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Ke iAfrica Kar Kar Oil

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Ke iAfrica Kar Kar Oil is a hair treatment that aids in hair growth while strengthening the strands. In Sudan, beeswax, sesame oil and essential oils (coconut oil, olive oil and black seed oil) are mixed to make Kar Kar. It is also rich in vitamins E and K, and linoleic acid. Best for delicate ends, thinning, length retention and sealing moisture. For all hair textures. Use every 2-3 days or as required, for maximum results. It is used by parting hair in sections, taking 10 cent coin amount of oil and massaging it through every section from the scalp to the strand, while focusing the oil on the ends. This oil can also be used for hot oil treatments and can be used as a wash and go.


Ke iAfrica Kar Kar Oil


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