Klorane Baby Gentle Cleansing Gel

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Klorane Baby Gentle Cleansing Gel is a two-in-one body and hair product that is specially formulated for cleansing the delicate hair and skin of babies from birth. Enriched with the soothing and protective properties of calendula extract obtained from organically farmed flowers, the Cleansing Gel soothes the scalp and protects the skin from drying out. It leaves hair and skin soft to the touch. It also contains isoleucine, an essential amino acid that reinforces the natural defence of the scalp and skin of babies and infants. The gentle, vegan friendly and biodegradable formula is soap free and has been tested under dermatological, paediatric and ophthalmological control to reduce the risks of allergic reactions. Using eco-designed packaging, the tear free Gentle Cleansing Gel won’t sting baby's eyes and is delicately scented to support relaxation.


Klorane Baby Gentle Cleansing Gel


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One of my favourites for sensitive skin

I purchased this for my sons baths as he has very sensitive skin which goes all red and itchy from many body washes and bubble baths that we've tried. Is has been one of a few that doesn't flare his skin up. I use this to cleanse his body in the bath and to also wash his hair. It is a tear free formula so if it does happen to get into his eyes it doesn't sting. It smells lovely and fresh but not too strong. His skin feels nice and soft after bathing and this gel hasn't irritated his skin whatsoever. Highly recommend this to parents of children with sensitive skin. It's also good to use on children without sensitive skin as it will just maintain the skins moisture and overall health.