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Katy Perry Royal Revolution EDP

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Katy Perry Royal Revolution EDP is a captivating floral fragrance featuring top notes of pink freesia and red pomegranate; base notes of sandalwood, orange flower and jasmine petals; and base notes of mystical blackthorn, vanilla and orchid.


Katy Perry Royal Revolution EDP


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This perfume is amazing. It's got a nice fresh scent, and smells like summer. You can smell the pomegranate and berries, as well as the vanilla base notes. It has great staying power so the bottle will last you a while which is always a plus! The bottle looks lovely, and the bright blue is a great change from the original killer queen red. It's a bit impractical to store though.
This perfume has a really interesting scent and I think that the notes vary to each person who smells it. To me this perfume smells a lot like sweet lemonade with a hint of leather. It's a really interesting scent and I really enjoy it.
Ever since my sister introduced me to this scent 3 years ago, it has become my everyday fragrance that I wear to work all the time! I was firstly taken by the beautiful packaging - the box is elegant and pretty, but the perfume bottle itself is simply stunning in a blue diamond design that sits perfectly in the palm of your hand and reflects light through all its facets in a satisfying way when you spray. I love beautifully presented perfumes, and this is a key piece in my little collection. As for the scent, it can only be described as floral, fruity and musky - it's neither too light (flirty and girly), nor too heavy (sexy and sophisticated), but somewhere in between, like a slightly mature floral. When I first spray it on, the fruitiness is mouth-watering. Then it settles into a rich floral vanilla scent that I love so much. Its only shortcoming is its lack of longevity - as with most eau de parfums, I'd give it a wear time of 2 hours on my skin. On clothing it lasts much longer, easily the whole day. I like to spray it on my neck close to my ear, and the scent lingers on my hair and the shoulder of my shirt, which I love! In Winter, I spritz a little on my scarf, and it makes me smile every time I turn and catch a delicious whiff. Definitely recommend to fragrance bottle hoarders and collectors, and those who enjoy a gorgeous mid-range musky floral scent.
I really like this perfume, it smells how it is described, very floral, but it isn't too overpowering or sweet like some other perfumes. The staying power is also good as the scent lasts a few hours rather than just a few minutes so you feel like you get your moneys worth, and its a decent price as well. I would definitely recommend this to anyone you likes floral perfumes that aren't overpoweringly sweet.