's a vanilla for grown ups. There's just enough floral, fruit and quality notes to make this more than worth the money. I detect a hint of sandalwood, musk, and the bamboo makes it slightly aquatic. It's not a $200 perfume, but for the money, it's mature, wearable, and a welcome addition to my collection. Ms. Perry - I apologize for  judging you too quickly.
Katy Perry's concert was amazing! Playful and pretty. This sums up her perfume.  Katy Perry Purrr is a fun fragrance. The fence sitting cat.  Not a Big Cat coming at you in a big hit! Or a kitten with such a soft touch, is it there? The playful fragrance that sits in the middle. Great for day time fruit and flowery tones.  My 9 and 11 year old girls wear this and I pop a spray of it on too. The bottle is cute, a cat. It stands out amongst others.  **** for the perfume + * for presentation is a five star rating from me.
I like the smell of this Katy Perry Purr, very feminine. Even my mum and my sister they love the smell of this. It last the the whole day and even if you wash your clothes the smell still there. I even convinced my workmate to buy this product. She really like the smell its pretty mild.
This is the first perfume I'd  tried and liked in years, and even now that I'm near the end of the bottle I still love it just as much and plan on repurchasing. It is gently sweet, floral and fruity. I'm not very good at detecting notes of perfumes but I could pick out vanilla. It lasted all day, although it wasn't as strong by night time. I found that if I reapplied it the perfume was a little overpowering.  The bottle is very cute (yes, I'm a cat person), but the lid doesn't stay on so it's not great for travel. Before I removed the silver cat collar I was always knocking the lid off when I put it down or picked it up but it's better now without it. Still, a very pretty addition to my wardrobe.
I must admit that I initially bought this perfume for the bottle.  The scent is fairly mild and unobtrusive, and yet it does stay for the entire day (unlike some that completely disappear within an hour of applying).  I can't stand perfumes that I can "smell" all day - and anything too strong makes me sneeze - so this is perfect for me.  Apply in the morning and then I pretty much forget that I'm wearing it.   It's not my favourite fragrance, but it's nice enough for wearing to work.  3 stars for the perfume and extra one for the very cute kitty cat bottle.
This perfume has a sweet smell and lasts all day. The perfume bottle is quite unique also. you don't need to spray a lot for the last smell, I found if you sprayed a little too much if could be a little overpowering. overall I thought it was a great perfume definitely a great product for yourself or for a gift.
My fiancé bought this for me as a surprise, and when I opened it before trying, I thought perhaps the scent would be too 'young' for someone my age (early 40's), but after wearing it for a day, and getting quite a lot of compliments on it, I have to say that it has become one of my every day scents to wear. The price point makes it easy to feel good about wearing it often, as it's not too expensive. When first applying, it smells quite sweet, like sugary lollies, but it soon settles into the floral notes, especially the fressia. The fragrance lasted on my skin all day, with the sandalwood note developing and still lingering into the late hours of the night.   The bottle is cutesy, with a little silver cat collar that moves, with the downside being that the lid of my bottle will not stay firmly on the bottle, even if I remove the silver collar, which annoys me, as I wouldn't travel with it like this. Pro's- nice scent, quirky bottle, affordable price point for everyday wear. Con's- lid won't stay on the bottle securely, not a signature scent or easily identifiable from other celebrity fragrances.
The adorable purple cat bottle  is what made me random buy this perfume! Some may consider it a little  tacky but I find it very unique and quirky . The scent itself is nice.Fruity floral which i love. Nothing  overly unique or different about  it though. Smells similar to a few celebrity fragrances I've  tried. Very reasonably priced fragrance though. So sweet  and girly . The longevity is fantastic . Lasts all day. Can still smell it the next day even!
This is a lovely and affordable perfume that comes in a great collectable package. I honestly bought this more for the bottle than the scent, but I fell in love with this too. Its not overly sweet and slightly botanical, very easy on the nose
This perfume is just as fruity as it is affordable! It is quite strong, but will not always last all day. It has a strong fruity/citrusy smell mixed in with a few florally scents - a very urban tropical scent!